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Word 2013 Terrific Tables (Table of Contents)

Summary: Word allows you to create and format tabular information using a powerful table editor. Discover the many ways that you can use tables to present your information in a clear, concise way. Here is the complete table of contents for Word 2013 Terrific Tables.

Word 2013 Terrific Tables includes 164 information-packed pages. The following is the Table of Contents:


  • What Versions of Word are Covered?
  • What is Not Covered?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

Table Basics

  • Inserting a Table
  • Creating a Table Using the Keyboard
  • Drawing a Table
  • Erasing Table Lines
  • Quickly Inserting Tables that Don't Go From Margin to Margin
  • Jumping to Tables
  • Selecting a Table
  • Quickly Moving Your Table
  • Blank Lines before Tables
  • Tables within Tables
  • Freezing a Table
  • Splitting a Table
  • Clearing the Contents of a Table
  • Deleting a Table
  • Selecting a Column or Row in a Table
  • Working with Table Columns and Rows
  • Turning Off the Insert Column and Insert Row Tools
  • Moving Rows and Columns with the Mouse
  • Copying Rows and Columns with the Mouse
  • Find and Replace in a Column or Row
  • Headings on Your Printout
  • Keep Your Headings in View
  • Heading Changes for Multi-page Tables
  • Entering Tabs in a Table
  • Setting Decimal Tabs in a Table Using the Keyboard
  • Tabbing from One Table to the Next

Working with Cells

  • Selecting Individual Cells in a Table
  • Picking a Contiguous Range of Table Cells
  • Centering Information in Table Cells
  • Inserting Cells in a Table
  • Deleting Cells
  • Merging Table Cells
  • Splitting Table Cells
  • Fitting Text Into Cells
  • Limiting Lines in a Table Cell
  • Squaring Table Cells
  • Freezing Cell Size when Inserting Pictures
  • Keeping an Image Centered in a Table Cell
  • Fitting Your Text in a Cell
  • Changing Spacing between Table Cells
  • Underlining Cells, Not Space Between Cells

Working with Columns

  • Jumping to the Ends of Table Columns
  • Moving a Table Column
  • Quickly Accessing the Column Tab
  • Deleting Table Columns with Track Changes Turned On
  • Adjusting Column Width from the Keyboard
  • Adjusting Column Widths on Joined Tables
  • Distributing Columns Evenly
  • Creating Tables with Specific Column Widths
  • Resizing Table Columns with the Mouse
  • Adjusting Column Width with Ribbon Tools
  • Setting Consistent Column Widths in Multiple Tables
  • Differing Column Widths when Pasting
  • Repeating the First Column of a Table
  • Repeating Column Information on Each Page
  • Setting Up Multi-page Columns
  • Adding Table Columns to Columns with Merged Cells
  • Taming Unruly Tables
  • Using Parallel Columns
  • Creating a Split Page
  • Protecting a Table Column

Working with Rows

  • Jumping to the Ends of Table Rows
  • Moving a Table Row
  • Moving Table Rows Quickly
  • Adjusting Table Row Height
  • Spacing Table Rows Vertically
  • Quickly Inserting Table Rows
  • Distributing Table Rows Evenly
  • Keeping Table Rows Together
  • Stopping Enter from Being Pressed in a Form
  • Repeating Table Rows with Manual Page Breaks
  • Cannot Set Heading Rows in a Table
  • Table Header Rows after a Manual Page Break
  • Repeating Rows for a Table Footer
  • Shading Rows in a Table
  • Finding and Deleting Rows
  • Footnotes for Tables

Formatting Tables

  • Resizing Your Table
  • Resizing Very Large Tables
  • Centering a Table
  • Putting Tables within Margins
  • Finding an Optimal Table Height
  • Indenting a Table
  • Nudging a Table
  • Hiding and Displaying Gridlines
  • Hiding Table Gridlines, by Default
  • Aligning Text on a Specific Character
  • Aligning Decimal Numbers in Tables
  • Aligning Positive and Negative Whole Numbers in a Column
  • Aligning Plus/Minus Symbols
  • Keeping Tables on One Page
  • Preventing Overlapping Tables
  • Table Won't Flow to Second Page
  • Space after a Table
  • Spacing Before and After Tables
  • Drop Shadows for Tables
  • Changing Cell Alignment
  • Changing Table Cell Text Direction
  • Automatic Initial Capitals in Tables
  • Formatting Currency
  • AutoFitting Tables
  • Designing Standard Tables
  • Applying Borders to Tables
  • Adding Borders to Cell Contents
  • Adding Diagonal Borders
  • Setting a Default Table Border Width
  • Last-Row Border Formatting
  • Table Borders not Stored in Building Blocks
  • Setting Consistent Shading
  • Copying Fill Color in a Table
  • Getting Rid of Background Color in All Tables
  • Quickly Removing Table Borders
  • Table Borders Won't Print
  • Rounded Table Edges
  • Blank Page Printing after Table at End of Document
  • Formatting Lots of Tables
  • Unwanted Vertical Lines in a Table

Working with Table Data

  • Summing a Table Column
  • Validating Data
  • Suppressing a Zero In a Calculated Sum
  • Displaying Blanks when Summing to Zero
  • Viewing Formulas in Table Cells
  • Counting Values in Table Cells
  • Setting Table Values to Three Decimal Places
  • Conditional Calculations in Word
  • Erroneous Table Math
  • Transposing Table Contents
  • Sorting Tabular Tables

Converting Tables

  • Converting Text Into a Table
  • Converting a Table to Text
  • Converting Tables to Charts
  • Formatting an ASCII Table with Tabs
  • Formatting an ASCII Table with Spaces

Numbering and Tables

  • Line Numbering and Tables
  • Using Outline Numbering in a Table
  • Unwanted Numbering on Pasted Tables
  • Overriding Automatic Numbering of Tables

Table Captions

  • Adding a Caption
  • Formatting Captions
  • Changing Caption Numbering Styles
  • Automatically Adding Captions
  • Turning Off Automatic Captioning
  • Changing Existing Captions
  • Adding a Caption Label
  • Deleting Caption Labels
  • Automatic Periods after a Caption
  • Table Numbers are Skipped
  • Different Table Captions on Multiple Pages

Applying Macros to Tables

  • Moving Through a Table in a Macro
  • Filling Table Cells with a Macro
  • Putting Something in Every Cell of a Table
  • Placing Text in Empty Table Cells
  • Expanding Width of All Tables
  • Converting Tables to Text
  • Finding a Cell Reference
  • Noting Table Rows Containing a Character
  • Index Number for the Active Table

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