ExcelTips Menu 2013 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: ExcelTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to effectively use Microsoft's best-selling spreadsheet program. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the ExcelTips (menu) newsletter archive for 2013.

ExcelTips Menu 2013 Archive (Table of Contents)

ExcelTips Menu 2013 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Precision in Excel
  • Precision and Number Display
  • Rounding in Results
  • Canceling a Command
  • Specifying the Behavior of the Enter Key
  • Choosing Direction After Enter On a Workbook Basis
  • Default Cell Movement when Deleting
  • Changing Your Name
  • Changing Your Company Name
  • Subtotals Option Grayed Out
  • Removing Personal Information
  • Displaying a Count of Zeros on the Status Bar
  • Turning Off Display of Zeros for All Worksheets
  • Always Open at 100% Zoom
  • Zooming with the Keyboard
  • Slowing Down Mouse Selection
  • Getting Rid of Spreadsheet Panes
  • Seeing Excel's Program Window
  • Tasks for Each Workbook
  • Appearance of Excel on the Taskbar
  • Simultaneous Scrolling
  • Changing Horizontal Orientation
  • Picking Worksheets Quickly
  • Changing the Reference in a Named Range
  • Saving Versions
  • Splitting Your Spreadsheet Window Into Panes
  • Viewing Same Cells on Different Worksheets
  • Changing Input Conventions
  • Drop-Down List Font Sizes
  • Getting Rid of the Startup Spreadsheet
  • Changing Gridline Color
  • Making Short Work of Menu Names
  • Changing the Shortcut Menu
  • Animated Menus
  • Resetting Dynamic Menus
  • Adding a Little Animation to Your Life
  • Controlling Display of the Formula Bar
  • Displaying Toolbars
  • Renaming a Toolbar
  • Large Toolbar Buttons
  • Changing a Toolbar Button Image
  • Editing a Toolbar Button Image
  • Controlling the Display of Toolbars
  • Quickly Removing a Toolbar Button
  • Synchronized Workbook and Worksheet Names

Editing Tips

  • Inserting Cells
  • Inserting a Row or Column
  • Inserting Rows
  • Quickly Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Removing Duplicate Rows
  • Quickly Entering Data
  • Using an Input Mask
  • Shortcut to Merge Cells
  • Transposing and Linking
  • AutoFilling with the Alphabet
  • AutoFilling with Weekdays
  • Inserting Different Dashes
  • Jumping to a Range
  • Deleting Duplicate Columns
  • Flipping Data
  • Selecting a Word
  • Turning Off Capital Corrections
  • Ensuring Standard Units During Data Entry
  • Maintaining Accuracy of Significant Digits
  • Understanding Names
  • Defining a Name
  • Deleting Names
  • Applying Range Names to Formulas
  • Removing Cells from a Selected Range
  • Fixing the Decimal Point
  • Can't Copy Data between Workbooks
  • Copying Between Instances of Excel
  • Copying to Very Large Ranges
  • Replacing Links with Values
  • Uncovering and Removing Links
  • Pasting Leading Zeroes
  • Ignoring Paragraph Marks when Pasting
  • Capitalizing Just a Surname
  • Getting Rid of Spaces in Cells
  • Splitting Text to Multiple Cells
  • Selecting the Current Region
  • How Many Rows and Columns Have I Selected?
  • Adjusting a Range's Starting Point
  • Shortcut for Selecting a Data Range
  • Limiting Choices in a Cell
  • Using Go To to Jump to a Chart Sheet
  • Deleting Everything Up to a Character Sequence
  • Automatically Moving from Cell to Cell when Entering Data

Find and Replace Tips

  • A Fast Find-Next
  • Searching by Columns, by Default
  • Superscripts in Find and Replace
  • Searching Through Many Workbooks
  • Finding All Instances of a Value
  • Find and Replace in Headers
  • Crashing when Searching
  • Searching for Wildcards

Formatting Tips

  • Unable to Format Cells
  • Copying Formatting
  • Using Copy and Paste for Formatting
  • Understanding Monospace Fonts
  • Changing Character Spacing
  • Adding Borders to Cells
  • Removing Borders
  • Adding Drop Shadows to Cells
  • Changing Font Color
  • Changing Font Size Using a Shortcut Key
  • Changing the Font Size in Combo Boxes
  • Determining Font Formatting
  • Embedding Fonts in Excel
  • Underlining Text in Cells
  • Wrapping Your Text
  • Applying Table Formats
  • Coloring Cells with Formulas
  • Fill Color Doesn't Display
  • Understanding Color and Conditional Formatting Codes
  • Setting Orientation of Cell Values
  • When is Currency Not Currency?
  • Excel Applies Scientific Notation to Imported Data
  • Better Use of Heading Space
  • Changing the Starting Page Number
  • Displaying Zeros
  • Highlighting Values in a Cell
  • Formatting Subtotal Rows
  • Adjusting Row Height for a Number of Worksheets
  • Creating Two-Line Custom Formats
  • Applying a Style
  • Changing an Existing Style
  • Copying Styles
  • Flashing Cells

Conditional Formatting Tips

  • Changing Font Face and Size Conditionally
  • Conditionally Formatting an Entire Row
  • Understanding Conditional Formatting Conditions
  • Detecting Errors in Conditional Formatting Formulas
  • Conditionally Formatting for Multiple Date Comparisons
  • Conditional Formats that Distinguish Blanks and Zeroes
  • Sorting or Filtering by Conditional Format Results
  • Conditionally Making a Sound

Header and Footer Tips

  • Default Headers and Footers
  • Copying Headers and Footers
  • Header and Footer Data Codes
  • Header and Footer Formatting Codes
  • Using Color in Headers and Footers
  • Header and Footer Background Color
  • Leading Zeros in Page Numbers
  • Changing Page Number Format
  • Putting Cell Contents in Footers
  • Deleting a Footer

Online Tips

  • Adding a ScreenTip
  • Opening an HTML Page in a Macro
  • Hyperlinks that Open in a Different Browser Window
  • Jumping to Text in Worksheet from an Index
  • Converting a Range of URLs to Hyperlinks
  • Extracting URLs from Hyperlinked Images
  • Changing Huge Numbers of Hyperlinks
  • Get Rid of Web Stuff

Worksheet Tips

  • Jumping to a Specific Worksheet
  • Jumping to Alphabetic Worksheets
  • Referencing a Worksheet Name
  • Ordering Worksheets Based on a Cell Value
  • Protecting a Single Worksheet
  • Unprotecting Groups of Worksheets
  • Selecting Combo Boxes in Locked Worksheets
  • Preventing Someone from Recreating a Protected Worksheet
  • Locking All Non-Empty Cells
  • Hiding and Protecting Columns
  • Running a Macro when a Worksheet is Activated

Worksheet Function Tips

  • Nesting IF Worksheet Functions
  • Functions Within Functions
  • Determining the Least Common Multiple
  • Specifying Different Weekends with NETWORKDAYS
  • Returning an ANSI Value
  • Large Numbers in the MOD Function
  • Working with Roman Numerals
  • Determining a Value of a Cell
  • Adding Up Tops and Bottoms
  • Rounding to the Nearest $50
  • Using the WEEKNUM Function
  • Indirect References to a DSUM Parameter
  • Selecting Random Names
  • Converting Radians to Degrees
  • Converting to Octal
  • Counting within Criteria
  • Returning Blanks with VLOOKUP
  • Using VLOOKUP to Access Information to the Left

Formula Tips

  • Understanding Operators
  • Formulas Don't Calculate as Formulas
  • Avoiding Rounding Errors in Formula Results
  • Displaying Messages When Automatic Data Changes
  • Checking for Messages in Cells
  • Listing Combinations
  • Deleting Duplicate Text Values
  • Looking Up Names when Key Values are Identical
  • Using a Formula to Replace Spaces with Dashes
  • Referring to the Last Cell
  • Finding the Address of the Lowest Value in a Range
  • Complex Lookup Formulas
  • Returning a Blank Value
  • Returning the Smallest Non-Zero Value
  • Deriving Antilogs
  • Totaling Across Worksheets
  • Combining Numbers and Text in a Cell
  • Splitting Cells by Case
  • Concatenating Names with Delimiters
  • Determining a State from an Area Code
  • Averaging a Non-Contiguous Range
  • Median of Selected Numbers
  • Deriving Monthly Median Values
  • Determining a Simple Moving Average
  • Counting Odds and Evens
  • Counting with Two Criteria
  • Getting a Count of Unique Names
  • Selective Summing
  • Summing Absolute Values
  • Saving Common Formulas

PivotTable Tips

  • Too Many Rows or Columns in a PivotTable
  • Maintaining Formatting when Refreshing PivotTables
  • Removing Subtotals from Many PivotTable Fields
  • Bogging Down with Calculated Items
  • Missing PivotTable Data
  • Conditional Formatting in PivotTables
  • Updating Multiple PivotTables at Once

Sorting and Filtering Tips

  • Sorting ZIP Codes
  • Sorting by Fill Color
  • Controlling Sorting Order
  • Sorting Huge Lists
  • Determining Sorting Criteria
  • Creating a Sort Order
  • Automatically Sorting as You Enter Information
  • Using AutoFiltering
  • Turning Off AutoFiltering
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Copying the Results of Filtering
  • Filtering Columns
  • Filtering Columns for Unique Values
  • Removing Duplicates Based on a Partial Match

Comment Tips

  • Searching Comments
  • Changing the Comment Color
  • Anchoring Comment Boxes in Desired Locations
  • Setting the Default Font Size for Comment Balloons
  • Placing Formula Results in a Comment

Date and Time Tips

  • Unique Date Displays
  • Deciphering a Coded Date
  • Converting Coded Dates into Real Dates
  • Unique Military Date Format
  • Displaying a Number as Years and Months
  • Ages in Years and Months
  • Determining Month Names for a Range of Dates
  • Elapsed Days as Years, Months and Days
  • Calculating the Last Day in a Week Number
  • Calculating the Day of the Year
  • Leap Years and Fiscal Periods
  • Incrementing Months in Dates
  • Working with Minutes
  • Formatting for Hundredths of Seconds
  • Noting Inactivity within a Timeframe

Graphics Tips

  • Creating an AutoShape
  • Changing an AutoShape
  • Creating a Drawing Object
  • Inserting Multiple Drawing Objects
  • Moving Drawing Objects
  • Sending Drawing Objects to the Back or Front
  • Moving and Copying Graphics Objects
  • Changing Line Color in a Drawing Object
  • Filling a Drawing Object
  • Inserting a Picture in Your Workbook
  • Adding Drop Shadows
  • Understanding Fill Effects
  • Determining Mouse Cursor Coordinates On a Graphic
  • Using a Graphic for a Background
  • Watermarks in Excel
  • Using WordArt in Excel
  • Specifying a Font in WordArt
  • Capturing a Screen
  • Sizing Text Boxes and Cells the Same

Charting Tips

  • Creating a Chart
  • Make that Chart Quickly!
  • Excluding Some Data from a Chart
  • Easily Changing Chart Data Ranges
  • Automatically Updating Charts for Additional Data
  • Changing the Pattern Used in a Data Series
  • Using the Mouse to Adjust Your View of 3-D Graphs
  • Noting a False Zero On a Chart
  • Moving Groups of Data Labels at One Time
  • Changing the Axis Scale
  • Y-Axis Chart Titles are Truncated
  • Specifying the Size of Chart Objects
  • Converting Charts to GIF Files
  • Excel Charts in PowerPoint

Printing Tips

  • Changing Page Orientation
  • Setting Default Print Margins
  • Printing a Range of Pages
  • Printing Only Selected Pages
  • Printing Limited Pages from a Range of Worksheets
  • Printing a Short Selection
  • Printing Selected Worksheets
  • Printing More than One Copy
  • Collating Copies
  • Setting Print Quality
  • Using Print Preview
  • Working With Multiple Printers
  • Specifying a Paper Tray in a Macro
  • Printout Doesn't Match Display for Some Cells
  • Multiple Print Areas on a Single Printed Page
  • Sequential Page Numbers Across Worksheets
  • Printing a Draft of a Worksheet
  • Flipping Landscape Orientation when Printing
  • Printing Workbook Properties
  • Fitting Your Printout on a Page
  • Printing a Chart
  • Printing to a Disk File
  • Conditional Printing

Workbook and File Tips

  • How Excel Treats Disk Files
  • Use Filenames That Sort Properly
  • Seeing Full File Names in the Files Menu
  • Speeding Up Opening and Saving a Workbook
  • Can't Open Multiple Workbooks from the Desktop
  • Opening Multiple Workbooks at Once
  • Merging Many Workbooks
  • Tying Workbooks Together
  • Protecting an Entire Folder of Workbooks
  • Jumping Around Folders
  • Cannot Double-Click to Open a Workbook
  • Importing Huge Data Files
  • Big File Memory Blues
  • Getting Rid of "Copy of"
  • Renaming a Workbook
  • Adding a File Path and Filename
  • Saving in Multiple Locations
  • Protecting an Entire Workbook
  • Opening a Workbook with Two Windows
  • Unwanted Read-Only Workbook Status
  • Stopping Excel from Converting UNC Paths to Mapped Drives
  • Stopping Date Parsing when Opening a CSV File
  • Getting Rid of Empty Rows after Importing
  • Getting Rid of Extra Quote Marks in Exported Text Files
  • Checking for the Existence of a File
  • Determining If a File Exists
  • Fixing "Can't Find Files" Errors
  • Appending to a Non-Document Text File
  • Opening Non-Excel Files
  • Protecting Excel Files from Word
  • Working with Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheets
  • Saving Worksheets in Lotus 1-2-3 Format

Tools Tips

  • Goal Seeking
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Showing a Scenario
  • Understanding Auditing
  • Accessing Dependent and Precedent Information
  • Updating Links
  • Changing Links
  • Backing Up Your AutoCorrect Entries
  • Comparing Lists for Duplicates
  • Counting All Characters
  • Speaking the Contents of Cells
  • Adding and Using a Combo Box
  • Formatting Combo Box Text
  • Non-Printing Controls
  • Answering Questions in Order

Macro Tips

  • Understanding Macros
  • Recording a Macro
  • Relative References when Recording Macros
  • Relative VBA Selections
  • Declaring Variables
  • Continuing Macro Lines
  • Renaming a Macro
  • Debugging a Macro
  • Turning Off Screen Updating
  • Inserting Worksheet Values with a Macro
  • Using InputBox to Get Data
  • Offering Options in a Macro
  • Understanding the While...Wend Structure
  • Clean Up Your Macro List
  • Adding a Macro to a Toolbar
  • Self-Deleting Macros
  • Deleting Macros from within a Macro
  • Generating a List of Macros
  • Counting Shaded Cells
  • Setting Row Height in a Macro
  • Skipping Hidden Rows in a Macro
  • Automatically Opening Macro Workbooks when Using a Shortcut Key
  • Displaying the "Last Modified" Date
  • Finding Workbooks Containing Macros
  • Trimming Spaces from Strings
  • Triggering an Event when a Worksheet is Deactivated
  • Deleting Every X Rows
  • Reversing Cell Contents
  • Converting Strings to Numbers
  • Using Named Ranges in a Macro
  • Selecting the First Cell In a Row
  • Finding the Path to the Desktop
  • Macro for Month Name
  • Engineering Calculations
  • Fixing Macro Button Behavior in Protected Worksheets
  • List of Macro Shortcuts in All Open Workbooks
  • Using BIN2DEC In a Macro
  • Creating a Photo Catalog from a Folder of Photos
  • Pulling Cell Names into VBA
  • Running a Macro in a Number of Workbooks
  • Dissecting a String
  • Replacing and Converting in a Macro
  • Changing Macro Cell References Based on Edits
  • Using Macros in Protected Workbooks
  • Checking if a Workbook is Already Open
  • Resizing Checkboxes
  • Deleting Worksheets in a Macro
  • Unhiding or Listing All Objects
  • Deriving the Worksheet Name
  • Getting Big Macros to Run
  • Splitting Information into Rows
  • Selecting Visible Cells in a Macro
  • Converting Text to Numbers
  • Displaying a Set Column Range
  • Determining if Calculation is Necessary
  • Preserving the Undo List
  • Recovering Macros from Corrupted Workbooks

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