ExcelTips Archives (Special Offer)

Summary: ExcelTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to effectively use Microsoft's best-selling spreadsheet program. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. A great way to make those archive volumes even more useful is to take advantage of this special offer.

ExcelTips Archives (Special Offer)

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I've got a special offer for you. Because you are purchasing a ExcelTips archive volume, you may be interested in something that will help you make the most of that archive. (This will particularly be of interest you have two or more ExcelTips archive volumes.)

Longtime ExcelTips subscribers know that keeping track of what is in the archives can be a challenge. Each individual volume is designed to be "stand alone," so that you can have easy access to a full year's worth of ExcelTips. What about if you have more than a year's worth, however? That's where the Comprehensive ExcelTips Archives List comes into play. This product is, essentially, an exhaustive index to the last decade of the ExcelTips archives (2011 through 2015). The product consists of two files:

  • Comprehensive List of ExcelTips. An alphabetic listing of all ExcelTips published since 2011. This book is provided in both Word and PDF formats and is 101 pages long.
  • Comprehensive List of ExcelTips, by Version. An alphabetic listing of all ExcelTips published since 2011, organized by the version of Word to which each tip is applicable. This book is provided in both Word and PDF formats and is 485 pages long.

There are no tips included in this product; instead this is a tool to help you find tips more easily. If you own two or more archive volumes, you will find this add-on to be very valuable as you refer to it again and again.

Normally a download of the Comprehensive ExcelTips Archives List is available for $17.99. Here's the special offer I have for you, however: If you decide to add the Comprehensive ExcelTips Archives List to your order, you can get it for only $13.49 as a download—a full 25% off the regular price!

I'm not making this offer to anyone else except those who purchase an ExcelTips archive, and I'm not advertising this offer to anyone else. It really is a special offer, just for you.

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$22.99 $17.24
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$17.99 $13.49

Remember—this is a special offer made only to purchasers of a ExcelTips archive volume, and only at the time of purchase. I thank you for all your support!

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