Excel 2007 Filters and Filtering (Table of Contents)

Summary: Excel provides two ways to filter your data so that only what you want to see is displayed. Discover how filtering works and how you can apply it to your needs; this is the complete table of contents for Excel 2007 Filters and Filtering, Third Edition.

Excel 2007 Filters and Filtering (Table of Contents)

Excel 2007 Filters and Filtering, Third Edition includes 75 information-packed pages that will help you learn exactly how to work with filters in Excel. The following is the Table of Contents:


  • What's Your Version?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this E-Book


  • Using AutoFiltering
  • Toggling AutoFilter
  • Setting Up Custom AutoFiltering
  • More Than Two Conditions for Custom AutoFiltering
  • Clearing Only Filtering Settings
  • Quickly Identifying Applied AutoFilters
  • Changing the AutoFilter Drop-Down Arrows
  • AutoFilter Drop-Down List Font Sizes
  • Sorting or Filtering by Conditional Format Results
  • Macro Fails after AutoFilter

Tables and Filtering

  • Understanding Tables
  • Filtering Table Information
  • Copying Filtered Information from a Table

Advanced Filtering

  • Understanding and Using Advanced Filtering
  • Performing Calculations while Filtering
  • Filtering Columns
  • Filtering Columns for Unique Values
  • Copying the Results of Filtering
  • Hiding Graphics when Filtering

Using Filters with Real-World Data

  • Recalculating when Filtering
  • Extracting Targeted Records from a List
  • Counting Filtered Rows
  • Counting Displayed Cells
  • Getting a Count of Unique Names
  • Counting Records Matching Multiple Criteria
  • Using a Filtered Value in a Formula
  • Looking Up Names when Key Values are Identical
  • Comparing Lists for Duplicates
  • Finding Differences Between Lists
  • Checking for Duplicate Rows Based on a Range of Columns
  • Finding Rows with Values in Two Columns
  • Hiding Rows Based on Two Values
  • Deleting Every X Rows
  • Conditionally Deleting Rows
  • Deleting Old Data from a Worksheet
  • Printing Rows Conditionally
  • Segregating Numbers According To Their Sign
  • Calculating Averages by Date
  • Averaging Values for a Given Month and Year
  • Filtering to a Date Range in the Past
  • Filtering for Comments
  • Copying Comments when Filtering
  • Excluding Zero Values from a PivotTable
  • Putting Addresses on State-Specific Worksheets
  • Automatically Creating Charts for Individual Rows in a Data Table
  • Getting Rid of Fixed Objects
  • Enabling Filters by Default
  • Showing Filter Criteria on a Printout

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