Excel 2010 Graphics and Charts (Table of Contents)

Summary: Excel allows you to add all sorts of graphics to your worksheets or to convert your data into meaningful charts. Here's the table of contents for the definitive guide to adding the persuasive power of charts and graphics to your worksheets.

Excel 2010 Graphics and Charts (Table of Contents)

Excel 2010 Graphics and Charts, Third Edition, includes 171 pages jam-packed with info that will help you create, manage, and work with graphics and charts. The following is the Table of Contents:


  • A Word about Versions
  • Need More Tips?
  • Sharing this E-Book

Adding Graphics to Worksheets

  • Inserting a Picture in Your Worksheet
  • Adding Graphics to a Header or Footer
  • Capturing a Screen
  • Taking a Picture
  • Inserting Video into Worksheets
  • Creating an Organization Chart

Moving and Positioning Graphics

  • Selecting Drawing Objects
  • Moving Drawing Objects
  • Nudging a Graphic
  • Sending Drawing Objects to the Back or Front
  • Specifying an Order for Drawing Objects
  • Positioning Graphics Evenly
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • Placing a Picture in a Comment

Modifying and Formatting Graphics

  • Editing Graphics Objects
  • Cropping Graphics
  • Changing the Size of a Graphic
  • Symmetric Resizing of Graphics
  • Making an Image Color Transparent
  • Adding Drop Shadows
  • Hiding Graphics
  • Resize Graphics Outside of Excel
  • Protecting a Graphic
  • Deleting All Graphics
  • Exporting a Graphics Group

Web Graphics and Your Worksheets

  • Pop-Up Comments for Graphics
  • Extracting URLs from Hyperlinked Images
  • ScreenTip for an Image

Graphics and Your Data

  • Sorting with Graphics
  • Displaying Images based on a Result
  • Hiding Graphics when Filtering
  • Deleting Graphics when Deleting a Row
  • Getting Rid of Fixed Objects

Graphics as Watermarks

  • Watermarks in Excel
  • Inserting a Watermark behind Merged Cells
  • Non-Tiled Background Pictures

Using Macros with Graphics

  • Positioning a Graphic in a Macro
  • Copying Pictures with a Macro
  • Pasting a Graphic to Multiple Worksheets
  • Assigning Macros to Graphics
  • Unhiding or Listing All Objects
  • Creating a Photo Catalog from a Folder of Photos
  • Removing Pictures for a Worksheet in VBA
  • Moving Comment Background Pictures to Cells
  • Shifting Objects Off a Sheet
  • Determining Mouse Cursor Coordinates On a Graphic
  • Changing the Comment Indicator Color

Creating Shapes

  • Creating a Drawing Object
  • Drawing Lines
  • Drawing Simple Objects
  • Duplicating Drawing Objects
  • Quickly Duplicating Drawing Objects

Formatting Shapes

  • Changing a Shape
  • Rotating a Drawing Object
  • Flipping a Drawing Object
  • Changing the Size of a Drawing Object
  • Filling a Drawing Object
  • Understanding Fill Effects
  • Setting the Default Fill Color for a Shape to None
  • Changing How Arrows Look
  • Styles for Lines, Dashes, and Arrows
  • Setting Default Attributes for Lines and Arrows
  • Changing Line Color in a Drawing Object
  • Pictures inside Shapes
  • Adding Text to a Shape
  • Pulling Text from a Cell and Placing It in a Shape
  • Rounded Corners on Cells

Using Text Boxes

  • Using Text Boxes
  • Sizing Text Boxes and Cells the Same
  • Adding a Drop Shadow to a Text Box
  • Counting All Characters
  • Finding Text in Text Boxes
  • Finding and Replacing in Text Boxes
  • Resizing a Text Box in a Macro
  • Placing Text Box Text into a Worksheet
  • Adding Text Boxes to Charts
  • Changing Text in Text Boxes on a Chart

Using the Camera

  • Adding the Camera
  • Taking Pictures
  • Multiple Print Areas on a Single Printed Page
  • Using the Camera in VBA

Creating Charts

  • Creating a Chart
  • Make that Chart Quickly!
  • Changing Chart Location
  • Creating a Log/Log Chart
  • Understanding Custom Chart Templates
  • Creating Custom Chart Templates
  • Using Go To to Jump to a Chart Sheet
  • Controlling Chart Gridlines
  • Creating Venn Diagrams with Excel Data
  • Creating Sparklines

Modifying and Formatting Charts

  • 10 Commandments for Excel Charts
  • Tip 1: KISS
  • Tip 2: Use Color to Emphasize, not Blind
  • Tip 3: White Is the New Black
  • Tip 4: Axis Labels Should be Horizontal
  • Tip 5: Don't Go All Fancy with Fonts
  • Tip 6: Don't Lie with Your Charts
  • Tip 7: Alignment
  • Tip 8: Location, Location, Location
  • Tip 9: Know Your Audience
  • Tip 10: Pie Charts are Fools Gold
  • Selecting Fonts for a Chart
  • Unselecting a Chart Item
  • Colorizing Charts
  • Changing Chart Types
  • Changing Chart Size
  • Controlling the Plotting of Empty Cells
  • Using Chart Titles
  • Using Dynamic Chart Titles
  • Turning the Legend On and Off
  • Moving a Chart's Legend
  • Putting a Chart Legend On Its Own Page
  • Adjusting the Order of Items in a Chart Legend
  • Formatting the Border of a Legend
  • Adding Data Labels to Your Chart
  • Labeling X-Y Scatter Plots
  • Locking Callouts to a Graph Location
  • Moving Groups of Data Labels at One Time
  • Formatting How an Axis Appears
  • Changing Axis Tick Marks
  • Changing the Axis Scale
  • Modifying Axis Scale Labels
  • Two-Level Axis Labels
  • Numeric Value and Percentage Value in a Graph Column
  • Unwanted Weekend Dates in Chart
  • Plotting Times of Day
  • Graphically Charting Geographic Data
  • Adjusting Your View of 3-D Graphs
  • Exploded Pie Chart Sections
  • Deleting a Chart

Working with Chart Data

  • Excluding Some Data from a Chart
  • Dynamic Data Based on Chart Changes
  • Automatically Creating Charts for Individual Rows in a Data Table
  • Smoothing Out Data Series
  • Adjusting Trendlines in a Chart
  • Using Graphics to Represent Data Series
  • Reordering the Display of a Data Series
  • Easily Changing Chart Data Ranges
  • Automatically Updating Charts for Additional Data
  • Identifying Scatter Plot Points
  • Reading Values from Graphs
  • Negatives in Pie Charts
  • Positive and Negative Colors in a Chart
  • Converting Charts to GIF Files
  • Excel Charts in PowerPoint
  • Embedding an Excel Chart in a Word Document
  • Copying a Chart and Related Shapes to a Word Document

Printing Charts

  • Printing a Chart
  • Preparing a Chart Sheet for Printing
  • Printing a Chart across Multiple Pages
  • Exporting Black and White Charts

Using Macros with Charts

  • Creating Charts in VBA
  • Specifying Chart Sizes
  • Specifying the Size of Chart Objects
  • Unlocking Charts
  • Changing Elements in Lots of Charts at One Time
  • Detecting Types of Sheets in VBA
  • Hyperlinks to Charts

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