WordTips Menu 2011 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (menu) newsletter for the year 2011.

WordTips Menu 2011 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Menu 2011 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • A Shortcut for Switching Focus
  • Switching between a Dialog Box and the Document
  • Selecting Tabs in Dialog Boxes
  • Jumping to a Page within a Section
  • Displaying a Single Page
  • Automatically Opening a Document at a Specific Zoom Setting
  • Alternative Ways of Creating Random Text
  • Viewing Document Statistics
  • Displaying the Ruler
  • Changing Characters on Keyboard Keys
  • Page Layout Zoom Settings
  • Understanding the Clipboard
  • Turning Off Background Repagination
  • Default Units that Change
  • Text Doesn't Wrap at Margin in Normal View
  • Getting Word to Remember the Default Date and Time Format
  • Understanding Default Insert Date Formatting
  • Changing Above-the-Line Fonts
  • Displaying ScreenTips
  • Helpful Pop-up Screen Tips
  • Changing ToolTips for a Macro Button
  • Changing the Context (Shortcut) Menus
  • Resetting Word Menus
  • Setting the AutoRecover Directory
  • Changing Colors of Spelling and Grammar Underlines
  • Saving Your Work Automatically
  • Understanding the Normalize Text Command

Editing Tips

  • Quickly Selecting Text
  • Selecting a Word
  • Automatically Selecting Words
  • Selecting a Line of Text
  • Selecting Sentences
  • Selecting an Entire Paragraph
  • Selecting an Entire Section
  • Jumping to a Relative Page
  • Jumping to a Section
  • Jumping Back in a Long Document
  • Jumping to the End without Repaginating
  • Navigating Your Document Using Outline View
  • Using the Object Browser
  • Inserting a Special Symbol
  • Putting a Bullet In the Middle of a Sentence
  • Inserting Foreign Characters
  • Getting the Proper Type of Ellipses
  • Understanding Hyphens and Dashes
  • Inserting a Non-Breaking Hyphen
  • Sharing Headings with Others
  • Reverse Numbered Lists
  • Quickly Changing Document Windows
  • Changing Many Link Locations
  • Finding an Invisible Text Box
  • Automatically Determining a Due Date
  • Inserting the Date and Time
  • Quickly Inserting the Date Your Way
  • Two Keys with the Press of One
  • Turning Off Word's Second Guessing with Quote Marks
  • Transposing Two Characters
  • Pasting Clean Text
  • Arranging Paragraphs
  • Quickly Moving Text with the Mouse
  • Selective Undo
  • Understanding Click and Type
  • Default Click and Type Paragraph Style
  • Understanding Smart Cut and Paste
  • Generating a Count of Word Occurrences
  • An Automatic Two Spaces After a Period
  • Dealing with Run-On Sentences
  • Checking for Matching Parentheses
  • Using Manual Line Breaks with Justified Paragraphs

Searching Tips

  • Initiating a New Search
  • Keyboard Control of the Find and Replace Dialog Box
  • When Replace Doesn't Work
  • Searching for Borders
  • Searching for Paragraph Formatting
  • Searching for a Specific Field
  • Searching for Footnote and Endnote Marks
  • Searching for White Space
  • Searching for Text with a Certain Format
  • Searching for Text that Does Not Have a Certain Format
  • Finding Text Not Using a Particular Font
  • Searching for Periods Not Followed by a Space
  • Replacing Text with a Graphic
  • Keeping a Replace Operation Displayed
  • Ignoring Accented Characters in Searches
  • Selective Formatting using Find and Replace
  • Replacing Spaces in Part Numbers with Dashes
  • Understanding Pattern Matching
  • Searching for Characters
  • Special Characters in Pattern Matching
  • Matching At the Beginning or End of a Word
  • Saving Find and Replace Operations

Markup Tips

  • Setting Default Options for Track Changes
  • Hiding Formatting Changes in Track Changes
  • Turning Track Changes Off for Selected Areas
  • Tracked Changes Notification when Opening
  • Select All Changes by a Particular Reviewer
  • Making Sure Changes and Comments are Anonymous
  • Printing without Track Changes Marks
  • Copying, Moving, and Deleting Comments
  • Jumping To a Comment
  • Getting Rid of "Comment" in Comments
  • Comments In Text Boxes

Auto Tips

  • AutoText Limits
  • Storing AutoText Entries with a Document
  • Creating Custom AutoText Categories
  • Replacing All AutoCorrect Entries
  • Shortcut for AutoCorrect Dialog Box

Bookmark Tips

  • Making Bookmarks Bold
  • Random OLE Bookmarks

General Formatting Tips

  • Understanding Nonprinting Characters
  • Using the Highlighter
  • Turning Off Highlighter Display
  • Formatting Differences between Word Versions
  • Moving Breaks Quickly
  • Changing Text Orientation
  • Copying Formats
  • Copying Fill Color in a Table
  • Margin Notes in Word
  • Automatically Formatting an ASCII File
  • Formatting Text Files with VBA

Character Formatting Tips

  • Quickly Displaying the Font Dialog Box
  • Quickly Increasing Point Size
  • Quickly Changing Font Sizes
  • Using Very Large Font Sizes
  • Changing Character Color
  • Discovering the RGB Value of a Custom Text Color
  • Creating Custom Underlines
  • Hyperlink Formatting
  • Missing Fonts in a Letterhead
  • Underlining Quoted Text
  • Creating a Drop Cap
  • Creating Thin Spaces
  • Strikethrough Shortcut Key
  • Superscripted Registered Trademark Symbol
  • Superscript and Subscript at the Same Place
  • Formatting Fractions

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Using Shading to Highlight Information
  • Understanding Justification
  • Precise Ruler Adjustments
  • Changing Paragraph Borders
  • Deleting Borders
  • Removing Automatic Lines
  • Understanding Single Line Spacing
  • Keeping Part of a Paragraph with the Next Block of Text
  • Double Indenting
  • Creating a Double Hanging Indent
  • No Space Before at the Top of a Page
  • Deleting All Tab Stops
  • Understanding Decimal Tabs
  • Automatically Setting Right Leader Tabs
  • Positioning Line Numbers
  • Understanding and Creating Lists
  • Removing a List
  • Compound List Formatting
  • Converting Lists to Text
  • Problems Using Words as Bullets
  • Creating a Numbered List
  • Lining Up Numbered List Numbers
  • Converting Automatic Numbering to Manual Numbering
  • Ensuring Standardized Numbering
  • Automatic Numbers with Leading Zeroes
  • Changing Outline Heading Level

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Quickly Displaying the Page Setup Dialog Box
  • Changing Sections
  • Mixing Column Formats On a Page
  • Using Parallel Columns
  • Creating a Full-Page Border
  • Non-printing Page Borders

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Applying Styles
  • Changing Styles
  • Preventing Styles from Changing
  • Deleting Styles
  • Getting Rid of Modify Style Message
  • Can't Select Style Instances
  • Making Sure Styles Don't Update Automatically
  • TOC Heading Numbers Always Show in Bold
  • Problems with TOC Styles
  • Understanding Templates
  • Opening a Template
  • Changing the Attached Template
  • Determining the Template Attached to a Document

Tables Tips

  • Creating Tables with Specific Column Widths
  • Selecting a Table
  • Selecting a Column or Row in a Table
  • Centering a Table
  • Splitting a Table
  • Getting Rid of Background Color in All Tables
  • Rounded Table Edges
  • Drop Shadows for Tables
  • Finding an Optimal Table Height
  • Inserting Cells in a Table
  • Deleting Cells
  • Changing Table Cell Text Direction
  • Placing Text in Empty Table Cells
  • Adding Table Columns to Columns with Merged Cells
  • Adjusting Column Widths on Joined Tables
  • Distributing Columns Evenly
  • Deleting Table Columns with Track Changes Turned On
  • Quickly Inserting Table Rows
  • Adjusting Table Row Height
  • Spacing Table Rows Vertically
  • Distributing Table Rows Evenly
  • Repeating Rows for a Table Footer
  • Suppressing a Zero In a Calculated Sum
  • Viewing Formulas in Table Cells
  • Table Numbers are Skipped
  • Heading Changes for Multi-page Tables
  • Index Number for the Active Table

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Understanding Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Inserting Footnotes
  • Inserting Endnotes
  • Copying and Moving Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Deleting Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Viewing Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Viewing Footnotes
  • Controlling Footnote Placement
  • Controlling Endnote Placement
  • Formatting Footnote and Endnote References
  • Returning to Your Document after Adding an Endnote
  • Continuous Formatting for Footnotes
  • Changing the Footnote Separator
  • Jumping to a Relative Endnote
  • Adding Information after the Endnotes
  • Changing the Way Endnotes Are Numbered

Header and Footer Tips

  • Odd & Even Headers and Footers
  • Deleting All Headers and Footers
  • Including a Printer's Name in a Footer
  • Changing the Type of Page Numbers Used in Headers or Footers
  • Pulling Headers and Footers from Other Files

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Inserting Fields
  • Getting Information About Fields
  • Selecting a Field
  • Locating Locked Fields
  • Deleting All Fields
  • Inserting Today's Date
  • Inserting the Date Your Document Was Last Saved
  • Inserting the Date Your Document Was Last Printed
  • Inserting the Document Title in Your Document
  • Inserting a Document's Size
  • Inserting the Document Revision Number
  • Inserting a Document's Path
  • Inserting the Template Name in Your Document
  • Inserting the User's Address
  • Inserting the User's Initials
  • Inserting the Total Number of Pages in Your Document
  • Inserting the Total Number of Characters in Your Document
  • Inserting the Edit Time
  • Date Last Edited
  • Monday's Date on Friday's Report
  • Using the GotoButton Field
  • Conditional Calculations in Word
  • Stopping Automatic Changes from Being Tracked
  • A Quick-and-Dirty Word Count
  • Unwanted Page Breaks in Cross-References
  • Field Reference to Number of Prior Pages
  • Referencing Fields in Another Document
  • Getting Rid of Fields Inserted by Third-Party Programs
  • Automatically Updating Fields and Links
  • Using Fields for Fractions
  • Allowing Only Form Field Changes
  • Copying Form Field Contents
  • Safely Relocking Forms
  • AutoFormat within Form Fields

Printing Tips

  • Canceling Printing
  • Printing a Short Selection
  • Printing More than One Copy
  • Remembering Copies to Print
  • Printing Odd or Even Pages
  • Scaling Your Output
  • Fitting to a Single Page
  • Multiple Pages Per Sheet
  • Using Duplex Printing
  • Two Printed Copies to Different Paper Trays
  • Printing Hidden Text
  • Printing an Outline
  • Printing Shortcut Key Assignments
  • Printing Summary Information
  • Printing AutoText Entries
  • Printing Very Large Paper Sizes
  • Preparing Files for a Commercial Printer
  • Upside-Down Text with PostScript
  • Adding a Diagonal Watermark with a PostScript Printer
  • Adding a Horizontal Watermark with a PostScript Printer
  • Using Crop Marks with a PostScript Printer
  • Preventing Printing
  • Controlling Where a Full-page Border is Printed
  • Selecting Printing of Color Pictures
  • Using Unique Document Serial Numbers
  • Setting the Default Print Preview Zoom Factor
  • Printing without Footnotes
  • Margins Incorrect When Printing
  • Removing Return Addresses
  • Technique for Adding Text Box to Envelope
  • Increasing Envelope Address Lines
  • Adding Text to an Envelope
  • Delivery Address Won't Print on Envelopes
  • Multiple Envelopes in One Document
  • Saving an Envelope for Future Use

Mail Merge Tips

  • Checking Your Data File
  • Merging and Printing
  • Using Mail Merge to Complete Documents
  • Merging Formatted Data
  • Can't Merge Alphanumeric Data Correctly
  • Proper Comparisons for Dates in Merge Fields
  • Merging Only a Date from Access
  • Speeding Up Mail Merges
  • Getting Rid of Mail Merge Section Breaks
  • Mail Merge and Data Source Documents become Unattached
  • Printing Multiple Label Copies when Merging
  • Printing Portions of Mail Merged Documents
  • Checkboxes in a Merged Document
  • Can't Place Merge Field In Header of a Catalog Merge Document

Graphics Tips

  • A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Choosing an Insert Method for Pictures
  • Inserting Multiple Graphics in a Document
  • Removing Pictures from Multiple Files
  • Rotating a Drawing Object
  • Grouping Drawing Objects
  • Editing Wrap Points
  • Hiding Graphics
  • Creating Usable Figure Captions
  • Keeping a Picture Title with the Picture
  • Pictures Move on their Own
  • Stopping Text from Jumping Around
  • Vertical Alignment of an Inline Graphic
  • Can't Select and Edit Graphics Elements
  • Searching for Floating Graphics
  • Replacing Graphics with Graphics
  • Counting All Graphics
  • Displaying Thumbnails and Full-Size Images
  • Getting Pictures Out of Word
  • Faster Picture Displaying
  • Best Quality for High Resolution Graphics
  • Changing Compression Print Resolution
  • Default Picture Location
  • Wrapping Text around a Graphic in a Text Box
  • Removing the Box from a Text Box
  • No-border Text Boxes by Default

Files Tips

  • Opening a Document as Read-Only
  • Read-Only Documents
  • Positioning the Cursor in a New Document
  • Changing the Default File Name
  • An Automatic File Name
  • Using Header Information as the Filename
  • A Real AutoSave
  • Saving and Closing All Open Documents
  • Setting a Default Document Format
  • Making Backup Copies
  • Modifying the Backup Copy File Name
  • Opening a Backup File
  • Saving Portions of Files
  • Renaming a Document
  • Use Filenames that Sort Properly
  • Combining Documents
  • Inserting a File
  • Size Limit for Documents
  • Embedding Fonts In a Document
  • Listing Documents with Passwords
  • Viewing Files of a Certain Type
  • Deleting MRU Entries
  • Marking Multiple Documents
  • Dates Updating when Converting
  • Periodically Delete TMP Files
  • Working with E-mailed Documents
  • Getting Input from a Text File
  • Appending to a Non-Document Text File
  • Determining the Length of a Non-Document Text File
  • Determining If the End of a Text File Has Been Reached

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Creating a Hyperlink to a Specific Page
  • Hyperlinking to a Specific Excel Worksheet
  • Associating a Name with a Position
  • Getting Rid of the Ctrl+Click Message
  • Checking for Valid Hyperlinks
  • Linking to Slides in PowerPoint

Tools Tips

  • Automatic Scrolling
  • Odd Sorting
  • Sorting Single-Column Addresses
  • Adding Sidebars
  • Paragraph Numbers in a TOC
  • Page Ranges in a TOC
  • Using Multiple Tables of Contents
  • Chapter Numbers in Indexes and TOAs
  • Improper Index Page Numbers
  • Putting Bold Words in an Index
  • Condensing Figure Caption References
  • Setting Defaults in Cross-reference Dialog Box
  • Working with Document Links
  • Only Showing Readability Statistics
  • Auto Creation of an Acronym List
  • Word Count for a Section
  • Turning Off Spell Checking
  • Spell-Checking from the Keyboard
  • Limiting a Spelling Check
  • Ignoring the Spelling of Proper Nouns
  • Making Spell Check Ignore Characters
  • Changing between English Variants
  • Normal Words Flagged by Spell Check
  • Allowing Sentence Fragments
  • Symbols in Words Added to the Dictionary
  • Cannot Add Words to Dictionary
  • Updating the Spelling Exclusion List Automatically
  • Finding Related Words
  • Curving Text Around the Edge of a CD
  • Inserting a Sound File in Your Document

Macros Tips

  • Getting User Input in a Dialog Box
  • Offering Options in a Macro
  • Bypassing the Startup Macro
  • Saving in Document Format from a Macro
  • Saving in a Macro Using a Desired File Name
  • Saving Changes when Closing
  • Printing and Exiting Word in a Macro
  • Temporarily Changing the Printer in a Macro
  • Restoring a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Character Frequency Count
  • Counting Open Document Windows
  • Toggling Font Assignments in a Macro
  • Automatically Inserting Tomorrow's Date
  • Highlight Words from a Word List
  • Determining if a Text Selection Exists
  • Batch Template Changes

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