WordTips Menu 2012 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (menu) newsletter for the year 2012.

WordTips Menu 2012 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Menu 2012 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Word Won't Start Right
  • Renaming a Toolbar
  • Editing a Toolbar Button Image
  • Floating Menus
  • Adding Your Own Menu Items
  • Deleting Menu Items
  • Resetting Menus to Their Default
  • Resetting a Single Shortcut Key
  • Resetting All Shortcut Keys
  • Finding Default Shortcut Keys
  • Changing the Maximum Undo Levels
  • Changing the Insertion Point Cursor
  • Getting Rid of Blue Squiggly Underlines
  • Controlling Scroll Bars
  • Understanding ASCII and ANSI Characters
  • Understanding Unicode Characters
  • Unwanted Graph Paper Effect
  • Word's Native Measurement Unit
  • Letters Turn Into Squares
  • Direction Arrows Confused
  • Getting Audible Feedback
  • Turning Off a Startup Sound
  • Status Bar Icons
  • Avoiding the Update Links Message
  • Updating Automatic Links
  • Accessing the Source of a Document Link
  • Meaningless Text
  • Modifying Behavior of the Open Dialog Box
  • Slowing Down Mouse Selection
  • Setting the Return Address Used in Word

Editing Tips

  • Using the Insert Key to Insert Text
  • Inserting Text with a Shortcut Key
  • Selecting a Group of Words
  • Deleting Words
  • Deleting a Range of Pages
  • Selecting the Entire Document with the Mouse
  • Putting Character Codes to Work
  • Automatic Non-breaking Spaces in Dates
  • Compound Page Numbering
  • Highlighting Text Using the Keyboard Only
  • Displaying a Live Word Count
  • Turning Off Paste Options
  • Turning Off Capital Corrections
  • Adding Parentheses
  • Using Optional Hyphens
  • Creating Compound Characters
  • Inserting a Section Mark
  • Displaying Spaces in a Document
  • Replacing the Last Comma
  • Pasting a Comment into Your Document
  • Deleting All Comments
  • Hyperlinks Not Found
  • Pasting a Hyperlink

Searching Tips

  • A Fast Find-Next
  • Using Search Text in the Replacement
  • Searching for Styles
  • Searching for Comment Marks
  • Removing All Comments
  • Adding an Ellipsis to the Beginning of Some Paragraphs
  • Setting Table Values to Three Decimal Places
  • Replacing Two Tabs with a Space in Limited Situations
  • Replacing Some Smart Quotes
  • Searching for Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Searching for Non-Black Text
  • Quickly Changing Tab Alignment
  • Erratic Behavior of Ctrl+PgDn
  • Finding Text Boxes
  • Replacing Hidden Text
  • Counting a Particular Word
  • Copying Found Items to a New Document
  • Pay Attention to Case when Searching for ASCII Codes

Markup Tips

  • Protecting Your Revisions
  • Protecting Tracked Changes
  • Pasting Text with Track Changes
  • Counting Changed Words

Auto Tips

  • Deleting Multiple AutoText Entries
  • QuickWords in Word
  • Store Common Addresses in AutoText Entries
  • Editing an AutoText Entry
  • How Word Handles Abbreviations
  • Automatic Initial Capitals in Tables
  • Automatically Capitalizing Day Names
  • Formatting E-mail using AutoFormat
  • The Line that Won't Go Away
  • Managing the AutoCorrect List
  • Automatically Using Smart Quotes
  • Automatic AutoCorrect Exceptions for Beginning Sentences

Bookmark Tips

  • Preserving Bookmarks During Replace Operations
  • Printing a Bookmark List with Contents
  • Determining the Number of Bookmarks Defined in a Document
  • Getting the Names of Defined Bookmarks
  • Using Multiple References to a Single Comment

Character Formatting Tips

  • Understanding Monospace Fonts
  • Changing Text Case
  • Applying the All Caps Format
  • Understanding Underlines
  • Underlining Section References Automatically
  • Adjusting the Width of Characters
  • Reversing Type
  • Adding Vertical Lines at the Sides of a Word
  • Adding Fonts to the Context Menu
  • Applying Bold Italics

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Adjusting Space Before
  • Adjusting Spacing After a Paragraph
  • Preventing Straggling Heads
  • Keeping Paragraphs on the Same Page
  • Cut and Paste Formatting
  • Decreasing a Paragraph's Indent
  • Extending a Paragraph into the Left Margin
  • Hanging Indent Shortcut
  • Understanding Lists
  • Creating a List
  • Converting List Types
  • Applying Formatting in Lists
  • Skipping Numbering
  • Continuing Your Numbering
  • Applying Numbers from the Keyboard
  • Changing the Bullet Type
  • Using Leaders with Tab Stops
  • Clearing All Tab Stops
  • Clearing All Tabs in a Document
  • Accurately Setting Tabs Using the Ruler
  • Aligning Plus/Minus Symbols
  • Aligning Text on a Specific Character
  • Triple-Spacing Your Document
  • Adding Automatic Lines
  • Borders on Multiple Paragraphs with Differing Indents
  • Setting the Distance between Text and Borders
  • Formatting All Headings At Once

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Understanding Sections
  • Understanding Mirror Margins
  • Vertical Alignment of Sections
  • Formatting Line Numbers
  • Default Font for Page Numbers
  • Spelling Out Page Numbers
  • Automatic Page Numbers across Multiple Documents
  • Creating Sideheads
  • Sign-in Sheets
  • Rotating a Page of Text
  • Maintaining Formatting when Inserting Documents

Styles and Templates Tips

  • How Word Applies Styles
  • Assigning a Shortcut Key to Styles
  • One Change Affects Everything
  • Changing the Default Font for Envelopes
  • Default Envelope Margins
  • Turning Off Proofing for Superscripts
  • Turning Off Automatic Hyphenation for Parts of a Document
  • Turning Off Smart Quotes for Specific Styles
  • Finding Where Templates Are Stored
  • Protect Your Document Templates
  • Updating Many Template References
  • Opening a Text File and Template from the Command Line
  • Template Changing On Its Own
  • What Changes Did I Make In that Template?
  • Templates and Page Setup
  • Creating a Boilerplate Document
  • Listing the Settings in a Template

Tables Tips

  • Drawing a Table
  • Erasing Table Lines
  • Quickly Moving Your Table
  • Nudging a Table
  • Deleting a Table
  • Indenting a Table
  • Expanding Width of All Tables
  • Putting Tables within Margins
  • Pulling Tables Back Into View
  • AutoFitting Tables
  • Quick Recall of Table Formats
  • Blank Page Printing after Table at End of Document
  • Moving a Table Row
  • Noting Table Rows Containing a Character
  • Keep Your Headings in View
  • Cannot Set Heading Rows in a Table
  • How to Stop a Table Row from Splitting Over Two Pages
  • Moving a Table Column
  • Summing a Table Column
  • Setting Consistent Column Widths in Multiple Tables
  • Adding Borders to Cell Contents
  • Fitting Text Into Cells
  • Fitting Your Text In a Cell
  • Footnotes for Tables
  • Changing Cell Alignment
  • Counting Values in Table Cells
  • Setting Decimal Tabs in a Table Using the Keyboard
  • Aligning Decimal Numbers in Tables
  • Repeating Column Information on Each Page
  • Formatting an ASCII Table with Spaces
  • Applying Consistent Shading to a Table
  • Sorting Tabular Tables
  • Formatting Lots of Tables
  • Automatically Referencing Info Entered in a Table

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Jumping to a Relative Footnote
  • Changing How Footnote References Appear
  • Formatting Footnote Reference Marks
  • Changing the Footnote Continuation Separator
  • Positioning the Footnote Separator
  • Changing the Footnote Continuation Notice
  • Changing the Way Footnotes Are Numbered
  • Deleting All Footnotes
  • Different Layouts for Footnotes
  • Using Multiple References to the Same Footnote
  • Creating a Bibliography from Footnotes
  • Jumping to an Endnote
  • Default Numbering Format for Endnotes
  • Creating Unnumbered Endnotes
  • Selectively Changing Endnotes to Footnotes
  • Converting Endnotes to Regular Text
  • Converting Individual Endnotes and Footnotes

Header and Footer Tips

  • Editing Headers and Footers
  • Copying Headers and Footers
  • Protecting Headers and Footers
  • AutoText Unavailable in Headers and Footers
  • Preventing the Left Margin of a Footer from Moving
  • Quickly Formatting Footers in Documents with Many Sections

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Tools to View Field Codes
  • Controlling Field Shading
  • Converting Field Results to Text
  • Printing Field Codes
  • Inserting the Subject in Your Document
  • Using the INFO Field
  • Standard Text before a Sequence Number
  • Understanding Default DATE Field Formatting
  • Formatting Currency
  • Adding a Dynamic Total in Your Document
  • Auto-incrementing Form Fields
  • Inserting a Cross-Reference to Text
  • Inserting Page Number Cross-References
  • Inserting a Page Number Field
  • Entering a "Slashed Zero" in Your Document
  • Counting Fields in a Document
  • Including Headers and Footers when Selecting All
  • Field in Footer Won't Update
  • Updating a Field in a Text Box
  • Signing a Protected Form
  • Turning Off Document Protection

Printing Tips

  • Opening and Printing a Document
  • Setting Up Your Printer
  • Easily Changing Print Order
  • Understanding Background Printing
  • Multi-Page Print Preview
  • Printing Documents in a Folder
  • Reducing the Curl in Printed Documents
  • Printing Color Separations with VBA
  • Printing Document Properties
  • Printing Custom Properties
  • Printing Documents without Markup
  • Automatic Font Color Won't Print Properly
  • Forcing Printouts to Black and White
  • Non-Printing Hyperlinks
  • Creating Custom Labels
  • Specifying a Label Stock for Saved Documents
  • Making Use of Extra Labels
  • Saving Money on Printing Labels
  • Left and Right Aligned on One Line in a Label
  • Automatically Printing an Envelope
  • Printing Post Office Permits on Envelopes
  • Maintaining Delivery Address Information for Envelopes
  • Printing Unwanted Blank Envelopes
  • Removing Blank Pages at the End of Your Document
  • Always Printing Drawing Objects
  • Errors while Printing
  • Printing in White
  • Printing Close to the Edge

Mail Merge Tips

  • Creating a Mail Merge Data File
  • Formatted Merging
  • Controlling Date Formats in a Mail Merge
  • Maintaining Fields in a Merged Document
  • Creating Files with Mail Merge
  • Getting Rid of Blank Labels in a Filtered Merge
  • Vertically Centering Labels

Graphics Tips

  • Creating a Drawing Object
  • Drawing Lines
  • Filling A Drawing Object
  • Understanding Fill Effects
  • Flipping a Drawing Object
  • Duplicating Drawing Objects
  • Sending Drawing Objects to the Back or Front
  • Changing an AutoShape
  • Using Object Anchors
  • Placeholders for Stamps
  • Understanding Grayscale Images
  • Making Pictures Show in Word
  • Keeping Callouts Positioned
  • Resizing a Text Box
  • Automatically Adjusting Height for Text Boxes
  • Including Text Box Text In Word Counts
  • Embedding an Excel Chart in a Word Document
  • Importing Excel Information Into Chart

Files Tips

  • Files Opening Slowly If Many Files Exist
  • Understanding Background Saving
  • Confirming File Conversions
  • Document Shows as 'In Use' by Another User
  • Creating Multiple Blank Documents in One Step
  • Using Seek In a Macro
  • Read-Only Files
  • Read-Only Documents without a Password
  • Saving Documents as Read-Only by Default
  • Opening the Document Map by Default
  • Inserting Only Part of a File
  • Setting a Document Naming Convention
  • Leading Spaces in Document File Names
  • Linking Word Documents
  • Deleting the Open Document File
  • Copying Custom Properties
  • Removing All File Properties
  • Controlling Names of Backup Files
  • Reliable Conversion to WordPerfect
  • Reviewing Document Versions
  • Importing a Text File and Inserting after a Bookmark
  • Turning Off HTML Conversions
  • Removing a Subdocument From a Master Document

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Editing a Hyperlink
  • Creating Hyperlinks from E-mail Addresses
  • Closing Documents after a Hyperlink
  • Breaking Lines in E-mail
  • Pop-up Windows in Word

Tools Tips

  • Updating Document Links
  • Enforcing a Do-Not-Use Word List
  • Ensuring Proper Page Numbers for a Table of Authorities
  • Looking Up Antonyms
  • Using the Organizer to Manage Toolbars
  • Adding Captions
  • Turning Off Automatic Captioning
  • Hyphenating Your Document
  • Creating a Table of Authorities
  • Generating a Table of Authorities
  • Displaying Quick Document Statistics
  • Spell Check Misses Misspelled Words
  • Making Ignore All Work for a Document on All Systems
  • Spell Checking Only Checking Grammar
  • Limiting Spell Checking
  • Ignoring Punctuation in Names
  • Hiding Spelling Errors
  • Spell-checking Uppercase Words
  • Fast Spelling Corrections
  • Rechecking Spelling and Grammar
  • Changing How Word Flags Compound Words
  • Spelling Errors on Internet Addresses
  • Configuring Spell Check for Internet Addresses
  • Hiding Grammar Errors
  • Editing Custom Dictionaries
  • Adding Ampersands to Custom Dictionaries
  • Understanding Outlining in Word
  • Changing Outline Structure
  • Controlling How Body Text is Displayed
  • Creating a Simple TOC
  • Creating a Table of Contents from Heading Levels
  • Creating a TOC that Includes Specific Styles
  • Insert a TOC without Upsetting Pagination
  • Locking Lines in a TOC
  • Jumping Back to the TOC
  • Creating a Normal Index
  • Deleting Index Entries
  • Indexing a Range of Pages
  • Indexing Based on a Range of Letters
  • Improper Index References
  • Multiple Indexes in a Document
  • Sorting by Headings
  • Controlling Sorting Order
  • Sorting Comments by Date
  • Sorting an Album List
  • Setting a Default for the Object Browser

Macros Tips

  • Writing a Macro from Scratch
  • Changing a Macro Description
  • Defining a Shortcut for a Macro
  • Declaring Variables
  • Debugging a Macro
  • Editing Word's Built-in Commands
  • Running Macros from Macros
  • Using Call to Run VBA Macros
  • Running Macros Based on Keywords
  • Making Macros Readily Available
  • Understanding Subroutines
  • Understanding the For ... Next Structure
  • Understanding the While...Wend Structure
  • Determining the Upper Bounds of an Array
  • Creating a String
  • Determining the Length of a String
  • Reversing a String
  • Swapping Two Strings
  • Moving the Insertion Point in a Macro
  • Accessing Paragraphs in a Macro
  • Checking for a Text Selection Length
  • Occurrences of a Text String within a Document
  • Adding Smart Quotes through Macro Text
  • Finding Quoted Text in VBA
  • Finding Long Sentences
  • Ignoring Smart Quotes when Comparing Text
  • Converting Strings to Numbers
  • Deriving an Absolute Value
  • Swapping Two Numbers
  • Bumping Numbers in a Document
  • Printing via Macro without Messages
  • Processing Information Pasted from a PDF File
  • Extracting INCLUDEPICTURE File Names
  • Determining If a File Exists
  • Determining if Caps Lock is On
  • Determining the Current Directory
  • Aligning Paragraphs in a Macro
  • Automatically Inserting Brackets
  • Getting Bookmark Information in VBA
  • Converting Inches to Points
  • Determining the Number of Fonts Available
  • Determining an ANSI Value
  • Resetting Character Formatting in a Macro
  • Selecting to the Next Punctuation Mark
  • Counting Words the Old Fashioned Way
  • Determining How Many Windows are Open
  • Detecting an Open Dialog Box
  • Changing What Is Pasted in a Dialog Box
  • Adding Automatic Time Stamps
  • Determining the Month of the Year
  • Changing the Format of Existing Dates
  • Determining Differences Between Dates

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