Word 2013 Mail Merge Magic (Table of Contents)

Summary: The mail merge tool available in Word is powerful, allowing you to use data from a variety of sources to create hundreds or thousands of documents. Discover how you can master this tool to create the exact customized documents you need. Here is the complete table of contents for Word 2013 Mail Merge Magic, Third Edition.

Word 2013 Mail Merge Magic (Table of Contents)

Word 2013 Mail Merge Magic, Third Edition includes lots of great information about how you can use Word's mail merge tool. The following is the Table of Contents:


  • What Versions of Word are Covered?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

Mail Merge Basics

  • Beginning a Mail Merge
  • Creating a Mail Merge Data File
  • Checking Your Data File
  • Merging and Printing
  • Opening Only a Merge Document
  • Merging with Two Data Sources
  • Mail Merge and Data Source Documents become Unattached
  • Warning Opening Data Source File
  • Passing a Data File Name via Command Line to a Macro

Working with Merge Fields

  • Using Merge Fields
  • Conditional Processing During a Mail Merge
  • Maintaining Leading Zeroes
  • Can't Merge Alphanumeric Data Correctly
  • Getting Rid of Spaces in Merged Data
  • Wrong Values Merged from Excel
  • Can't Place Merge Field in Header of a Directory Merge Document
  • Proper Comparisons for Dates in Merge Fields
  • Merging Graphics into Word Documents
  • Grouping Records in a Mail Merge

Formatting During Merges

  • Formatted Merging
  • Merging Formatted Data
  • Controlling Date Formats in a Mail Merge

Creating Labels

  • Printing Multiple Label Copies when Merging
  • Getting Rid of Blank Labels in a Filtered Merge
  • Sequentially Numbered Labels
  • Vertically Centering Labels
  • Left and Right Aligned on One Line in a Label
  • Adding Addresses to a Set of Address Labels
  • Changing Label Printing Order
  • Picking a Starting Label
  • Making Use of Extra Labels
  • Saving Money on Printing Labels
  • Handling Long Lines in Address Labels
  • Finding Long Lines
  • Converting WordPerfect Labels to Word

Working with a Merged Document

  • Maintaining Fields in a Merged Document
  • Printing Portions of Mail Merged Documents
  • Getting Rid of Mail Merge Section Breaks
  • Conditionally Adding a Period in a Mail Merge
  • Creating Files with Mail Merge
  • Merging to Individual Files
  • Merging and Printing a Series of Documents

Mail Merge Cookbook

  • Using Mail Merge to Complete Documents
  • Printing Copy Numbers
  • Using Unique Document Serial Numbers
  • Automatically Determining a Due Date
  • Calculated Dates
  • Merging Only a Date from Access
  • Printing Post Office Permits on Envelopes
  • Adding Text to an Envelope
  • Printing Placeholders and Answers
  • Checkboxes in a Merged Document
  • Selecting Different Trays in a Mail Merge
  • E-mailing from a Mail Merge
  • Creating an E-mail Message from the Current Document
  • Speeding Up Mail Merges

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