Excel 2013 Conditional Formatting (Table of Contents)

Summary: Conditional formatting allows you to modify how information is displayed based upon criteria that you define. Excel 2013 Conditional Formatting is the definitive resource for understanding how to take advantage of this powerful feature of Excel; this is the complete table of contents for that resource.

Excel 2013 Conditional Formatting, Second Edition, includes all the information you need to make sense of working with Excel's conditional formatting feature. The following is the Table of Contents:


  • A Word about Versions
  • Need More Tips?
  • Sharing this E-Book

Conditional Formatting Basics

  • Defining a Single Condition
  • Working with Multiple Conditions
  • More than Three Conditional Formats
  • Defining a Rule Based on Cell Values
  • Defining a Rule Based on Cell Contents
  • Defining a Rule Based on Cell Ranking
  • Defining a Rule Based on a Cell's Relation to Average
  • Defining a Rule Based on Duplicate Status
  • Defining a Rule Based on a Formula
  • Copying Conditional Formatting
  • Deleting Conditional Formats
  • Finding Cells Containing Conditional Formats
  • Losing Formatting
  • Protecting Conditional Formatting
  • Detecting Errors in Conditional Formatting Formulas
  • Diagonal Borders in a Conditional Format

Conditionally Formatting Cells

  • Coloring Cells with Formulas
  • Shading a Cell until Something is Entered
  • Highlighting Values in a Cell
  • Highlighting Cells Containing Specific Text
  • Conditionally Highlighting Cells Containing Formulas
  • Conditionally Formatting Cells Containing Dates
  • Shading Based on Odds and Evens
  • Finding Odd Values Greater Than 50
  • Displaying Negative Percentages in Red
  • Select One Cell and Make Another Cell Bold
  • Hiding Individual Cells
  • Checking for Messages in Cells

Conditionally Formatting Rows and Columns

  • Conditionally Formatting an Entire Row
  • Shading Rows with Conditional Formatting
  • Checking for Duplicate Rows Based on a Range of Columns
  • Automatic Lines for Dividing Lists
  • Changing Shading when a Column Value Changes
  • Conditional Formats for Odd and Even Columns
  • Formatting Subtotal Rows

Real-World Conditional Formatting

  • Alerts for Approaching Due Dates
  • Pulling All Fridays
  • Conditional Formatting Based on Date Proximity
  • Conditionally Formatting for Multiple Date Comparisons
  • Noting Inactivity within a Timeframe
  • Formatting Phone Numbers outside a Desired Range
  • Conditionally Formatting Non-Integers
  • Determining a Name for a Week Number
  • Coloring Identical Company Names
  • Changing Excel's Background Color

Advanced Considerations

  • Conditional Format that Checks for Data Type
  • Conditional Formats that Distinguish Blanks and Zeroes
  • Counting Colors from Conditional Formats
  • Changing Font Face and Size Conditionally
  • Sorting or Filtering by Conditional Format Results
  • Moving Cell Borders when Sorting
  • Leaving a Cell Value Unchanged If a Condition Is False
  • Removing Conditional Formats, but Not the Effects
  • Checking for Proper Entry of Array Formulas
  • Conditional Formatting with Data Imported from Access
  • Checking Lock Status of Cells
  • Checking All Cell Formatting in VBA
  • Conditionally Playing an Audio File

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