WindowsTips 2014 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WindowsTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use the Windows operating systems. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WindowsTips newsletter for the year 2014.

WindowsTips 2014 Archive (Table of Contents)

WindowsTips 2014 Archive includes 208 valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • A Word About Versions and Authors
  • Need More Tips?
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Quick Ways to Get Back to Your Desktop
  • Moving and Resizing Windows
  • Maximizing a Window to Fill the Entire Screen
  • Minimizing All Open Windows in One Step
  • Creating a Selection Set
  • Adding and Deleting Fonts
  • Hiding Fonts
  • Resizing the Recycle Bin
  • Permanently Deleting Items
  • What is Bluetooth?
  • Signs Your Computer has a Virus
  • Changing Time Settings
  • Understanding ReadyBoost
  • Using the System Information Tool
  • Understanding Aero Peek
  • What is a Desktop.ini File?
  • Grouping Tiles on the Start Screen
  • Changing the Size of Start Screen Tiles
  • Changing App Notifications
  • Improve Performance by Turning Off 3D Effects
  • Restoring Send To Desktop
  • Changing Control Panel Views
  • Using the Control Panel to Remove Programs
  • Understanding Regional Settings
  • Windows in Safe Mode
  • Over a Hundred Free Windows E-Books

Start Menu, Taskbar, and System Tray Tips

  • Creating Additional Clocks
  • Customizing the Start Menu
  • Hiding and Displaying the Volume Control

Personalization Tips

  • Changing Screen Resolution
  • Modifying the Color Scheme
  • Changing the Desktop Background
  • Using Your Own Pictures as Wallpaper
  • Picking a Desktop Icon Size
  • Understanding Desktop Widgets
  • Adding and Removing Desktop Widgets
  • Changing the User Interface Language

Multimedia Tips

  • Adjusting Speaker Volume
  • Understanding Types of CDs
  • Changing Behavior for Audio CDs
  • Understanding Types of DVDs
  • Using Windows DVD Maker
  • Understanding ISO Images

Web and Online Tips

  • Using the Hosts File to Block Content
  • Understanding DHCP
  • Scanning Your System for Open Ports
  • Understanding IP Addresses
  • Closing an Open Port

Tips for Files, Folders, and Drives

  • Displaying All the Files in a Folder using Windows Explorer
  • Understanding and Using File Attributes
  • Displaying Hidden and System Files in a Folder
  • Creating Your Own File Folders
  • Renaming Multiple Files at the Same Time
  • Editing File Properties
  • Changing the Hidden Attribute for a File
  • Getting Rid of Hidden Thumbs.db Files
  • Understanding File Types and Extensions
  • Changing the Program Associated with a File Type
  • Using Offline Files
  • Checking a Disk Drive for Free Space
  • Accessing a Network Drive
  • Encrypting a File Folder
  • Understanding Libraries
  • Moving the Pictures Library
  • Moving the Music Folder
  • Creating a Library
  • Understanding Indexed Search
  • Adding Locations to the Search Index
  • Removing Locations from the Search Index
  • Adding File Types to the Search Index
  • Rebuilding the Search Index
  • Saving Search Queries
  • Saving a Windows Search
  • Deleting a Saved Search
  • Using Sync Center
  • Checking the Size of Apps

Tips about Devices

  • Choosing How to Use Multiple Monitors
  • Using Two Monitors with Windows
  • Connecting to an External Screen
  • Finding the Mouse Pointer
  • Making the Mouse Pointer More Visible
  • Controlling the Mouse Pointer Speed
  • Swapping Mouse Buttons for Left-Handed Users
  • Defragmenting a Hard Drive
  • Resizing a Disk Partition
  • Checking for Faulty RAM
  • Determining the MAC Address for a Network Device
  • Changing the MAC Address for a Network Adapter
  • Updating a Device Driver

Printing Tips

  • Understanding XPS Documents
  • Creating an XPS Document
  • Creating a Printer Pool
  • Limiting when Others Can Use Your Shared Printer

Tips about Accessories

  • Using the Sound Recorder
  • Performing Simple Calculations Using the Calculator
  • Performing Complex Calculations Using the Scientific Calculator
  • Using the Character Map
  • Changing Explorer Navigation Controls
  • Understanding Remote Assistance
  • Using Reliability Monitor
  • Using Resource Monitor

Utility Tips

  • Agent Ransack
  • AutoHotKeys
  • AutoRuns
  • Cathy
  • CutePDF Writer
  • ConFavor
  • DesktopOK
  • Dropbox
  • Everything
  • Using N.R.S. Ghost Control
  • KeePass Password Safe
  • Launchy
  • M8 Free Clipboard
  • Process Explorer
  • Understanding Process Monitor
  • Using Process Monitor
  • SyncToy
  • Toggl
  • WizMouse
  • Xplorer2

System Administration and Protection Tips

  • Displaying Administrative Tools on the Start Screen
  • Ending a Frozen Program
  • Ending a Process Using the Task Manager
  • Understanding Computer Names
  • Renaming Your Computer
  • Using the System Configuration Utility
  • Modifying What is Started when You Start Windows
  • Modifying the General Startup Process
  • Setting a Restore Point
  • Restoring Your System from a Restore Point
  • Undoing a System Restore
  • Disabling System Restore
  • What is the Purpose of the Application Event Log?
  • What is the Purpose of the Security Event Log?
  • What is the Purpose of the System Event Log?
  • What is the Purpose of the Forwarded Events Event Log?
  • Limiting the Number of Login Attempts
  • Recovering a Forgotten Administrator Password
  • Understanding Windows SIDs

User Account Tips

  • Switching between Users in Windows
  • Getting a List of User Accounts
  • Changing Your Windows 7 Password
  • Changing Your Windows 8 Account Picture

Command Line Tips

  • Changing Font Size in a Command Prompt Window
  • Renaming Files Using the Command Line
  • Copying Files Using the Command Line
  • Moving Files Using the Command Line
  • Displaying All the Files in a Folder using the Command Prompt
  • Understanding the Command Line For Loop
  • Using the Task Scheduler from the Command Line

Tips about RoboCopy and XCopy

  • Understanding Robocopy
  • Copying Data with Robocopy
  • Logging Robocopy Operations
  • Using Robocopy to Mirror Directories
  • Checking the Archive Attribute with Robocopy
  • Using Robocopy to Copy Entire Directories
  • Using Robocopy with File Sizes and Ages
  • Specifying a Copy Schedule in Robocopy
  • Copying Data with XCopy

Batch File Tips

  • Creating a Simple Batch File
  • Using Batch Files, Part 1
  • Using Batch Files, Part 2
  • Using Batch Files, Part 3: The IF Command
  • Using Batch Files, Part 4: The CALL Statement
  • Using the FOR Statement
  • Using the SHIFT Statement
  • Running a Batch File at a Scheduled Time

Registry Tips

  • How the Registry is Organized
  • Understanding Registry Value Data Types
  • Exporting a Portion of the Registry
  • Importing a Portion of the Registry

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