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Microsoft Word's Amazing Autos (Table of Contents)

Summary: Word provides several tools that can aid in developing your documents. This e-book focuses on a few of those tools. You discover how to use Building Blocks, AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, and AutoFormat to make document development a snap. Here is the complete table of contents for this book.

Microsoft Word's Amazing Autos (Table of Contents)

Microsoft Word's Amazing Autos includes 204 information-packed pages. The following is the Table of Contents:


  • Harnessing the Power
  • Get More Tips
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

Building Blocks

  • Understanding Building Blocks
  • Creating a Building Block
  • Editing a Building Block Entry
  • Deleting a Building Block
  • Deleting Multiple Building Blocks
  • Renaming a Building Block
  • Extra Spaces after Inserting a Building Block
  • Moving Building Blocks
  • Backing Up Building Blocks
  • Specifying a Default Building Block Location
  • Moving Building Block Templates
  • Replacing All Building Blocks
  • Synchronizing Building Blocks for a Network
  • Creating a Building Block List
  • Printing AutoText Entries
  • Printing a List of Building Blocks
  • Changing Defaults for Text Boxes and Callouts
  • Ensuring Consistent References with Building Blocks
  • Quickly Inserting the Date Your Way
  • Inserting Text with a Shortcut Key
  • Correctly Repeated Words
  • Adding Phrases to the Grammar Checker
  • Store Common Addresses in Building Blocks
  • Technique for Adding Text Box to Envelope
  • Removing Return Addresses
  • Creating and Using Standardized Tables
  • Table Borders not Stored in Building Blocks
  • Inconsistent Prompting to Save Normal Template Changes
  • QuickWords in Word
  • Defining Protected Sections as a Building Block
  • Creating Special, Compound Characters
  • Formatting a Company Name
  • Numbering with Sequence Fields


  • Providing Helpful Tips for Easy Building Block Entry
  • Using AutoComplete Tips
  • Turning Off AutoComplete for Dates
  • Automatically Changing Dates
  • Wrong Suggested Date
  • Changing AutoComplete Words


  • Shortcut for AutoCorrect Dialog Box
  • Removing Confusion When Using AutoCorrect
  • Managing the AutoCorrect List
  • Toggling AutoCorrect Settings
  • Backing Up Your AutoCorrect Entries
  • Making AutoCorrect Automatically Recognize the Replace Word
  • AutoCorrecting from the Context Menu
  • Make AutoCorrect Pay Attention to Character Case
  • Printing AutoCorrect Entries
  • Printing a List of AutoCorrect Entries
  • Word Won't Capitalize Some Sentences
  • Turning Off Automatic Capitalization
  • Turning Off Capital Corrections
  • Capitalizing after a Sentence Ending with a Number
  • Automatic Initial Capitals in Tables
  • Making Sure Word Doesn't Capitalize Anything Automatically
  • Accepting Capitalization of a Proper Noun
  • Capitalizing Spring
  • Capitals After Colons
  • Automatic AutoCorrect Exceptions for Beginning Sentences
  • Can't Save Formatted Entries in AutoCorrect
  • Inserting Foreign Characters
  • Emoticons in Word
  • Inserting a Copyright Mark
  • Inserting a Section Mark
  • Entering a Degree Sign
  • Superscripted Registered Trademark Symbol
  • Getting the Proper Type of Ellipses
  • Automatically Capitalizing Day Names
  • How Word Handles Abbreviations
  • Meaningless Text
  • Replacing Random Text with Your Own Text
  • Ignoring Punctuation in Names
  • Spelling Errors Resulting from Erroneous Spaces
  • Adding Ampersands to Custom Dictionaries
  • Two Keys with the Press of One
  • Enforcing a Do-Not-Use Word List


  • AutoFormatting a Document
  • Changing AutoFormatting Rules
  • AutoFormat within Form Fields
  • Adding Automatic Lines
  • Removing Automatic Lines
  • Controlling Automatic Indenting
  • Making Text Bold
  • The Line That Won't Go Away
  • AutoFormat Won't Convert a Right Arrow
  • Turning Off Automatic Bulleted Lists
  • Turning Off Automatic Numbered Lists
  • After Pressing Enter, Text Becomes a Heading
  • Compound List Formatting
  • Controlling URL Formatting
  • Making Live URLs Into Normal Text
  • Turning E-mail Addresses into Hyperlinks
  • Formatting E-mail using AutoFormat
  • Stopping Word from Changing Characters in an E-mail Address
  • Single-Character Fractions
  • Adding Tabs at the Beginning of a Line
  • Creating a Table Using the Keyboard
  • Shading Rows in a Table
  • Formatting Lots of Tables

Smart Quotes

  • Automatically Using Smart Quotes
  • Updating to Smart Quotes
  • Turning Off Word's Second Guessing with Quote Marks
  • Turning Off Smart Quotes for Specific Styles
  • Leading Quote Mark Generates Grammar Error
  • Ignoring Smart Quotes when Comparing Text
  • Replacing Some Smart Quotes
  • Smart Quotes are Replaced Incorrectly
  • Using Correct Apostrophes
  • Smart Quote after Em Dash Faces Wrong Direction
  • Problem Printing Quotation Marks
  • Adding Smart Quotes through Macro Text
  • Finding Quoted Text in VBA
  • Checking for Missing Quotation Marks

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Microsoft Word's Amazing Autos
(for Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 users)
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ISBN 978-1-61359-347-9 (2.5 MB)

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