Understanding and Using Batch Files(Table of Contents)

Summary: Batch files are a hold-over from the days of DOS, but they provide great features even in the lastest versions of Windows. Here is the complete table of contents for Understanding and Using Batch Files.

Understanding and Using Batch Files(Table of Contents)

Understanding and Using Batch Files includes 58 information-packed pages. The tips and tutorial information provided in this e-book are applicable to all versions of Word. The following is the table of contents:


  • What is Not Covered?
  • Need More Tips?
  • Sharing this Document

Batch File Basics

  • Creating a Batch File
  • Organizing Your Batch Files
  • Running and Stopping Batch Files
  • Creating a Simple Batch File
  • Creating a Batch File from the Command Line

Expanding What Batch Files Can Do

  • Controlling What Displays When a Batch File Runs
  • Adding Replaceable Parameters
  • Shifting Parameters
  • Delaying a Batch File

Controlling the Order in Which Commands Execute

  • Using the GOTO Command
  • Conditional Statements in a Batch File
  • Checking If a File Exists
  • Checking for an Errorlevel
  • Combining SHIFT with IF

Letting Users Make a Choice

  • Asking the User Y or N
  • Using CHOICE to Create a Simple Menu
  • Specifying a Default and Timeout

Running Batch Files from Batch Files

  • Shifting Control Permanently to Another Batch File
  • Using the CALL Command

Miscellaneous Batch File Magic

  • Repeating a Command for a Specific Set
  • Running a Batch File at a Scheduled Time

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