Word Mail Merge Magic (Special Offer)

Summary: Word Mail Merge Magic makes a great addition to the library of anyone wanting to master using Word's mail merge tool. Another way you can increase your proficiency with Word is to take advantage of this special offer for Word Mail Merge Magic purchasers.

Word Mail Merge Magic (Special Offer)

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I've got a special offer for you, and I'm only making it because you are ordering Word Mail Merge Magic.

One of the very first ways that Microsoft enabled Word users to add dynamic content to their documents was through the use of fields. (In fact, fields are used to implement the mail merge feature in Word.) In Word-speak, a field is a mnemonic code that represents other data. Whenever the field is updated by Word, the code is replaced with the data that it represents. For example, a field code might be UserInitials, and this code is dynamically replaced in your document with the user's initials.

At last count Word provides 77 different codes—most unrelated to mail merges—that can add everything to your document from page numbers to hyperlinks. What is returned by most of these fields can be modified or adapted through the use of switches. All told, fields offer a wildly diverse means of adding information to your document that is dynamic—it can change over time.

Since you are already learning about how to use fields to effect a mail merge, I thought you might also want to expand your knowledge by learning about other types of fields, as well. Thus, I'm making you a special offer of 25% off the price of my Enhancing Word Documents with Dynamic Fields e-book.

Enhancing Word Documents with Dynamic Fields, Second Edition, can help you make sense of the fields that Word places at your fingertips. Not in some stuffy, academic, "rote list" manner, but in a way that allows you to actually start using fields to enhance your documents right away. This e-book contains information on virtually all of the fields that you can use in Word.

Everything else that is useful, helpful, and enabling—if it has to do with fields—is included in this e-book. In fact, Enhancing Word Documents with Dynamic Fields contains a whopping 230 pages of information about putting fields to work right away.

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Remember—this is a special offer made only to purchasers of Word Mail Merge Magic, and only at the time of purchase. I thank you for all your support!