Word Graphics

Summary: One effective way to enhance your documents is with Word's powerful graphics capabilities. Discover how to best utilize graphics and add them to your documents with this comprehensive series of e-books!

Word Graphics

There is an old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words." While that may be an exercise in hyperbole, pictures can certainly enhance certain types of writing and provide important visual cues for the reader.

Fortunately, Word allows you to easily add all sorts of graphical content to your documents. This has been the case since the earliest versions of Word. The problem is, there are (it seems) a zillion ways to add that graphic content. This can cause confusion and leave you wondering how to harness the graphical power of Word.

The Word Graphics a series of e-books focuses on the graphical power of Word. Word Graphics provides you with a complete overview and "how to" when it comes to the graphical capabilities of Word. You discover how to add pictures, images, clip art, shapes, text boxes, WordArt, charts, and a wide variety of other graphical elements to your documents.

Word isn't a graphics program and should never be confused for one, but it does allow you to take advantage of objects you create in specialized graphics programs. You can insert all sorts of graphic objects in Word, and you can use Word's tools to create your own graphic objects.

Want to know how to add graphics created elsewhere? Got it covered. Want to know how to keep your graphic objects from jumping all over the place? Got it. Want to know how to work with AutoShapes, WordArt, Equation Editor, clip art, text boxes, the drawing canvas, and Microsoft Graph? We've got it. Want to know how to get graphics out of your document? It's in here. Need to know how to wrap text to get the best page layout when you decide to use graphics? Yep; got that, too. How about printing documents containing graphics? You guessed it; we cover it here.

The short of it is that whatever your version of Word will do with graphics, it is covered in the appropriate version of the Word Graphics e-books. It is important to realize that one fact, however—what Word can do with graphics is highly dependent on which version of Word you are using. That's why we've actually come up with four versions of Word Graphics, one for each of the most recent versions of Word:

To get an idea of the value packed into these versions (each has over 200 pages of focused content), click on one of the titles and you'll find a complete table of contents.

Can't decide which version to get? Perhaps you use multiple versions of Word or you are responsible for users who have different versions. If this describes you, then you really could benefit by having copies of Word Graphics for each of the Word versions you work with. You're in luck! If you purchase two versions of the e-book, we'll give you the other two versions for free! (See the ordering information, below, for information on our Ribbon Pack.)

Regardless of which version of Word Graphics you choose, you get the e-book in two formats—Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat—and you automatically get them both. Including both formats allows you to easily use the information in whatever format you desire. Both formats allow you to enjoy the following features:

  • The ability to view, search, and print the book.
  • Screen shots that illustrate what you see in Word as you follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • The ability to select and copy sections of text, such as macro code.
  • Hyperlinks to internal content (in the book itself) and referenced resources on the Web.

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderTo use the Microsoft Word version of the e-book, you just need to have Word installed on your system. If you want to use the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version, you need to either have Acrobat or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Many computer systems already have the reader installed. If you do not, you can get it free, directly from Adobe.

There is no better source anywhere than the information packed into Word Graphics. (If you find such a source, I'd love to know about it; I don't think one exists.) These books are packed with great information—the shortest of the versions is 204 pages and the longest is 217. That's a ton of graphics how-to! Plus, our Ribbon Pack provides the absolute best breadth of information that you can find.

How much does this valuable resource cost you? You can download your own copy of Word Graphics, in the version that is right for you, for the low price of only $24.99. Place your order today!

Description Download CD
Word 2016 Graphics Buy Download
ISBN 978-1-61359-371-4 (3.7 MB)
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ISBN 978-1-61359-372-1 (204 pages)
Word 2013 Graphics Buy Download
ISBN 978-1-61359-369-1 (4.3 MB)
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ISBN 978-1-61359-370-7 (211 pages)
Word 2010 Graphics Buy Download
ISBN 978-1-61359-367-7 (6.3 MB)
Buy on CD
ISBN 978-1-61359-368-4 (205 pages)
Word 2007 Graphics Buy Download
ISBN 978-1-61359-365-3 (5.8 MB)
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ISBN 978-1-61359-366-0 (217 pages)
Word Graphics Ribbon Pack
Great deal! Four versions
(Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016)
for the price of two (you get two free).
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ISBN 978-1-61359-373-8 (20.1 MB)
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ISBN 978-1-61359-374-5 (837 pages)

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