Word 2007 Indexes and Special Tables (Table of Contents)

Summary: One of the finishing touches used in some types of documents are an index or a special table, such as a table of authorities. Discover how to add these elements to your document with the least problem to get just the results you need. This is the complete table of contents for Word 2007 Indexes and Special Tables.

Word 2007 Indexes and Special Tables (Table of Contents)

Word 2007 Indexes and Special Tables, Fourth Edition, includes 87 information-packed pages. The following is the Table of Contents:


  • A Word about Word Versions
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

Working with Index Entries

  • Creating an Index Entry
  • Creating an Index Entry for a Range of Pages
  • Cross-Referencing Index Entries
  • Deleting Index Entries
  • Specifying Sub-entries in an AutoMark File
  • Adding Quoted Words to an Index
  • Counting Fields in a Document
  • Printing Index Field Codes

Creating Indexes

  • Creating a Normal Index
  • Indexing a Range of Pages
  • Indexing Based on a Range of Letters
  • Multiple Indexes in a Document
  • Putting Your Index after Your Endnotes
  • Improper Index References
  • Creating a Single Index from Multiple Documents
  • Using RD Fields with Chapter Headings

Formatting an Index

  • Inconsistent Formatting in an Index
  • Formatting Issues with Indexing Levels
  • Putting Bold Words in an Index
  • Improper Index Page Numbers
  • Specifying Index Section Dividers
  • Specifying an Index Entry Separator
  • Specifying an Index Page-Range Separator
  • Including Section Numbers in an Index
  • Chapter Numbers in Indexes and TOAs
  • Changing Sort Order
  • Specifying a Collating Sequence for Indexes

Tables of Contents from Headings

  • Creating a Table of Contents from Heading Levels
  • Controlling the Number of Heading Levels in a TOC
  • Creating a TOC that Includes Specific Styles
  • Problems with TOC Styles
  • Hyperlinks from Headings to the TOC

Tables of Contents from Fields

  • Specifying a Table of Contents Entry
  • Creating a Table of Contents from TOC Fields
  • Two-Line Headings in a TOC
  • Using TC Fields for Notes

Table of Contents Gallery

  • Inserting a Preformatted Table of Contents
  • Adding a TOC to the Table of Contents Gallery

Formatting a Table of Contents

  • Creating a TOC without Hyperlinks
  • Adding Column Headings to a Table of Contents
  • Creating an Inline Heading
  • Customized Tables of Contents
  • TOC Heading Numbers Always Show in Bold

Table of Contents Tricks

  • Page Ranges in a TOC
  • Two Types of Page Numbers in a TOC
  • Using Multiple Tables of Contents
  • Insert a TOC without Upsetting Pagination
  • Paragraph Numbers in a TOC
  • Generating a TOC that Includes Text Boxes
  • Locking Lines in a TOC
  • Deleting a Table of Contents
  • Jumping Back to the TOC
  • Updating an Entire TOC from a Macro

Creating Tables of Authorities

  • Creating a Table of Authorities
  • Generating a Table of Authorities
  • Creating Categories for Your Table of Authorities
  • Ensuring Proper Page Numbers for a Table of Authorities
  • Getting Rid of All TA Fields

Other Special Tables

  • Auto Creation of an Acronym List
  • Creating Usable Figure Captions
  • Turning Off Figure Caption Numbering
  • Overriding Automatic Numbering of Tables
  • Table Numbers are Skipped

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