Microsoft Word VBA Guidebook (Special Offer)

Summary: Microsoft Word VBA Guidebook can show you how to create and understand macros. Another way to increase your proficiency with Word macros is to take advantage of this special offer.

Microsoft Word VBA Guidebook (Special Offer)

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I've got a special offer for you. Because you are purchasing Microsoft Word VBA Guidebook, you are (obviously) interested in macros. Effectively using macros is a great way to enhance how you put Word to work. WordTips: The Macros is the perfect companion for as you delve into the world of macros.

Microsoft Word VBA Guidebook is a tutorial; it leads you step-by-step into the wonderful world of macros. WordTips: The Macros is more of a "cookbook" and reference for how you can put macros to work right away.

At 894 pages, WordTips: The Macros is an invaluable source for discovering ready-made ways to use VBA macros in Word. Information is provided in bite-sized chunks, pulled from past issues of WordTips. You can learn at your own pace, exactly the way you want. There are even lots of "hands-on" examples that you can use right away to accomplish a multitude of tasks.

Normally I sell a download of WordTips: The Macros for $37.99. Hundreds of people have agreed that it is a good deal at this low price. Here's the special offer I have for you, however: If you decide to add WordTips: The Macros to your order, you can get it for only $28.49 as a download.

I'm not making this offer to anyone else except those who purchase Microsoft Word VBA Guidebook, and I'm not advertising this offer to anyone else. It really is a special offer, just for you.

What if you already have WordTips: The Macros? If so, you already know the value in that volume. This would be a perfect opportunity to purchase a copy for someone else—perhaps a business acquaintance or a family member.

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