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ExcelTips: Times and Dates (Table of Contents)

Summary: Excel is great at storing all types of data, including times and dates. ExcelTips: Times and Dates provides the details you need to effectively work with this type of data; this is the complete table of contents.

ExcelTips: Times and Dates (Table of Contents)

ExcelTips: Times and Dates includes 239 information-packed pages that will help you learn exactly how to work with dates and times in Excel. The following is the Table of Contents for the seventh edition:


  • Versions and Functions
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this E-Book

General Date and Time Information

  • How Excel Stores Dates and Times
  • Changing Excel's Starting Date
  • Inserting the Date and Time
  • Entering Dates in Excel
  • Quickly Entering Dates and Times
  • Inserting the Current Time with Seconds
  • Using Early Dates
  • AutoFilling with Weekdays
  • Using an Input Mask
  • Defeating Automatic Date Parsing
  • Inserting Tomorrow's Date
  • Entering the Current Time
  • Shortcut to Enter GMT
  • Converting Text to Values
  • Backwards Date Parsing
  • Stopping Date Parsing when Opening a CSV File

Worksheet Functions Related to Times and Dates

  • Using the EOMONTH Function
  • EOMONTH Function is Flakey
  • Using the WEEKNUM Function
  • The EDATE Function
  • Checking for Time Input
  • Calculating Fractions of Years
  • Calculating Months of Tenure
  • Specifying Different Weekends with NETWORKDAYS
  • Parsing Non-Standard Date Formats
  • Setting a Default Date Format

Time Calculations

  • Dealing with Small Time Values
  • Entering Large Time Values
  • Dealing with Large Numbers of Seconds
  • Counting Times within a Range
  • Working with Elapsed Time
  • Calculating Elapsed Time with Excluded Periods
  • Rounding Time
  • Rounding to the Nearest Quarter Hour
  • Adjusting Times for Time Zones
  • Taking the Time into Account in a Formula
  • Calculating Time Differences between Two Machines
  • Calculating TV Time

Date Calculations

  • Calculating Averages by Date
  • Calculating Future Workdays
  • Finding the Previous Work Day
  • Calculating Week-Ending Dates
  • Calculating Weekend Dates
  • Calculating the Last Day in a Week Number
  • Using a Week Number as One Criterion in a Formula
  • End-of-Month Calculations
  • Calculating the First Business Day of the Month
  • Calculating a Date Five Days before the First Business Day
  • Leap Years and Fiscal Periods
  • Calculating Business Days
  • Calculating Months for Billing Purposes
  • Determining Business Quarters from Dates
  • The Last Business Day
  • Forcing Dates Forward
  • Calculating the Day of the Year
  • Days Left in the Year
  • Counting Dates in a Range
  • Determining Month Names for a Range of Dates
  • Weekdays in a Month
  • Monthly Close-Out Dates
  • Every Second Tuesday
  • Date for Next Wednesday
  • Incrementing Months in Dates
  • Noting Inactivity within a Timeframe
  • Counting Jobs Completed On a Date
  • Determining If a Date is between Other Dates
  • Finding the Dates for Minimums and Maximums
  • Returning a Weight and a Date
  • Determining a Name for a Week Number
  • Finding the Date Associated with a Negative Value
  • Averaging Values for a Given Month and Year
  • Elapsed Days as Years, Months and Days
  • Including Weeks in Elapsed Time
  • Calculating an Age on a Given Date
  • Ages in Years and Months
  • Calculating the Median Age of a Group of People
  • Calculating a Group Retirement Date
  • Tombstone Date Math
  • Deriving Monthly Median Values
  • Determining "Highest Since" or "Lowest Since"
  • Alerts for Approaching Due Dates

Latitude and Longitude

  • Displaying Latitude and Longitude
  • Exporting Latitude and Longitude
  • Calculating the Distance between Points

Date and Time Conversions

  • Converting UTC Times to Local Times
  • Converting UNIX Date/Time Stamps
  • Converting European Dates to US Dates
  • Converting Between Buddhist and Gregorian Calendar Systems
  • ISO Week Numbers in Excel
  • Unique Military Date Format
  • Converting Coded Dates into Real Dates
  • Deciphering a Coded Date
  • Converting an Unsupported Date Format
  • Converting Mainframe Date Formats
  • Converting Numeric Values to Times
  • Converting Time Notation to Decimal Notation

Formatting and Sorting Times and Dates

  • Using Custom Number Formats
  • Understanding Date and Time Formatting Codes
  • Unique Date Displays
  • Dates with Periods
  • Displaying a Number as Years and Months
  • Specifying a Language for the TEXT Function
  • Preventing Automatic Date Formatting Changes
  • Working with Minutes
  • Combining and Formatting Times
  • Displaying a Result as Minutes and Seconds
  • Formatting for Hundredths of Seconds
  • Adding Ordinal Notation to Dates
  • Automatically Capitalizing Day Names
  • Conditionally Formatting Cells Containing Dates
  • Conditional Formatting Based on Date Proximity
  • Conditionally Formatting for Multiple Date Comparisons
  • Formatted Dates Appear Differently on Different Systems
  • Filtering to a Date Range in the Past
  • Sorting Dates and Times
  • Sorting Dates by Month
  • Displaying Negative Times
  • Plotting Times of Day
  • Creating Two-Line Custom Formats

Times and Dates in Headers and Footers

  • Header and Footer Data Codes
  • Header and Footer Formatting Codes
  • Multiple Line Headers and Footers
  • Putting a Different Date in a Header
  • Inserting the Saved Date in a Header or Footer
  • Last Saved Date in a Footer
  • Date Last Edited
  • Specifying Date Formats in Headers

Using Times and Dates in Macros

  • Recording a Data Entry Time
  • Limiting Entry of Prior Dates
  • Entering Dates without Separators
  • Adjusting Date Values by Keypress
  • Entering or Importing Times without Colons
  • Determining the Day of the Month
  • Determining the Hour of the Day
  • Determining Differences between Dates
  • Automatically Converting to GMT
  • Displaying the "Last Modified" Date
  • Noting the Workbook Creation Date
  • Noting When a Workbook was Changed
  • Expiration Date for Excel Programs
  • Using Excel for Timing
  • Hiding Columns Not within a Date Range
  • Flashing Cells
  • Deleting Old Data from a Worksheet
  • Automatically Printing a Range
  • Automatically Advancing by a Month
  • Macro for Month Name
  • Naming Tabs for Weeks
  • Sheets for Days
  • Changing Months in a Workbook
  • Sheets for Months
  • Referencing Worksheet Tabs
  • Pulling All Fridays
  • Generating Random Testing Data
  • Modifying Default Year for Dates
  • Is Daylight Savings Time in Effect?
  • Getting Excel Dates into Outlook's Calendar
  • Self-Deleting Macros
  • Automatically Closing a Workbook
  • Forcing a Workbook to Close after Inactivity
  • Installing the Date Picker

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