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Need to learn more about Excel in a hurry? Our ExcelTips e-books provide a great resource for discoverying new capabilities or simply honing your skills. Take a look at the titles we have to offer, and you'll quickly discover that Excel can do a lot more than most people believe.

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Excel Custom Formats   Excel Custom Formats
The fundamental building block to displaying your data is the feature known as custom formats. Here is the definitive guide to mastering the formatting power in Excel.

Excel Filters and Filtering   Excel Filters and Filtering
Excel provides two ways to filter your data so that only what you want to see is displayed. Discover how filtering works and how you can apply it to your needs.

Excel Serious Sorting   Excel Serious Sorting
Sorting data means that you organize it in whatever order you desire. Excel's sorting feature can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the data you are working with.

   ExcelTips: Amazing Array Formulas
Array formulas allow you to accomplish amazing things with your data, including things you cannot do with regular formulas. This guide gives you the information you need to master array formulas.

ExcelTips: Powerful Lookup Functions   ExcelTips: Powerful Lookup Functions
Want to access your data indirectly? The answer is to use Excel's lookup function. ExcelTips: Powerful Lookup Functions is a key resource in discovering how to use those functions.

ExcelTips: The Macros   ExcelTips: The Macros
Macros provide a way for you to extend the capabilities of Excel. The key to macros is understanding how VBA works. ExcelTips: The Macros provides all the information you need to put macros to work.

ExcelTips: Times and Dates   ExcelTips: Times and Dates
Excel is great at storing all types of data, including times and dates. ExcelTips: Times and Dates provides the details you need to effectively work with this type of data.

Microsoft Excel VBA Guidebook   Microsoft Excel VBA Guidebook
Creating Excel macros allows you to extend your productivity with Excel. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the programming language used for creating Excel macros. Here is your expert guide on how to finally master creating macros.

PivotTables for the Faint of Heart   PivotTables for the Faint of Heart
PivotTables are a powerful tool for consolidating huge amounts of data. PivotTables for the Faint of Heart shows you how to condense that data so you can make sense of it.