Excel Custom Formats (Special Offer)

Summary: Excel Custom Formats gets you to the heart of Excel's formatting power. This special offer provides another way to increase your proficiency with Excel.

Excel Custom Formats (Special Offer)

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I've got a special offer for you, and I'm only making it because you are ordering one of the Excel Custom Formats e-books.

Many people consider custom formats to be an "advanced" feature of Excel. Another feature that they consider advanced are macros. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to create a macro, but were at a loss as to where to start? You recorded something that worked once, but now it doesn't seem to do what you want. How about getting a macro from a colleague with the idea of modifying it to fit your needs?

It's easy to feel lost when it comes to creating macros or editing those you've received from others. For years people have been asking me to put together a basic tutorial on how to create and work with Excel macros—something that would help the absolute beginner, yet be a great resource for those becoming more acquainted with macros.

In response, I created Microsoft Excel VBA Guidebook, a powerful book that explains, in detail, how Visual Basic for Applications (the language used in Excel macros) really works. I've included tons of juicy information about the Excel environment so that you can see how to take advantage of everything Excel has to offer.

Microsoft Excel VBA Guidebook leads you through everything you need to know to make sense of developing your macros. You discover the different methods of creating macros (recording and writing from scratch), discover what procedures are, how variables work, what the Excel object model is, and much, much more. In fact, there is too much to list right here, but this 271-page book has all the nitty-gritty you'll need.

All the examples, steps, and screen shots in Microsoft Excel VBA Guidebook are designed for users of Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and Excel 2016. This doesn't meant that users of other versions of Excel are out of luck, however—VBA has been around since the days of Excel 97, so the many programming examples and concepts in the book are applicable to any modern version of Excel, including Excel 2019 and the version of Excel provided with Office 365.

If you are tired of feeling bewildered every time you look at a macro, Microsoft Excel VBA Guidebook can help. You'll finally find the expert guidance you've yearned for when it comes to macros. This book is available either as an immediate download or shipped to you on a handy CD-ROM. The download is provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The CD-ROM version includes both PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

How much does all this value cost you? Not as much as you would pay if you didn't take advantage of this special offer! You can secure your own copy at a reduced price if you act now.

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Remember—this is a special offer made only to purchasers of Excel Custom Formats, and only at the time of purchase. I thank you for all your support!