ExcelTips Ribbon 2017 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: ExcelTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the ExcelTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2017.

ExcelTips Ribbon 2017 Archive (Table of Contents)

ExcelTips Ribbon 2017 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Starting in Safe Mode
  • Changing the Default Font
  • Changing Your Name
  • Turning Off Capital Corrections
  • Relative Worksheet References
  • Weird Actions for Arrow Keys and Enter
  • Odd Arrow Key Behavior
  • Making Pane Settings Persist
  • Shortcut to Merge Cells
  • Identifying Merged Cells
  • Working with Record Numbers
  • Problem with Missing Context Menu Option
  • Personal Workbook Fails to Load
  • Excluding a Specific Add-In at Startup
  • Working with Huge Datasets
  • Selecting Multiple Cells by Mistake
  • Disabling Page Layout View
  • Turning Off Display of Zeros for All Worksheets
  • Sizing Columns and Rows Using the Keyboard
  • Using the Ribbon Commands
  • Using the Legacy Shortcut Keys
  • Using the Context Menu
  • Displaying Excel's Developer Tab

Editing Tips

  • Creating Selections
  • Picking a Group of Cells
  • Adjusting a Range's Starting Point
  • Quickly Entering Data
  • Enhanced Filling
  • Using the Fill Handle from the Keyboard
  • Defeating Date Parsing when Pasting Information
  • Copying to Very Large Ranges
  • Quickly Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Deleting Rows before a Cutoff Date
  • Closing Up Cut Rows
  • Combining Multiple Rows in a Column
  • Reference Shortcut
  • Entered Values are Divided by 100
  • Fixing the Decimal Point
  • Entering Dates in Excel
  • Converting to ASCII Text
  • Swapping Two Cells
  • Activating the Formula Bar with the Keyboard
  • Using the Same Range Name on Different Worksheets
  • Getting Rid of Spaces in Cells
  • Trimming Off All Spaces
  • Limiting Entry of Names
  • Using Slashed Zeroes
  • Showing Text when a Cell is Empty
  • Searching by Columns, by Default

Formatting Tips

  • Accurate Font Sizes
  • Creating 3-D Formatting for a Cell
  • Increasing Row Height for Printing
  • Locking the Background Color
  • Adjusting Center Across Selection with a Cell Value
  • Formatting Currency
  • Unhiding a Single Column
  • Mimicking Small Caps in Excel
  • Superscripts in Custom Formats
  • Underlining Text in Cells
  • Enforcing a Desired Font
  • Saving a Custom Table Style
  • Using Copy and Paste for Formatting
  • Changing Character Spacing

Conditional Formatting Tips

  • Working with Multiple Conditions
  • Protecting Conditional Formatting
  • Shading Rows with Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Format that Checks for Data Type
  • Changing Typeface with Conditional Formatting
  • Returning a Value Based on Text Color

Online Tips

  • Automatic Text in an E-mail
  • Opening Sites in a Browser

Worksheet Tips

  • Retrieving Worksheet Names
  • Dynamic Worksheet Tab Names
  • Unlocking a Worksheet with an Unknown Password
  • Ordering Worksheets Based on a Cell Value
  • Telling which Worksheets are Selected
  • Renaming Worksheets Based On a List
  • Resetting Default Names for New Worksheets

Worksheet Function Tips

  • Ways to Concatenate Values
  • Using the COLUMN Function
  • Rounding to the Nearest $50
  • Making Your Formulas Check for Errors
  • Making VLOOKUP Case Sensitive
  • An Average that Excludes Zero Values
  • Using the WEEKNUM Function
  • Specifying Different Weekends with NETWORKDAYS

Formula Tips

  • Understanding Operators
  • Getting Rid of Everything Except Numbers
  • Referring to the Last Cell
  • Grabbing the Second-to-Last Value in a Column
  • Last Non-Zero Value in a Row
  • Summing Based on Formatting in Adjacent Cells
  • Summing Based on Part of the Information in a Cell
  • Returning Item Codes Instead of Item Names
  • Returning Zero When a Referenced Cell is Blank
  • Counting String Occurrences in Odd Rows
  • Extracting a Pattern from within Text
  • Identifying Values that Don't Follow a Specific Pattern
  • Identifying Missing Numbers in a Consecutive Series
  • Using a Formula to Replace Spaces with Dashes
  • Determining a Simple Moving Average
  • Calculating an IRR with Varying Interest Rates
  • Separating Names into Individual Columns
  • Deriving Antilogs

PivotTable Tips

  • Text Truncated in PivotTable
  • Weighted Averages in a PivotTable

Sorting and Filtering Tips

  • Understanding Ascending and Descending Sorts
  • Sorting an Entire List
  • Sorting ZIP Codes
  • Preventing Jumbled Sorts
  • Forcing Excel to Sort Cells as Text
  • Sorting Text as Numbers
  • Setting Up Custom AutoFiltering
  • Copying the Results of Filtering
  • Using AutoFiltering
  • Removing Duplicates Based on a Partial Match

Comment Tips

  • Automatically Placing Text in a Comment
  • Viewing Comments

Date and Time Tips

  • Automatically Converting to GMT
  • Calculating Elapsed Time with Excluded Periods
  • Calculating Business Days
  • Calculating a Date Five Days before the First Business Day
  • End-of-Month Calculations
  • Counting Month Ends
  • Converting Numeric Values to Times
  • Tombstone Date Math
  • Deciphering a Coded Date
  • Formatting for Hundredths of Seconds
  • Determining If a Date and Time is within Working Hours
  • Counting Times within a Range

Graphics and Charting Tips

  • Inserting a Picture in Your Worksheet
  • Cropping Graphics
  • Moving and Copying Graphics Objects
  • Sending Drawing Objects to the Back or Front
  • Creating a JPG File from a Chart
  • Pop-Up Comments for Graphics
  • Inserting Video into Worksheets
  • Deleting Graphics when Deleting a Row
  • Adding and Formatting a Shape via Macro
  • Specifying Chart Sizes
  • Excluding Some Data from a Chart
  • Using Chart Titles
  • Setting Grid Line Intervals for a Radar Chart
  • Colorizing Charts
  • Moving Objects with a Chart
  • Specifying the Size of Chart Objects
  • Changing Elements in Lots of Charts at One Time

Printing Tips

  • Setting Up Your Printer
  • Scaling Your Printing
  • Using Multiple Print Settings
  • Protecting Print Settings
  • Printing Based on Cell Contents
  • Printing Selected Cells by Default
  • Specifying the Y Value in X of Y Page Numbering
  • Sequential Page Numbers Across Worksheets
  • Can Only Print to Default Printer
  • Preparing a Chart Sheet for Printing

Workbook and File Tips

  • Converting PDF to Excel
  • Shrinking Workbook Size
  • Saving in Multiple Locations
  • Removing Protection from a Protected Workbook
  • Workbook not Saving
  • Automatically Hiding the Personal Workbook
  • Limiting Who Can Delete Data
  • Understanding Scope for Named Ranges
  • Printing a List of Named Ranges
  • Creating Individual Workbooks
  • Inserting Workbook Comments Into a Cell
  • Loading Unwanted Files at Startup
  • Accessing Old Excel Data
  • Avoiding Scientific Notation on File Imports
  • Backing Up Quick Access Toolbars
  • Faster Text File Conversions

Tools Tips

  • Changing Links
  • Specifying a Data Validation Error Message
  • Stopping Validated Data from being Overwritten
  • Protecting Formulas in Control-Linked Cells
  • Using Stored Views
  • Deleting a View
  • Independent Radio Buttons
  • Discovering Dependent Workbooks

Macro Tips

  • Declaring Variables
  • Understanding the If ... End If Structure
  • Continuing Macro Lines
  • Renaming a Macro
  • Debugging a Macro
  • Delaying in a Macro
  • Determining the Length of a String
  • Pulling Apart Characters in a Long String
  • Converting Strings to Numbers
  • Highlighting Pattern Violations
  • Summing Only Visible Values
  • Replacing Some Formulas with the Formula Results
  • Page Numbers in VBA
  • Inserting a Page Break Every X Rows
  • Separating Evens and Odds
  • Automating the Importing of Macros
  • Automating Copying Macros
  • Naming Tabs for Weeks
  • Displaying the Selected Cell's Address
  • Putting an X in a Clicked Cell
  • Cropping Graphics in a Macro
  • Deleting Unwanted Styles
  • Automatically Loading Add-ins
  • Understanding the While...Wend Structure
  • Making Sure Cells are Filled In before Saving
  • Macro for Month Name
  • Controlling Window Size when Opening Additional Workbooks
  • Calculating the Distance between the Top of the Window and Row 1
  • Finding Workbooks Containing Macros
  • Creating a Function Inventory for a Workbook

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