WordTips Ribbon 2015 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2015.

WordTips Ribbon 2015 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Ribbon 2015 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Making Suggestions to Microsoft about Word
  • Minimizing the Ribbon for a Document
  • Resetting Ribbons
  • Displaying the Ruler
  • Ruler Disappears when Entire Document Selected
  • Word Won't Maximize
  • Splitting the Window
  • Controlling How Documents Stack when Opened
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Zooming
  • Potential Shortcut Key Problems
  • Jumping to a Relative Page
  • Jumping to a Specific Page
  • Jumping to a Page within a Section
  • Switching between a Dialog Box and the Document
  • Understanding the Clipboard
  • Missing Page Break Indicator
  • Changing Characters on Keyboard Keys
  • Keeping Word Open after Closing Documents
  • Alternative Ways of Creating Random Text
  • Viewing Document Statistics
  • Displaying a Single Page
  • Text Doesn't Wrap at Margin in Draft View
  • Turning Off Background Repagination
  • Removing Author Information
  • Getting Word to Remember the Default Date and Time Format
  • Selecting a Language for Text
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Copying the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Displaying ScreenTips
  • Helpful Pop-up Screen Tips
  • Changing ToolTips for a Macro Button

Editing Tips

  • Quickly Selecting Text
  • Selecting a Word
  • Automatically Selecting Words
  • Selecting a Line of Text
  • Selecting a Sentence
  • Selecting an Entire Paragraph
  • Changing Paragraph Order
  • Understanding Click and Type
  • Default Click and Type Paragraph Style
  • Understanding Smart Cut and Paste
  • Quickly Moving Text with the Mouse
  • Using the Spike to Edit
  • Collecting Highlighted Text Selections
  • Capitals after Colons
  • Sticking with the Dashes
  • Smart Quote after Em Dash Faces Wrong Direction
  • Turning Off Word's Second Guessing with Quote Marks
  • Unable to Edit Document with Embedded Fonts
  • Putting a Bullet In the Middle of a Sentence
  • Inserting a Copyright Mark
  • Inserting a Special Symbol
  • Inserting a Non-Breaking Hyphen
  • Shortcut Key for Non-Breaking Space
  • Deleting a Page
  • Strip Trailing Spaces
  • Creating Traditional Forms
  • Two Keys with the Press of One
  • Inserting the Date and Time
  • Sharing Headings with Others
  • Getting the Proper Type of Ellipses
  • Transposing Two Characters
  • Keyboard Changes to Unwanted Foreign Language
  • Creating Special, Compound Characters
  • Added Spaces when Dragging and Dropping Paragraphs
  • Changing Many Link Locations
  • Getting Rid of Manual Paragraph Numbering
  • Selective Undo
  • Finding an Invisible Text Box
  • Using Manual Line Breaks with Justified Paragraphs
  • Navigating Your Document Using Outline View
  • Changing Outline Heading Level

Searching Tips

  • Initiating a New Search
  • Keeping a Replace Operation Displayed
  • Searching for Paragraph Formatting
  • Searching for a Specific Field
  • Searching for Text with a Certain Format
  • Searching for Text that Does Not Have a Certain Format
  • Finding Documents Containing Multiple Occurrences of a Word
  • Replacing an X with a Check Mark
  • Searching for Multi-Byte Hex Codes
  • Ignoring Accented Characters in Searches
  • Replacing Highlighted Words
  • Replacing Spaces in Part Numbers with Dashes
  • Changing Decimal Commas to Decimal Points
  • Special Differences when Searching
  • Finding Formatted Bulleted Paragraphs
  • Searching for Borders
  • Searching for ASCII and ANSI Characters
  • Replacing Text with a Graphic
  • Replacing and Formatting at the Same Time
  • Saving Find and Replace Operations
  • Keyboard Control of the Find and Replace Dialog Box
  • Understanding Pattern Matching
  • Searching for Characters
  • Special Characters in Pattern Matching
  • Matching at the Beginning or End of a Word
  • Specifying a Number of Matches
  • Searching for Periods Not Followed by a Space
  • Replacing Text and Capitalizing a Letter in One Step

Markup Tips

  • Setting Default Options for Track Changes
  • Accepting Only Formatting Changes
  • Track Changes Thinks the Editor Has Changed
  • Displaying Edits by Date
  • Select All Changes by a Particular Reviewer
  • Hiding Formatting Changes in Track Changes
  • Printing without Track Changes Marks
  • Removing the Time Stamp from Tracked Changes
  • Deleting Commented Text
  • Converting Paragraphs to Comments
  • Numbering Comments
  • Getting Rid of "Comment" in Comments
  • Comments Only Visible When Hovering Over a Word or Phrase
  • Jumping To a Comment
  • Copying, Moving and Deleting Comments
  • Comments in Text Boxes

Building Block and AutoCorrect Tips

  • Shortcut for AutoCorrect Dialog Box
  • Formatting a Company Name
  • Defining Protected Sections as a Building Block

Bookmark Tips

  • Shortcut to Display Bookmarks
  • Making Bookmarks Bold
  • Printing a Bookmark List

Character Formatting Tips

  • Quickly Increasing Point Size
  • Making Text Bold
  • Creating Custom Underlines
  • Underlining Quoted Text
  • Using the Highlighter
  • Turning Off Highlighter Display
  • X-ing Out Text
  • Adding a Hidden Tool in Word
  • Consistent Spacing
  • Missing Fonts in a Letterhead
  • Superscript and Subscript at the Same Place
  • Understanding Nonprinting Characters
  • Engraving Text
  • Moving Breaks Quickly
  • Strikethrough Shortcut Key

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Paragraph Formatting Shortcuts
  • Understanding Single Line Spacing
  • Hanging Indents in Wrapped Text
  • Removing Shading from Many Paragraphs
  • Creating a Double Hanging Indent
  • Double Indenting
  • Keeping Part of a Paragraph with the Next Block of Text
  • Changing Text Orientation
  • Changing Paragraph Borders
  • Adding a Border around Multiple Paragraphs
  • Deleting Paragraph Borders
  • Removing Automatic Lines
  • Mysterious Boxes around Paragraphs
  • After Pressing Enter, Text Becomes a Heading
  • Changing Tabs Using the Ruler
  • Understanding Decimal Tabs
  • Deleting All Tab Stops

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Precise Ruler Adjustments
  • Quickly Displaying the Page Setup Dialog Box
  • Positioning Headers and Footers
  • Odd & Even Headers and Footers
  • Adding Page Numbers in Headers or Footers
  • Changing the Type of Page Numbers Used in Headers or Footers
  • Changing the Starting Page Number
  • Formatting Page Numbers
  • Changing Sections
  • Getting Rid of Section Breaks, but Not Section Formatting
  • An Exact Number of Lines Per Page
  • Positioning Line Numbers
  • Chopped Off Page Borders
  • Formatting a Cover Page
  • Creating a Full-Page Border
  • Creating Point Pages
  • Mixing Column Formats On a Page
  • Using a Single-Column Heading in a Multi-Column Layout
  • Changing the Number of Columns in the Middle of a Document
  • Setting Up Multi-page Columns
  • Watermarks in Columns
  • Disappearing Column Formatting
  • Using Parallel Columns

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Understanding Styles
  • Understanding Style Sets
  • Applying Styles
  • Changing Styles
  • Preventing Styles from Changing
  • Retaining Explicit Formatting after Applying Styles
  • Inserting a Cross-Reference to the First Style on a Page
  • Printing a List of Custom Styles
  • Working with Other People's Files
  • Viewing Your Custom Styles
  • Duplicating Styles without Dependency
  • Minimizing and Correcting Propagation of Similar Styles
  • TOC Heading Numbers Always Show in Bold
  • Deleting Styles
  • Getting Rid of Modify Style Message
  • Making Language Changes Apply to Text in Footnotes and Text Boxes
  • Working on Shared Templates
  • Understanding Templates
  • Changing the Attached Template
  • Opening a Template
  • Determining Which Template is Attached to a Document

Lists Tips

  • Understanding and Creating Lists
  • Creating a Numbered List
  • Removing a List
  • Converting Automatic Numbering to Manual Numbering
  • Underlining Tabs In Numbered Lists
  • Compound List Formatting
  • Lining Up Numbered List Numbers

Tables Tips

  • Working with Table Columns and Rows
  • Quickly Inserting Table Rows
  • Inserting Cells in a Table
  • Deleting Cells
  • Jumping to a Table Row
  • Heading Changes for Multi-page Tables
  • Repeating Rows for a Table Footer
  • Repeating Table Rows with Manual Page Breaks
  • Splitting a Table
  • Centering Information in Table Cells
  • Centering a Table
  • Quickly Inserting Tables that Don't Go From Margin to Margin
  • Adjusting Column Width from the Keyboard
  • Overriding Automatic Numbering of Tables
  • Aligning Positive and Negative Whole Numbers in a Column
  • Creating a Split Page
  • Finding an Optimal Table Height
  • Adjusting Column Widths on Joined Tables
  • Rounded Table Edges
  • Selecting a Column or Row in a Table
  • Changing Table Cell Text Direction
  • Creating and Using Standardized Tables
  • Spacing Table Rows Vertically
  • Drop Shadows for Tables
  • Viewing Formulas in Table Cells
  • Adding Table Columns to Columns with Merged Cells
  • Using Outline Numbering in a Table
  • Odd Sorting
  • Sorting a Text Selection

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Understanding Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Inserting Footnotes
  • Inserting and Deleting Footnotes
  • Viewing Footnotes
  • Viewing Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Changing the Way Footnotes Are Numbered
  • Formatting Footnote and Endnote References
  • Copying and Moving Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Continuous Formatting for Footnotes
  • Inserting Endnotes
  • Returning to Your Document after Adding an Endnote
  • Jumping to a Relative Endnote
  • Converting to Automatic Endnotes
  • Controlling Endnote Placement
  • Where Do You Want Your Endnotes?

Header and Footer Tips

  • Pulling Headers and Footers from Other Files
  • Entering a Name in the Header of a Locked Form
  • Changing the Link to Previous Default for Headers and Footers
  • Word Count for Headers and Footers
  • Deleting All Headers and Footers

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Inserting Fields
  • Getting Information About Fields
  • Inserting the User's Name
  • Inserting the User's Initials
  • Inserting the User's Address
  • Inserting Today's Date
  • Inserting the Date Your Document Was Last Saved
  • Date Last Edited
  • Inserting the Edit Time
  • Inserting the Total Number of Characters in Your Document
  • Inserting the Document Revision Number
  • Inserting the Template Name in Your Document
  • Inserting the Document Title in Your Document
  • Inserting the Total Number of Pages in Your Document
  • Inserting a Document's Size
  • Finding Fields
  • Using RD Fields with Chapter Headings
  • Cross-referencing to an Automatic Number
  • Getting Rid of All TA Fields
  • Getting Rid of Fields Inserted by Third-Party Programs
  • Referencing a Page Number In Another Document
  • Stopping Automatic Changes from Being Tracked
  • Unwanted Page Breaks in Cross-References
  • Undesired Font in Form Fields
  • Converting Forms to Regular Documents
  • Calculating Form Fields
  • Allowing Only Form Field Changes
  • Safely Relocking Forms

Printing Tips

  • Specifying the Exact Pages to Print
  • Printing a Short Selection
  • Printing More than One Copy
  • Multiple Pages per Sheet
  • Fitting to a Single Page
  • Discovering Printer Drift
  • Doubling Your Money
  • Using Duplex Printing
  • Printing a Full Style Sheet
  • Printing Images Based on Hidden Text Setting
  • Reversing Print Order
  • Controlling Where a Full-page Border is Printed
  • Printing Hidden Text
  • Two Page Numbers per Physical Page
  • Using Sequential Document Serial Numbers
  • Printing AutoText Entries
  • Correct Line Numbers when Printing Selections
  • Remembering Copies to Print
  • Printing without Footnotes
  • Printing Very Large Paper Sizes
  • Printing Summary Information
  • Upside-Down Text with PostScript
  • Adding a Diagonal Watermark with a PostScript Printer
  • Using Crop Marks with a PostScript Printer
  • Maintaining Leading Zeroes
  • Checking Your Data File
  • Speeding Up Mail Merges
  • Printing Multiple Label Copies when Merging
  • Adding Addresses To a Set of Address Labels
  • Handling Long Lines in Address Labels
  • Removing Return Addresses
  • Technique for Adding a Text Box to an Envelope
  • Saving an Envelope for Future Use

Graphics Tips

  • Using the Selection and Visibility Pane
  • Default Picture Location
  • Using Object Anchors
  • Pictures Move on their Own
  • Stop Graphics and Text from Jumping Around
  • Hiding Graphics
  • Adjusting Shadow Settings
  • Images Won't Print
  • Grouping Drawing Objects
  • Capturing a Screen in Word
  • Inserting from the Clip Art Gallery Doesn't Work
  • Displaying Thumbnails and Full-Size Images
  • Best Quality for High Resolution Graphics
  • Replacing Graphics with Graphics
  • Rotating a Drawing Object
  • Vertical Alignment of an Inline Graphic
  • Getting Pictures Out of Word
  • Adding Sidebars
  • Removing the Box from a Text Box
  • Rotating Fractions in a Text Box
  • Counting All Graphics
  • Creating Usable Figure Captions
  • Keeping a Picture Title with the Picture
  • Easily Changing Links in Documents

Files Tips

  • Inserting a File
  • Renaming a Document
  • Changing the Default File Name
  • Setting a Default Document Format
  • Size Limit for Documents
  • Saving All Open Documents
  • Saving Everything
  • Saving and Closing All Open Documents
  • Saving Your Work Automatically
  • Specifying a Location to Save Automatic Backup Files
  • Modifying the Backup Copy File Name
  • A Real AutoSave
  • Grabbing the MRU List
  • Embedding Fonts In a Document
  • Read-Only Embedded Fonts
  • Printing a File List
  • Finding Duplicate Documents
  • Keeping the Flash Drive Occupied
  • Periodically Delete TMP Files
  • Understanding PDF/A Format
  • Page Counts for Many Documents
  • Opening a Document as Read-Only
  • Viewing Files of a Certain Type
  • Making Backup Copies
  • Saving Form Data for a Database
  • Dates Updating when Converting
  • Confirming File Conversions
  • Setting the AutoRecover Directory

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Hyperlink Formatting
  • Associating a Name with a Position
  • Creating a Hyperlink to a Specific Page
  • Working with E-mailed Documents
  • Getting Rid of the Ctrl+Click Message

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Editing While Spell-Checking
  • Turning Off Spell Checking
  • Spell-Checking Abbreviations
  • Spellchecking Words with Superscripts
  • Word Marks Mixed Case Acronyms as Incorrect
  • Ignoring the Spelling of Proper Nouns
  • Updating the Spelling Exclusion List Automatically
  • Symbols in Words Added to the Dictionary
  • Normal Words Flagged by Spell Check
  • Making Spell Check Ignore Characters
  • Spell-Checking from the Keyboard
  • Changing Between English Variants
  • Spell-checking Uppercase Words
  • Avoiding the "Check Remainder" Dialog Box
  • Saving Grammar Preferences with a Document

Tools Tips

  • Fixing Word
  • Word Count in Multiple Selections
  • Including Footnotes and Endnotes in Word Counts
  • Automatic Scrolling
  • Comparing Document Versions
  • Turning off Figure Caption Numbering
  • Condensing Figure Caption References
  • Saving AutoText Entries with Each Document
  • Page Ranges in a TOC
  • Paragraph Numbers instead of Page Numbers in a TOC
  • Creating a Table of Contents Involving Multiple Documents
  • Headings in Tables Not Showing in TOC
  • Inconsistent Formatting in an Index
  • Specifying a Collating Sequence for Indexes
  • Putting Bold Words in an Index
  • Formatting Issues with Indexing Levels
  • Improper Index Page Numbers
  • Chapter Numbers in Indexes and TOAs
  • Using Dot Leaders in Special Tables
  • Setting Defaults in Cross-reference Dialog Box

Macros Tips

  • Bypassing the Startup Macro
  • Finding and Changing Word's Internal Commands
  • Finding Long Lines
  • Accessing the Dirty Flag
  • Toggling Font Assignments in a Macro
  • Formatting Text Files with VBA
  • Detecting the Beginning of a Sentence in a Macro
  • Restoring a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Batch Template Changes

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