WordTips Ribbon 2020 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2020.

WordTips Ribbon 2020 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Ribbon 2020 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's in This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Using Function Keys
  • Resetting a Function Key
  • Word Won't Maximize
  • Displaying Nonprinting Characters
  • Changing the Startup Directory
  • Replacing Text Selections
  • Incorrect Last Modified Date on E-mailed Documents
  • Printing a Screen without the Print Screen Key
  • Changing Dialog Box Pull-Down List Item Order
  • Fonts Missing in Word
  • Factory Default Settings for Word
  • Jumping to the End of Page after Enter
  • Ribbon Acting Strangely
  • Missing Top and Bottom Margins
  • Missing Page Break Indicator
  • Turning Off the Automatic Help that Word Offers
  • Turning Off the 'Welcome Back' Notice
  • Turning Off ScreenTips
  • Getting Rid of ScreenTips
  • Using Alt to Switch Language Keyboards
  • Adjusting Navigation Pane Font Size
  • Controlling the Heading Levels Displayed in the Navigation Pane
  • How Many Items Can be Added to the Quick Access Toolbar?

Editing Tips

  • Differences between Deleting, Clearing, and Cutting
  • Selecting a Word
  • Repeating Actions
  • Plain Text Pasting as the Default
  • Too Many Edits Prevent Pasting
  • Moving Text without Affecting the Clipboard
  • Inserting a Dynamic Line Count
  • Moving an Entire Page
  • Deleting a Page
  • Automatically Identifying Repeated Words
  • Emoticons in Word
  • Adding Half Spaces to Punctuation
  • Comparing Documents Top and Bottom
  • Deletions Don't Work as Expected
  • Transposing Letters
  • Transposing Two Characters
  • Transposing Two Words
  • Locking Paragraphs So They Cannot be Edited
  • Talking to Yourself
  • Removing a Bulleted or Numbered List
  • Applying Bullets from the Keyboard
  • Turning Off Automatic Capitalization in Lists
  • Restarting a Numbered List Easily
  • Converting Automatic Numbering to Manual Numbering
  • Jumping to a Line Number
  • Symbols for Non-Printing Characters
  • Inserting Different Dashes
  • Selecting a Text Block
  • Changing Smart Quotes to Primes
  • Sticking with the Dashes
  • An Easy Way to Count Items
  • Smart Quote after Em Dash Faces Wrong Direction
  • Two Keys with the Press of One
  • Creating Special, Compound Characters
  • Seeing Where Bookmarks Are
  • Deleting a Bookmark
  • Removing All Bookmarks
  • Condensing and Expanding Headings
  • Changing a Heading to Body Text

Searching Tips

  • Searching for Special Characters
  • Searching for Special Hyphens
  • Searching for Formatting
  • Searching for Character Formatting
  • Returning to Where You Were Before Finding Something
  • Easily Finding Superscripts
  • Count of Underlined or Struck-Through Words
  • Removing HTTP from URLs
  • Complex Searches for Documents
  • Replacing an X with a Check Mark
  • Replacing a Colon in a Sequence
  • Replacing Multiple Spaces with Tabs
  • Ordering Search and Replace
  • Searching for Borders

Markup Tips

  • Producing Cleaner Markup
  • Accepting Only Formatting Changes
  • Showing Only Added Text with Track Changes
  • Making Simple Markup the Default for Track Changes
  • Word Tracks Changes to Changes
  • Deleting Commented Text
  • Viewing Comments From a Specific Reviewer
  • Comments in Headers and Footers
  • Turning Off the Date and Time Shown in a Comment
  • Displaying Highlights for Commented Text
  • Formatting Comments
  • Printing Comments from a Macro

Building Block Tips

  • Moving Building Blocks
  • Deleting an AutoText Building Block
  • Moving Building Block Templates
  • Extra Spaces after Inserting a Building Block

Character Formatting Tips

  • Changing the Default Font
  • Resetting Default Character Formatting
  • Applying Formatting to Words
  • Finding Missing Fonts
  • Moving the Underline Position
  • Adding Horizontal Lines at the Sides of a Word
  • Changing the Color of a List of Words
  • Updating to Smart Quotes
  • Reversed Bolding
  • Using a Macro to Change the Formatting of All Instances of a Word
  • Changing Text Case Many Times
  • Using Two Characters as a Drop Cap
  • Adjusting Small Caps Text

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Put Your Space Before or After?
  • Controlling Widows and Orphans
  • Typing Beyond the Right Margin
  • Indent and Justify Command
  • Centering a Paragraph with the Keyboard
  • Double-Spacing Your Document
  • Hanging Indents in Wrapped Text
  • Turning Off Automatic Bulleted Lists
  • Turning Off Paragraph Hyphenation
  • Creating an Inline Heading
  • Mysterious Blue Line between Paragraphs
  • Adding Drop-Shadows to Paragraphs
  • Automatic Question Numbering
  • Combining First and Second Numbered Levels on One Paragraph
  • Adding Line Numbers
  • Making a Signature Line that Doesn't Disappear
  • Quickly Displaying the Tabs Dialog Box
  • Changing Default Tab Stops
  • Setting Tab Stops Using the Tabs Dialog Box
  • Removing Tabs Used to Indent a Paragraph

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Unable to Set Margins in a Document
  • Noting Formatting Inconsistencies
  • Chopped Off Page Borders
  • Avoiding a Section Break Booby Trap
  • Getting Identical Margins
  • Aligning Borders with the Page Margins
  • An Exact Number of Lines Per Page
  • Different Layout for a Portion of a Page
  • Printing A4 on Letter Size Paper
  • Determining a Column Width
  • Making Columns the Same Length
  • Changing the Number of Columns
  • Using Chapter Numbers with Page Numbers
  • Odd Page Numbers Disappearing
  • Automatic Page Numbers in New Documents

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Renaming a Style
  • Moving All Headings Down One Level
  • Shortcuts for Basic Style Formatting
  • Reformatting a Document with Messed-Up Styles
  • Putting Style Names Next to Paragraphs on a Printout
  • Preserving Style Formatting when Combining Documents
  • Hyperlink Formatting
  • Using the Format Painter with Editing Restrictions in Place
  • Where Are Templates Stored?
  • Best Way to Create a Document Template

Tables Tips

  • Applying Borders to Tables
  • Adding Diagonal Borders
  • Tables within Tables
  • Displaying Table Gridlines
  • Underlining Cells, Not Space Between Cells
  • Moving Rows and Columns With the Mouse
  • Copying Rows and Columns With the Mouse
  • Quickly Accessing the Column Tab
  • Precisely Adjusting Table Column Widths
  • Setting a Standard Column Width
  • Selecting Individual Cells in a Table
  • Converting Tables to Charts
  • Space after a Table
  • Line Numbering and Tables
  • Headings On Your Printout
  • Cannot Combine Two Tables
  • Filling Table Cells with a Macro
  • Putting Something in Every Cell of a Table
  • Converting Tables to Text
  • Copying All Tables to a New Document
  • Sorting Text

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Converting Hyperlinks to Footnotes
  • Heavy-Duty Footnotes
  • Combining Footnotes
  • Footnotes Don't Automatically Renumber
  • Automatically Adding Tabs in Footnotes
  • Automatically Applying Custom Styles to Footnotes
  • Creating Endnotes
  • Converting Footnotes to Endnotes
  • Converting to Automatic Endnotes
  • Adding Footnotes to Endnotes
  • Multiple References to an Endnote

Header and Footer Tips

  • Odd & Even Headers and Footers
  • Inserting the Date in a Header or Footer
  • Making Wider Footer Margins
  • Automatically Changing Tab Stops in the Footer

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Inserting Fields
  • Jumping Between Fields
  • Finding Fields
  • Removing Specific Fields
  • Inserting the User's Name
  • Inserting the Name of the Last Person to Save the Document
  • Inserting a Document's Location
  • Inserting a Document's File Location
  • Inserting the Current Month
  • Indicating the Date Changes were Last Made
  • Setting Up an Array with Fields
  • Formatting Text in Custom Document Properties
  • Field Calculations in Locked Forms
  • Fields Won't Update when Printing
  • Displaying Blanks when Summing to Zero
  • Forcing the Date to the Next Wednesday
  • Numbering with Sequence Fields
  • Understanding the COMPARE Field
  • Using the SYMBOL Field
  • Controlling the Format of Cross-References
  • Inserting a Cross-Reference to the Last Style on a Page
  • Finding Cross-References to Specific Bookmarks
  • Creating Traditional Forms
  • Valid Numbers in Form Fields

Printing Tips

  • Duplex Printing from Multiple Trays
  • Duplex by Default
  • Transferring Fonts
  • Using Only Odd Page Numbers
  • Printing the Navigation Pane
  • Selecting a Paper Source
  • Printing Outside the Boundaries All the Time
  • Discovering Printer Drift
  • Generating a Font Sample Sheet
  • Printing Hidden Text
  • Fitting to a Single Page
  • Printing Copy Numbers

Envelope, Label, and Mail Merge Tips

  • Formatting Labels
  • Creating One-time Labels
  • Sequentially Numbered Labels
  • Changing Label Printing Order
  • Opening Only a Merge Document
  • Getting Rid of Spaces in Merged Data

Graphics Tips

  • Understanding SmartArt
  • Changing the Size of a Drawing Object
  • Cropping Graphics
  • Dragging and Dropping Pictures in a Document
  • Understanding "Through" Text Wrapping
  • Placing Many Graphics in a Document
  • Using Connectors with Shapes
  • Replacing an Image Filename with the Actual Image
  • Inserting an Image On a Specific Page
  • Vertically Aligning Text and an Image
  • The Changing Relationship of WordArt and Text Boxes
  • Boxes in Boxes
  • Selecting Text in Linked Text Boxes
  • Removing Text Boxes but Saving the Text

Files Tips

  • Viewing Files of a Certain Type
  • Opening a Document as Read-Only
  • Document is Too Large for Word to Handle
  • Recovering Password-Protected Documents
  • Last Document Saves Not Saved
  • Inserting a File
  • Using a Standard Format in a Suggested File Name
  • Searching for a Document
  • Combining Word Documents
  • Mass Search and Replace
  • Keeping the Flash Drive Occupied

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Weird Hyperlink Behavior
  • Replacing Plain Text with a Hyperlink
  • Getting Rid of Many Hyperlinks
  • Changing How Links are Activated
  • Clearing Lists in the Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
  • Embedding an Excel Worksheet
  • Maintaining Destination Formatting on a Linked Excel Table
  • Saving a Document as a Web Page
  • Specifying Monitor Resolution

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Forcing a Complete Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Checking Just the Selected Text
  • Editing While Spell-Checking
  • Ignoring Words Containing Numbers
  • Ignoring the Spelling of Proper Nouns
  • Spellcheck for Two Languages
  • Merging Custom Dictionaries
  • Backing Up Your Custom Dictionaries
  • Leading Quote Mark Generates Grammar Error
  • Saving Grammar Preferences with a Document
  • Marking Gender-Specific Grammar

Tools Tips

  • Displaying the Navigation Pane
  • Introducing the Organizer
  • Controlling Automatic Capitalization
  • Word Won't Capitalize Some Sentences
  • Hyphenating a Selection
  • Word Count is Zero
  • Word Counts for a Group of Documents
  • Can't Save Formatted AutoCorrect Entries
  • AutoCorrecting Non-Typed Text
  • Saving AutoText Entries with Each Document
  • Creating Categories for Your Table of Authorities
  • Customized Tables of Contents
  • Adding Column Headings to a Table of Contents
  • Two Types of Page Numbers in a TOC
  • Adding Quoted Words to an Index
  • Specifying Index Section Dividers
  • Including Section Numbers in an Index
  • Cross-Referencing Index Entries

Macros Tips

  • Passing Parameters to Functions
  • Changing Directories in a Macro
  • Inserting a Paragraph from within a Macro
  • Creating a New Document in VBA
  • Printing the Active Document from a Macro
  • Trimming Spaces from Strings
  • Converting Text to Uppercase in a Macro
  • Moving the Insertion Point to the End of a Line
  • Controlling Repagination in Macros
  • Repaginating Your Document in a Macro
  • Determining the Number of Pages in Your Document
  • Macro Won't Limit Replacements to a Selection
  • Saving Search and Replace Information in a Macro
  • Jumping to the Top of a Page
  • Accessing a Footnote Number in VBA
  • Printing a List of AutoCorrect Entries
  • Locating the My Documents Folder
  • Adding Hyphens to Phrases
  • Determining if Num Lock is On
  • Selecting a Bookmark in a Macro
  • Changing Pronoun Gender

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