Excel Custom Formats (Table of Contents)

Summary: The fundamental building block to displaying your data is the feature known as custom formats. Here is the table of contents for Excel Custom Formats, Sixth Edition, the definitive guide to mastering the formatting power in Excel.

Excel Custom Formats (Table of Contents)

Excel Custom Formats, Sixth Edition, includes 95 information-packed pages that will help you discover and master the custom formatting capabilities of Excel. The following is the Table of Contents:


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  • Need More Tips?
  • Sharing this E-Book

Custom Formatting Basics

  • Understanding Custom Formatting
  • Understanding Number Formatting Codes
  • Understanding Date and Time Formatting Codes
  • Understanding Color and Conditional Formatting Codes
  • Adding a Custom Format to those Offered by Excel
  • Saving Custom Formats
  • Creating Two-Line Custom Formats

Numeric Formatting

  • Displaying Negative Percentages in Red
  • Turning a Cell Red when a Threshold is Exceeded
  • Altering the Displayed Format of Numbers to the Nearest 100
  • Formatting Currency
  • Getting Rid of Leading Zeros in a Number Format
  • Displaying Numbers as Spaced Pairs
  • Notation for Thousands and Millions
  • Entering Data as Thousands
  • Easily Dividing Values by 1000
  • Custom Formats for Scientific Notation
  • Handling Negative Numbers in a Complex Custom Format
  • Incrementing Numeric Portions of Serial Numbers
  • Stopping Fractions from Reducing
  • Numbers in Base 12
  • Moving Custom Formats to Number Formatting Categories

Date and Time Formatting

  • Unique Date Displays
  • Entering Dates without Separators
  • Setting a Default Date Format
  • Can't Enter Years in a Cell
  • Dates with Periods
  • Using a Two-Character Day of the Week in a Date Format
  • Macro for Month Name
  • Sorting Dates by Month
  • Entering Large Time Values
  • Displaying a Result as Minutes and Seconds
  • Rounding to a Half Hour and Formatting the Display
  • Formatting for Hundredths of Seconds
  • Dealing with Small Time Values
  • Using an Input Mask

Formatting Techniques and Ideas

  • Easy Value Hiding
  • Hiding Individual Cells
  • Hiding a Hyperlink on a Printout
  • Specifying Font Color in a Formula
  • Setting an Upper Threshold for a Cell
  • Using a Custom Format to Add Dashes
  • Partially Blocking Social Security Numbers
  • Superscripts in Custom Formats
  • Engineering Calculations
  • Displaying Latitude and Longitude
  • Can't Set Custom Format in VBA
  • Changing the Percent Symbol
  • Inserting a Radical Symbol
  • Decimal Tab Alignment
  • AutoFilling Numbers with a Trailing Period
  • Adjusting Cell Margins for More White Space
  • Sorting Text as Numbers
  • Labeling X-Y Scatter Plots

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