Excel 2016 Serious Sorting (Table of Contents)

Summary: Sorting data means that you organize it in whatever order you desire. Excel's sorting feature can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the data you are working with. This is the table of contents for Excel 2016 Serious Sorting.

Excel 2016 Serious Sorting (Table of Contents)

Excel 2016 Serious Sorting includes 79 information-packed pages that will help you master the sorting capabilities of Excel.
The following is the Table of Contents:


  • A Word about Versions
  • Need More Tips?
  • Sharing this E-Book

Basic Sorting

  • Excel's Sorting Tools
  • Sorting an Entire List
  • Understanding Ascending and Descending Sorts
  • Recognizing a Header Row when Sorting
  • Differentiating a Header Row
  • Sorting a Range of Cells
  • Controlling Sorting Order
  • Sorting Columns Instead of Rows

Sorting Challenges

  • Preventing Jumbled Sorts
  • Sorting Letters and Numbers
  • Sorting Dates and Times
  • Fixing Odd Sorting Behavior
  • Sorting Text as Numbers
  • Forcing Excel to Sort Cells as Text
  • Sorting Huge Lists
  • Performing Complex Sorts
  • Too Many Formats when Sorting
  • Incomplete and Corrupt Sorting
  • Sorting while Ignoring Leading Characters
  • Ignoring Selected Words when Sorting
  • Sorting Data on Protected Worksheets
  • Sorting Data Containing Merged Cells
  • Can't Sort Imported Data
  • Incorrect Links after Sorting Hyperlinks

Sorting Non-Traditional Items

  • Non-standard Sorting
  • Sorting with Graphics
  • Sorting by Colors
  • Separating Cells Based on Text Color
  • Sorting by the Last Digits in Variable Length Data
  • Moving Cell Borders when Sorting
  • Sorting Files
  • Use Filenames that Sort Properly
  • Ordering Worksheets Based on a Cell Value
  • Sorting or Filtering by Conditional Format Results
  • Sorting Data in a PivotTable
  • Clearing Only Filtering Settings

Working with Custom Sort Orders

  • Understanding and Using Custom Sort Orders
  • Creating a Sort Order
  • Importing Custom Lists
  • Deleting Custom Lists
  • Sorting Dates by Month

Sorting Cookbook

  • Sorting Decimal Values
  • Sorting ZIP Codes
  • Sorting IP Addresses
  • Deleting Blank Columns
  • Easily Adding Blank Rows
  • Getting Rid of Empty Rows after Importing
  • Getting Rid of All Rows Except the One for the Latest Date
  • Determining Sorting Criteria
  • Storing Sorting Criteria
  • Sorting for a Walking Tour
  • Selecting Random Names
  • Randomly Assigning Names to Items
  • Playing with a Full Deck
  • Determining Combinations to Make a Total
  • Automatically Sorting as You Enter Information

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