WordTips Ribbon 2021 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2021.

WordTips Ribbon 2021 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Ribbon 2021 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's in This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Understanding Views
  • Creating New Windows
  • Arranging Document Windows
  • Meaningless Text
  • Shortcut for Show/Hide
  • Turning on Picture Placeholders
  • Understanding Point Sizes
  • Understanding Picas
  • Viewing Your Entire Document Width
  • Hiding and Displaying Hidden Text
  • Automatically Saving Changes to Defaults
  • Unwanted Font in Draft View
  • Adding Common Line Spacing Options
  • Typing in Boxes
  • Setting User Information
  • Setting Your Default Document Directory
  • Resetting Ribbons
  • Leaving Bullet Point Items Lowercase
  • Making the Paste Options Button Option Persistent

Editing Tips

  • Repeating Your Typing
  • Jumping to a Specific Page
  • Jumping to a Relative Page
  • Jumping to a Relative Section
  • Jumping to a Relative Line Number
  • Inserting Special Spaces
  • Inserting a Non-Breaking Space
  • Inserting a Special Symbol
  • Inserting a Copyright Mark
  • Inserting the Date and Time
  • Using Correct Apostrophes
  • Getting the Proper Type of Ellipses
  • Selecting a Sentence
  • Not Selecting Images when Selecting Text
  • Ctrl+V No Longer Works
  • Unable to Edit Document with Embedded Fonts
  • Copying and Pasting without Affecting the Clipboard
  • Extra Space after Quotation Mark when Pasting
  • Removing Breaks
  • Removing Entire Paragraphs from Your Document
  • Replacing Quoted Text with Italics
  • Adding Quotes
  • Using Overtype Mode
  • Controlling Overtype Mode
  • Highlighting Buried Verbs
  • Added Spaces when Dragging and Dropping Paragraphs
  • Typing Pronunciations of Words
  • Single-Character Fractions
  • Generating a List of Dates
  • Highlighting Duplicate Words
  • Removing Duplicates in Word
  • Collecting Highlighted Text Selections
  • Making the 'Welcome Back' Message Consistent and Permanent
  • Capitalizing the First Letter after a Colon
  • Capitals After Colons
  • Capitalizing the First Letter after a Quote Mark
  • Changing Strikethrough Lines
  • Using Manual Line Breaks with Justified Paragraphs
  • Viewing More of the Left Margin Area
  • Transposing Two Paragraphs
  • Default Click and Type Paragraph Style
  • Making Managerial Titles Lowercase
  • Changing Existing Highlighting
  • Preventing the Insertion of Non-Breaking Spaces
  • Jumping to the End of the Document in Error
  • Squeezing Everything In

Searching Tips

  • Initiating a New Search
  • Controlling Case in Find and Replace
  • Special Characters in Pattern Matching
  • Searching for Text that Doesn't End a Paragraph
  • Searching for Text Not Using a Certain Style
  • Finding Missing Spaces before Numbers
  • Replacements Use an Incorrect Foreign Language Character
  • Replacing with Plain Text
  • Deleting Regular Text between Bold Text
  • Replacing with a Subscript
  • Finding All Camel-Case Words
  • Finding and Deleting Rows
  • Searching for ASCII and ANSI Characters
  • Searching for Items in an Automatically Numbered List
  • Searching for Optional Hyphens
  • Searching for Periods Not Followed by a Space
  • Find and Replace in a Column or Row
  • Searching for Breaks
  • Searching and Replacing Graphics
  • Replacing Text with a Graphic
  • Replacing Graphics with Graphics

Markup Tips

  • Getting a Change and Comment Count by Author
  • Accepting All Formatting Changes
  • Accepting All Deletions in a Document
  • Adding Comments to Your Document
  • Displaying Document Comments
  • Hiding Individual Comments

Character Formatting Tips

  • Understanding Font Styles
  • Making Text Bold
  • Changing the Height of a Font
  • Superscript and Subscript at the Same Place
  • Using the Highlighter
  • Underlining Quoted Text
  • Changing the Underline Color

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Resetting Paragraph Formatting
  • Paragraph Formatting Shortcuts
  • Understanding Paragraph Alignment
  • Understanding At Least Line Spacing
  • Double Indenting
  • Understanding and Creating Lists
  • Creating a Numbered List
  • Aligning Numbered Lists on the Period
  • Removing a List
  • Understanding Default Tab Stops
  • Setting the Starting Line Number
  • Numbering Only Certain Lines
  • Removing Line Numbering
  • Borders Surround Lines Instead of Paragraphs
  • Mysterious Boxes around Paragraphs
  • Adjusting Bottoms of Pages
  • Copying Paragraph Formatting with the Mouse
  • Format Painter Messes Up Ordinals

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Determining Page Layout
  • Selecting a Paper Size
  • Changing Page Margins
  • Understanding the Gutter Margin
  • Mixing Column Formats On a Page
  • Changing the Number of Columns in the Middle of a Document
  • Using a Single-Column Heading in a Multi-Column Layout
  • Watermarks in Columns
  • Moving Section Breaks
  • Making Sure a Document Always Has an Even Number of Pages

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Quickly Copying Styles
  • Changing the Names of Multiple Styles
  • Remembering a Custom Color
  • Deleting a Large Number of Styles
  • Automatically Update Document Styles Setting
  • Stepping Through Head Formats
  • Creating a Boilerplate Document
  • Making Templates Available to Word
  • Changing the Attached Template
  • Protecting the Normal Template During an Update

Tables Tips

  • Jumping to Tables
  • Jumping to a Table Row
  • Jumping to the Ends of Table Rows
  • Jumping to the Ends of Table Columns
  • Putting Tables within Margins
  • Quickly Inserting Tables that Don't Go From Margin to Margin
  • Working with Table Columns and Rows
  • Converting a Table Into Text
  • Entering Tabs in a Table
  • Table Rows Truncated in Printout
  • Splitting Table Cells
  • Centering Information in Table Cells
  • Changing Spacing Between Table Cells
  • Quickly Inserting Table Rows
  • Moving Table Rows Quickly
  • Centering a Table
  • Setting a Default Table Border Width
  • Hiding Gridlines
  • Unwanted Vertical Lines in a Table
  • Table Header Rows after a Manual Page Break
  • Seeing the Height of a Row
  • Merging Table Cells
  • Last-Row Border Formatting
  • Differing Column Widths when Pasting
  • Table Won't Flow to Second Page
  • Aligning Positive and Negative Whole Numbers in a Column
  • Adjusting Column Width from the Keyboard
  • Locking Table Contents

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Inserting Footnotes
  • Inserting and Deleting Footnotes
  • Inserting Endnotes
  • Formatting Footnote and Endnote References
  • Viewing Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Copying and Moving Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Copying and Moving Footnotes
  • Jumping to a Footnote
  • Jumping to a Relative Endnote
  • Footnotes in Two Columns
  • Footnote Numbers Missing on Printout
  • Moving Footnote Text into the Document
  • Removing Spaces before Footnote References
  • Changing the Way Footnotes Are Numbered
  • Brackets around Footnote References
  • Controlling Endnote Placement
  • Where Do You Want Your Endnotes?
  • Endnotes in a Separate Document

Header and Footer Tips

  • Creating Page Footers and Headers
  • Positioning Headers and Footers
  • Deleting a Header or Footer
  • Deleting All Headers and Footers
  • Changing the Type of Page Numbers Used in Headers or Footers
  • Multiple Footers on a Page

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Getting Information About Fields
  • Copying and Pasting Field Codes
  • Inserting the Document Creation Date
  • Inserting a Document's Size
  • Inserting the User's Initials
  • Inserting the Author Name
  • Understanding the Advance Field
  • Creating an AutoText List
  • Understanding DATE Field Formatting
  • Using RD Fields with Chapter Headings
  • Getting Rid of All TA Fields
  • Calculating Page Count for a Range of Sections
  • Age Calculation with Fields

Printing Tips

  • Specifying the Exact Pages to Print
  • Using Duplex Printing
  • Reversing Print Order
  • Changing Focus when Starting to Print
  • Remembering Copies to Print
  • Printing without Headings
  • Controlling the Printing of Highlighting
  • Getting a Double-Spaced Printout
  • Printing AutoText Entries
  • Generating a PDF that Uses CMYK Colors
  • Printing Show/Hide Characters
  • Printing a Key Assignment List
  • Limiting Document Page Count
  • Printing Images Based on Hidden Text Setting
  • Making Banners in Word

Envelope and Mail Merge Tips

  • Removing Return Addresses
  • Printer Won't Print Envelope Font
  • Rounding in a Mail Merge
  • Merging and Printing a Series of Documents

Graphics Tips

  • Drawing a Curve
  • Moving Drawing Objects
  • Stop Graphics and Text from Jumping Around
  • Grouping Drawing Objects
  • Selecting a Graphic that is Behind Text
  • Hiding Graphics
  • Flipping a Drawing Object
  • Keeping an Image Centered in a Table Cell
  • Making Resize to Fit Text the Default

Files Tips

  • Determining if a Document is Corrupt
  • Changing the Default Location for Saving a Document
  • Saving Your Work Automatically
  • Creating Documents that Don't Use Embedded Fonts
  • Extra Document File Being Saved
  • Grabbing the MRU List
  • Can't Save Edited Document
  • Limiting the Options when Saving as a Copy

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Differences in Behavior of Links
  • Changing Many Link Locations
  • Pasting a Hyperlink
  • Adding a ScreenTip
  • ScreenTips without Hyperlinks
  • Changing from Absolute to Relative Hyperlinks
  • Associating a Name with a Position

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Spell Checking Your Document
  • Setting Spell-Checking Options
  • Updating the Spelling Exclusion List Automatically
  • Spelling Errors Resulting from Erroneous Spaces
  • Keeping Words in the Custom Dictionary
  • Spell-checking Uppercase Words
  • Turning Off Error Checking for a Specific Word
  • Accepting Capitalization of a Proper Noun
  • Adding Phrases to the Grammar Checker

Tools Tips

  • Automatically Adding Captions
  • Changing the GoTo Default
  • AutoFormatting a Document
  • After Pressing Enter, Text Becomes a Heading
  • Vertical Lines in Word
  • Drawing a Line
  • Using Bar Tab Stops
  • Using Borders
  • Lines between Columns
  • Using Tables
  • Changing AutoFormatting Rules
  • Importing AutoCorrect Entries
  • Getting Rid of an Unwanted AutoCorrect
  • Correcting Capitalization with AutoCorrect
  • Making Bookmarks Bold
  • Printing a Bookmark List
  • Changing Fonts for AutoText Entries
  • Changing Sort Order
  • Odd Sorting
  • Hyperlinks from Headings to the TOC
  • Creating a Custom TOC that Includes Portions of Paragraphs
  • The Manual Method
  • Using Style Separators
  • Formatting Issues with Indexing Levels
  • Putting Bold Words in an Index

Macros Tips

  • Understanding Functions
  • Understanding Variables
  • Understanding Precedence
  • Understanding the If ... End If Structure
  • Repeating In a Macro
  • Continuing Macro Lines
  • Finding and Changing Word's Internal Commands
  • Using Message Boxes
  • Comparing Strings
  • Dissecting a String
  • Hiding Macros
  • Deleting a Macro
  • Protecting Macros in a Corporate Environment
  • Formatting Text Files with VBA
  • Using Sequential Document Serial Numbers
  • Calculating a Future Date
  • Cleaning Up Text in a Macro
  • Can't Edit Macros
  • Determining the Week of the Year
  • Moving to the Start or End of the Real Document
  • Moving Through a Table in a Macro
  • Jumping to the Start or End of a Document
  • Changing the Default Drive
  • Creating a Directory
  • Turning Off Screen Updating
  • Aligning a Paragraph in a Macro
  • Setting the Left Indent of a Paragraph in a Macro
  • Repaginating in a Macro
  • Accessing the Dirty Flag
  • Determining the Current Page Number
  • Determining the Day of the Month
  • Determining if Overtype Mode is Active
  • Determining the Horizontal Position of the Insertion Point
  • Determining If a Number is Odd or Even
  • Determining How Many Styles are Available
  • Determining the Size of a File
  • Printing Summary Information from a Macro
  • Printing a Macro List
  • Printing the Code for a Macro Procedure
  • Printing Shortcut Key Assignments from a Macro

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