WordTips Ribbon 2017 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2017.

WordTips Ribbon 2017 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Ribbon 2017 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Changing the Document Window Background Color
  • Understanding Unicode Characters
  • Updating Automatic Links
  • Unwanted Graph Paper Effect
  • Default Units that Change
  • Calculating Average Word Length
  • Page Layout Zoom Settings
  • Selecting Tabs in Dialog Boxes
  • Understanding Default Insert Date Formatting
  • Resetting All Shortcut Keys
  • Shortening Word's Font List
  • Resetting a Single Shortcut Key

Editing Tips

  • Quickly Changing Document Windows
  • Arranging Paragraphs
  • Jumping Back in a Long Document
  • Creating Compound Characters
  • Checking for Matching Parentheses
  • Better Ways to Insert Symbols
  • Copying Red Text to a New Document
  • Selecting an Entire Section
  • Overlining Characters
  • An Automatic Two Spaces After a Period
  • Generating a Count of Word Occurrences
  • Font Changes when Pasting to Another Document
  • Inserting Dashes between Letters in Words
  • Using Optional Hyphens
  • Using an En Dash, by Default
  • Putting Character Codes to Work

Searching Tips

  • Changing the Formatting of All Instances of a Word
  • Finding and Replacing Text Boxes
  • Changing the Position of the Dollar Sign
  • Replacing Some Smart Quotes
  • Adding an Ellipsis to the Beginning of Some Paragraphs
  • Applying Styles and Removing Characters using Find and Replace
  • Finding and Replacing Table Cell Color
  • Getting Rid of Trailing Spaces in Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Quickly Changing Tab Alignment

Markup Tips

  • Pasting Text with Track Changes
  • Turning Track Changes Off for Selected Areas
  • Converting Text to Comments
  • Changing the User Name in Existing Comments

Auto Tips

  • Adding Automatic Lines
  • Backing Up Your AutoText Entries
  • Automatically Using Smart Quotes
  • Punctuation Marks that Don't End Sentences
  • Smart Quotes in AutoCorrect Entries
  • Removing Confusion When Using AutoCorrect

Bookmark Tips

  • Random OLE Bookmarks
  • Detecting if the Insertion Point is Inside a Bookmark
  • Automatically Referencing Info Entered in a Table

Character Formatting Tips

  • Quickly Displaying the Font Dialog Box
  • Changing Text Case
  • Intelligent Title Case
  • Using Very Large Font Sizes
  • Letters Turn Into Squares
  • Creating Thin Spaces
  • Shortcuts to Change Text Colors
  • Changing the Color of a Tab's Leader Character
  • Discovering the RGB Value of a Custom Text Color
  • Changing the Default Highlighting Color
  • Highlighting Information Using Shading

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Extending a Paragraph into the Left Margin
  • Margins Automatically Move to Indent
  • Borders on Multiple Paragraphs with Differing Indents
  • Clearing All Tabs in a Document
  • Triple-Spacing Your Document
  • The Line that Won't Go Away
  • Getting Rid of Choppiness in Justified Text
  • Keep with Previous
  • Ensuring Standardized Numbering
  • Randomly Resetting Numbering
  • Changing the Bullet Type

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Maintaining Formatting when Inserting Documents
  • Margins for All Documents Changing

Styles and Templates Tips

  • How Word Applies Styles
  • One Change Affects Everything
  • Copying Styles
  • Using Copy and Paste
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Saving As a Template
  • Using the Organizer
  • Using a Macro
  • Making Sure Styles Don't Update Automatically
  • Bold Turning On by Itself
  • Keeping the Styles Pane Open by Default
  • Changing the Style Gallery
  • Problems with TOC Styles
  • Stopping Styles from Changing with Multiple Users
  • Finding Where Templates Are Stored
  • Listing the Settings in a Template
  • Quick Access Toolbars and Templates

Tables Tips

  • Erasing Table Lines
  • Deleting a Table
  • AutoFitting Tables
  • Formatting Lots of Tables
  • Removing Leading Spaces in a Table
  • Distributing Table Rows Evenly
  • Aligning Decimal Numbers in Tables
  • Filling Table Cells with Sequential Numbers
  • Fitting Your Text In a Table Cell
  • Setting Decimal Tabs in a Table Using the Keyboard
  • Counting Values in Table Cells
  • Printing Only Selected Rows from a Table
  • Creating Tables with Specific Column Widths
  • Suppressing a Zero In a Calculated Sum
  • Copying Fill Color in a Table
  • Preventing a Frame when Converting a Table to Text

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Deleting All Footnotes
  • Deleting Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Changing the Footnote Continuation Notice
  • Footnotes for Tables
  • Getting Rid of Hyperlinks in Footnotes

Header and Footer Tips

  • Keyboard Shortcut to Access Header and Footer
  • Protecting Headers and Footers
  • Placing the First Two Words from the Following Page In the Footer
  • Including a Printer's Name in a Footer

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Inserting a Document's Path
  • Inserting the Text of a Cross-Reference
  • Deleting All Fields
  • A Quick-and-Dirty Word Count
  • Field Reference to Number of Prior Pages
  • Using the GotoButton Field
  • Printing Field Codes
  • Implementing a Dynamic Document Control Table
  • Updating Calculated Fields in a Form
  • Conditional Calculations in Word
  • Copying Form Field Contents
  • Filling Forms and Editing Documents
  • Referencing Fields in Another Document

Printing Tips

  • Removing Blank Pages at the End of Your Document
  • Printing Odd or Even Pages
  • Easily Changing Print Order
  • Printing Style Sheets
  • Printing a Font List
  • Automatic Font Color Won't Print Properly
  • Non-Printing Hyperlinks
  • Using Unique Document Serial Numbers
  • Selecting Printing of Color Pictures
  • Two Printed Copies to Different Paper Trays
  • Shortcut Key to Make Print Preview Active
  • Shortcut to Save as a PDF
  • Preparing Files for a Commercial Printer
  • Printing Personalized Copies of a Document
  • Getting Rid of Mail Merge Section Breaks
  • Printing Portions of Mail Merged Documents
  • Conditionally Adding a Period in a Mail Merge
  • Merging Only a Date from Access
  • Proper Comparisons for Dates in Merge Fields
  • Checkboxes in a Merged Document
  • Printing Return Address Labels
  • Creating Custom Labels
  • Saving Money on Printing Labels
  • Adding Text to an Envelope
  • Delivery Address Won't Print on Envelopes
  • Setting the Return Address Used in Word

Graphics Tips

  • Understanding Grayscale Images
  • Duplicating Drawing Objects
  • Changing a Shape
  • Sending Drawing Objects to the Back or Front
  • Wrapping Text Around a Graphic
  • Resizing a Text Box
  • Finding and Removing Stubborn Graphics
  • Problems Pasting Large Pictures
  • Turning Off Borders for Data Series

Files Tips

  • Combining Documents
  • Converting Many DOC Files to DOCX
  • Opening a Text File and Template from the Command Line
  • Jumping Around Folders
  • Limits on Path Length in Word
  • Use Filenames that Sort Properly
  • Finding Out the Folder for an Open Document

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Making Hyperlinks from Coded Text
  • Smart Quotes with Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Word Link to Create a New Excel Workbook

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Hiding Errors
  • Resetting Spelling and Grammar Checking on Multiple Documents
  • Limiting a Spelling Check
  • Changing How Word Flags Compound Words
  • Ignoring Punctuation in Names
  • Catching Single-Letter Spelling Errors
  • Spell Checking Forms

Tools Tips

  • Sorting Single-Column Addresses
  • Hyphenating Your Document
  • Turning Off Hyphenation for Individual Words
  • Creating a Table of Contents from Heading Levels
  • Creating a TOC that Includes Specific Styles
  • Using Multiple Tables of Contents
  • Multiple Indexes in a Document
  • Finding Related Words
  • Correcting Student Papers
  • Only Showing Readability Statistics

Macros Tips

  • Editing Word's Built-in Commands
  • Creating a String
  • Reversing a String
  • Automatically Running a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro to a Button in Your Text
  • Making Macros Available without Using the Normal Template
  • Saving in a Macro Using a Desired File Name
  • Saving in Document Format from a Macro
  • Determining Differences Between Dates
  • Adding Smart Quotes through Macro Text
  • Temporarily Changing the Printer in a Macro
  • Getting Input from a Text File
  • Character Frequency Count
  • Determining the Number of Bookmarks Defined in a Document
  • Counting Open Document Windows
  • Reversing All the Paragraphs in a Document
  • Finding a Change in Typeface
  • Automatically Inserting Tomorrow's Date

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