WordTips Ribbon 2013 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2013.

WordTips Ribbon 2013 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Why Should I Upgrade?
  • Displaying the Full Ribbon
  • Displaying the Developer Tab
  • Making a Longer Quick Access Toolbar
  • Speeding Up Document Display
  • Speeding Up Cursor Movement
  • Horizontally Viewing All Your Text
  • Viewing Multiple Pages
  • Cascading Document Windows
  • Nifty Zooming with the Mouse
  • Displaying Nonprinting Characters
  • Displaying the Navigation Pane when Opening a Document
  • Small Red Dots under Addresses
  • Embedding Your Phone Number in a Document
  • Changing Measurement Units
  • Wrapping Spaces
  • Shortcut for Full Screen Reading View
  • Creating Custom Document Properties
  • Stopping Smart Tags from Being Saved
  • Hiding Smart Tags
  • Changing Dialog Box Pull-Down List Item Order
  • Factory Default Settings for Word
  • Turning Off ScreenTips
  • Fonts Missing in Word
  • Calculating Expressions
  • Changing the Startup Directory
  • Using Text Boundaries
  • Resetting a Function Key
  • Increasing the Size of the Draft Font

Editing Tips

  • Selecting a Text Block
  • Jumping to a Line Number
  • What Line Am I On?
  • Counting Document Lines
  • Using the Copy or Move Text Keys
  • Moving Text Using the Mouse
  • Replacing Text Selections
  • Overcoming Automatic Word Selection
  • Deletions Don't Work as Expected
  • Jumping to the End of a Word
  • Inserting a Bullet
  • Inserting Different Dashes
  • Inserting Foreign Characters
  • Entering a Degree Sign
  • Emoticons in Word
  • Adding Tabs at the Beginning of a Line
  • Adding an Optional Break
  • Getting Rid of the Paste Options Box
  • Using Document Properties to Ensure Consistent References
  • Selecting Just the Word
  • Comparing Documents Top and Bottom
  • Adding Half Spaces to Punctuation
  • Automatically Identifying Repeated Words
  • Capitalizing the Word "I"
  • Symbols for Non-Printing Characters
  • Different Ways of Inserting Dates

Searching Tips

  • Searching for Paragraph Marks and Line Breaks
  • Searching for Tabs
  • Replacing Multiple Spaces with Tabs
  • Searching for Character Formatting
  • Using Find and Replace to Change Text Case
  • Smart Quotes are Incorrectly Replaced
  • Moving Footnote References Using Find and Replace
  • Quick and Dirty Paragraph Count
  • Finding an Unknown Character

Markup Tips

  • Using Track Changes
  • Specifying How Changes are Marked
  • Using Different Colors with Tracked Changes
  • Changing How Changes are Noted in Word
  • Turning Off Track Changes Change Bars
  • Showing Only Added Text with Track Changes
  • Getting a Warning for Markup
  • Disabling Track Changes Completely
  • Tracked Changes Won't Go Away
  • Consolidating Changes under a Single User
  • Viewing Comments
  • Allowing Only Comments In a Document
  • Turning Off Comment Color when Printing
  • Inserting Initials and Date in a Comment
  • Viewing Comments From a Specific Reviewer
  • Printing Comments from a Macro

Building Block and AutoCorrect Tips

  • Understanding Building Blocks
  • Creating a Building Block
  • Backing Up Building Blocks
  • Moving Building Blocks
  • Specifying a Default Building Block Location
  • Synchronizing Building Blocks for a Network
  • Removing Confusion When Using AutoCorrect
  • Make AutoCorrect Pay Attention to Character Case
  • Backing Up Your AutoCorrect Entries
  • Capitalizing after a Sentence Ending with a Number
  • Making Sure Word Doesn't Capitalize Anything Automatically
  • Turning Off Automatic Capitalization

Bookmark Tips

  • Understanding and Using Bookmarks
  • Deleting a Bookmark
  • Reusing a Bookmark
  • Protecting Bookmarks

Character Formatting Tips

  • Quickly Displaying Formatting Specs
  • Noting Formatting Inconsistencies
  • Copying Character Formatting
  • Changing Kerning
  • Smushing Text Together
  • Protecting Hidden Text
  • Automatically Formatting Text within Quotes
  • Understanding Strikethrough Formatting
  • Absolutely Getting Rid of Formatting
  • Resetting Default Character Formatting
  • Using Non-Printing Notes
  • Applying Formatting to Words
  • Changing the Default Font
  • Accurate Font Sizes
  • Finding Word's Font Substitutes
  • Font Substitution Problems
  • Finding Missing Fonts

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Quickly Adjusting Paragraph Spacing
  • Indenting a Paragraph
  • Indent and Justify Command
  • Controlling Automatic Indenting
  • Better-Looking Full Justification for Paragraphs
  • Creating a Hanging Indent
  • Turning Off Automatic Bulleted Lists
  • Strange Tab Settings in Bulleted Items
  • Applying Bullets from the Keyboard
  • Turning Off Automatic Numbered Lists
  • Changing the Types of Numbers in a Numbered List
  • Numbering on New Paragraph Doesn't Work as Expected
  • Controlling Widows and Orphans
  • Adding Borders to Paragraphs
  • Mysterious Blue Line between Paragraphs
  • Characters in the Margin Next to Paragraphs
  • Flush Left and Flush Right On the Same Line
  • Lines that Don't Change When You Type
  • Creating an Inline Heading
  • Moving Headings to the Next Page
  • Using Dot Leaders in a Paragraph
  • Forcing a Page Break Before a Paragraph
  • Getting the Expected Space Before a Heading
  • Keep with Previous
  • Turning Off Line Numbering
  • Setting Tab Stops Using the Tabs Dialog Box
  • Detailed Measurements
  • Deleting Tab Stops
  • Changing Default Tab Stops
  • Removing Tabs Used to Indent a Paragraph
  • Turning Off Paragraph Hyphenation
  • Changing a Heading to Body Text
  • Changing Body Text to a Heading
  • Condensing and Expanding Headings
  • Formatting In Your Outline

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Adding a Break to Your Document
  • Unable to Set Margins in a Document
  • Margins for All Documents Changing
  • Adding Columns to Your Page Layout
  • Quickly Changing Columns
  • Making Columns the Same Length
  • Adding Vertical Lines Between Columns
  • Starting a New Section on an Odd Page Number
  • Leaving Even Pages Blank
  • Automatic Blank Pages at the End of a Section

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Shortcuts for Basic Style Formatting
  • Defining Styles
  • Automatically Updating Styles
  • Displaying the Styles You Want Displayed
  • Using Hidden Styles
  • Getting Rid of Variant Styles
  • Cleaning Up a Document that Mixes Styles with Direct Formatting
  • Losing All Formatting in a Document
  • Ensuring that Spell Checking is Enabled in All Styles
  • Reapplying Styles Seamlessly
  • Renaming a Style
  • Intelligently Starting a New Paragraph
  • Using Alternating Styles
  • Using the Style Area
  • Editing a Template
  • Adding Individual Styles to the Template
  • Saving a Preview with Your Template
  • Tracking Changes to Templates
  • Create a Template that Stops Styles from Being Added to a Document
  • Examining Styles and Macros in a Template

Tables Tips

  • Creating a Table Using the Keyboard
  • Converting Text Into a Table
  • Clearing the Contents of a Table
  • Resizing Your Table
  • Resizing Table Columns with the Mouse
  • Resizing Very Large Tables
  • Shading Table Rows
  • Adjusting Column Width Using the Ribbon
  • Preventing Overlapping Tables
  • Keeping Table Rows Together
  • Squaring Table Cells
  • Tabbing from One Table to the Next
  • Spacing Before and After Tables
  • Selecting Individual Cells in a Table
  • Converting Tables to Charts
  • Adding Diagonal Borders
  • Headings On Your Printout
  • Line Numbering and Tables
  • Displaying Table Gridlines
  • Hiding Table Gridlines, by Default
  • Limiting Lines in a Table Cell
  • Formatting an ASCII Table with Tabs
  • Sorting Text
  • Controlling How Word Sorts Text
  • Sorting Dates Numerically
  • Alphabetizing By Last Name
  • Specifying a Table of Contents Entry
  • Adding Column Headings to a Table of Contents

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • IEEE Citation Format
  • Inserting Footnotes Using Custom Footnote Marks
  • Sequentially Numbering Footnotes
  • Footnotes within Footnotes
  • Footnotes for Chapters
  • Heavy-Duty Footnotes
  • Formatting Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Automatically Applying Custom Styles to Footnotes
  • Endnotes by Chapter
  • Formatting Endnote Reference Marks
  • Adding Footnotes to Endnotes

Header and Footer Tips

  • Changing Headers and Footers
  • Suppressing Headers or Footers
  • Using Last-page Headers and Footers
  • Using Continued Lines
  • Putting Document Names in Headers or Footers
  • Paragraph Numbers in Headers or Footers
  • Inserting the Date in a Header or Footer
  • Floating Footer
  • Automatically Changing Tab Stops in the Footer
  • Adding Page Numbers
  • Changing the Starting Page Number
  • Getting a Proper Total Page Count
  • Using Chapter Numbers with Page Numbers
  • Two Page Numbering Schemes in the Same Document
  • Odd Page Numbers Disappearing
  • Using Only Odd Page Numbers

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Locking a Field
  • Protecting Fields
  • Differences between SEQ and LISTNUM Fields
  • Special Characters in Fields
  • Word and Character Count Information
  • Inserting a Dynamic Word Count in Your Document
  • Starting Chapters on Odd-Numbered Pages
  • Sequentially Numbering Elements in Your Document
  • Inserting the Current Month
  • Calculating Dates with Fields
  • Using TC Fields for Notes
  • Inserting the Name of the Last Person to Save the Document
  • Inserting Custom Properties with Fields
  • Inserting Summary Information
  • Understanding Forms
  • Working with Form Fields
  • Using Mandatory Form Fields
  • Saving and Using a Form
  • Handling Returns in Form Data
  • Protecting Parts of a Document
  • Field Calculations in Locked Forms
  • Entering Calculations in a Form Field
  • Updating Fields in Locked Forms

Printing Tips

  • Understanding Page Sizes
  • Collating Copies
  • Printing a Draft of a Document
  • Printing All Open Documents
  • Working With Multiple Printers
  • Defining Default Printers On a Document Level
  • Printing AutoCorrect Entries
  • Printing Comments
  • Transferring Fonts
  • Duplex Printing from Multiple Trays
  • Printing Index Field Codes
  • Printing Non-Printing Characters
  • Printing the Navigation Pane
  • Turning Off Printing of Document Properties
  • Unwanted Cover Pages with Print Jobs
  • Printing Reversed Images
  • Problem Printing Quotation Marks
  • Booklet Printing in Word
  • Envelopes and Labels Dialog Box Slow to Open
  • Changing the Return Address Location
  • Creating Labels
  • Changing Label Sizes
  • Beginning a Mail Merge
  • Using Merge Fields
  • Selecting Different Trays in a Mail Merge
  • Merging Graphics into Word Documents
  • Conditional Processing During a Mail Merge

Graphics Tips

  • Cropping Graphics
  • Changing the Size of a Drawing Object
  • Resize Graphics Outside of Word
  • Scaling Graphics in a Macro
  • Automatically Formatting Graphics and Shapes
  • Nudging a Graphic
  • Positioning Graphics Evenly
  • Absolutely Positioning a Graphic
  • Moving Images Behind Text
  • Setting the Wrapping Default for Objects
  • Understanding "Through" Text Wrapping
  • Using the Drawing Grid
  • Only Inline Figures Can be Seen and Printed
  • Securing Your Signature
  • Adding Lines to a Document
  • Missing Left Border
  • Rotate a Graphic Using the Keyboard
  • Disappearing Graphics Groups
  • Moving Object Anchors
  • Anchoring Objects by Default
  • Determining Picture Size in a Macro
  • Writing On Top of Locked Graphics
  • Inserting a Text Box
  • Columns in a Text Box
  • Creating See-Through Text Boxes
  • Rounded Corners for a Text Box
  • Adding a Drop Shadow to a Text Box
  • Changing Defaults for Text Boxes and Callouts
  • Removing All Text Boxes In a Document
  • Understanding WordArt
  • Understanding SmartArt
  • Understanding Page Border Art
  • Unlinking an Excel Chart Automatically

Files Tips

  • Understanding MRU Files
  • Changing the Default Document Format
  • Opening a Word Document when Starting the Computer
  • Creating Two Versions of the Same Document
  • Saving Personalized Copies of a Document
  • Getting Rid of Hidden Text in Many Files
  • Blocking the First Sentence from File Info
  • Creating a Document Clone
  • Mirroring Documents
  • Inserting a File Name without an Extension
  • Recovering Password-Protected Documents
  • Document is Too Large for Word to Handle
  • Embedding TrueType Fonts
  • Embedding TrueType Fonts by Default
  • Opening Multiple Documents at Once
  • Cannot Open Multiple Word Documents
  • Opening Only a Merge Document
  • Merging to Individual Files
  • Last Document Saves Not Saved
  • Saving Information in a Non-Document Text File
  • Opening Works Documents in Word

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Making Live URLs Into Normal Text
  • Setting Web Fonts
  • Embedding Linked Documents
  • Adding a Background to Your Document
  • Weird Hyperlink Behavior
  • Turning E-mail Addresses into Hyperlinks
  • Creating an E-mail Message from the Current Document
  • Getting Rid of 'Mail To:' in E-mail Links

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Spell Checking when Closing Documents
  • Catching Single-Letter Spelling Errors
  • Creating a Spelling Exclusion List
  • Expanding a Custom Dictionary
  • Dictionary Shortcut Key
  • Leading Quote Mark Generates Grammar Error
  • Checking for Incorrect Numbers in Text
  • Correctly Repeated Words
  • Checking Up On Numbers
  • Getting Rid of Fragment Warnings
  • Checking for Sentences Beginning with Conjunctions
  • Allowing Passive Voice in Writing
  • Disappearing Readability Statistics

Tools Tips

  • Translating Text
  • Word Count is Zero
  • Ignoring Hyphens in Word Counts
  • Counting Internal Links
  • Changing Document Links
  • Breaking a Document Link
  • Creating an Index Entry
  • Creating an Index Entry for a Range of Pages
  • Specifying an Index Entry Separator
  • Specifying an Index Page-Range Separator
  • Specifying Index Section Dividers
  • Cross-Referencing Index Entries
  • Putting Your Index after Your Endnotes
  • Understanding Master and Subdocuments
  • Creating a Master Document Using Existing Subdocuments
  • Moving Master and Subdocuments
  • Creating a Table of Contents from TOC Fields

Macros Tips

  • Renaming a Macro
  • Attaching Macros to Documents
  • Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Assigning a Macro to a Shortcut Key
  • Removing a Macro from a Shortcut Key
  • Understanding the Select Case Structure
  • Inserting Text with a Macro
  • Moving the Insertion Point to the End of a Line
  • Controlling the Bold Text Attribute
  • Controlling the Italic Text Attribute
  • Controlling the Hidden Text Attribute
  • Determining an Integer Value
  • Determining a Random Value
  • Quickly Clearing Array Contents
  • Determining the Day of the Year
  • Determining the Hour of the Day
  • Copying a File in VBA
  • Moving the Insertion Point to the Beginning of a Line
  • Renaming a File
  • Creating a Directory
  • Changing Directories in a Macro
  • Removing a Directory
  • Calculated Dates
  • Changing Roman Numerals to Arabic
  • Setting the Right Indent of a Paragraph in a Macro
  • Converting Numbers to Text
  • Highlighting Every Thousandth Character
  • Counting the Instances of a Text String
  • Determining the Number of Paragraphs in a Document
  • Converting Numbers to Strings
  • Determining a Paragraph's Style in VBA
  • Understanding Document Variables
  • Inserting a Break with a Macro
  • Setting a VBA Variable From a Bookmark
  • Automating a Manual Process with a Macro
  • Creating a New Document in VBA
  • Displaying a Column Number
  • Updating an Entire TOC from a Macro
  • Controlling Repagination in Macros
  • Printing the Active Document from a Macro
  • Examining Tracked Changes in a Macro

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