WordTips Ribbon 2018 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2018.

WordTips Ribbon 2018 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's in This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Word's Native Measurement Unit
  • Understanding ASCII and ANSI Characters
  • Why Should I Upgrade?
  • Getting Audible Feedback
  • Leaving Minimized Documents Minimized
  • Embedding Your Phone Number in a Document
  • Multiple Taskbar Icons for Documents
  • Modifying Behavior of the Open Dialog Box
  • Accessing the Source of a Document Link
  • Horizontally Viewing All Your Text
  • Avoiding the Update Links Message
  • Changing the Ribbon Font Size
  • Turning Off Display of the Office Clipboard
  • Making the Show/Hide Setting Persistent
  • Displaying the File Tab of the Ribbon by Default
  • Understanding the Normalize Text Command

Editing Tips

  • Shortcut Key to Delete a Paragraph
  • Moving Text Using the Mouse
  • Selecting the Entire Document with the Mouse
  • Editing a Document with Many Pages
  • Overcoming Automatic Word Selection
  • Using the Insert Key to Insert Text
  • Entering a Degree Sign
  • Shortcut for Em and En Spaces
  • Placeholders for Stamps
  • Tracked Changes Notification when Opening
  • Pasting Text in a Specific Language
  • Checking for a List of Phrases in a Document
  • How Word Handles Abbreviations
  • Pasted Text Looks Like Hollow Squares
  • Adding Serial Commas in a Sentence
  • Lines Breaking between Double Spaces
  • Making Highlighting Disappear when Typing
  • Replacing the Last Comma

Searching Tips

  • Making Ctrl+F Work Traditionally
  • Finding Text Not Using a Particular Font
  • Searching for Footnote and Endnote Marks
  • Searching for Non-Black Text
  • Finding Text Using a Specific Highlighting Color
  • Highlighting Found Text
  • Replacing without Automatically Finding
  • Copying Found Items to a New Document
  • Using Search Text in the Replacement
  • Putting Shift+F4 On the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Finding Text Boxes
  • Removing HTML Tags from Text
  • Finding Quoted Text in VBA
  • Replacing the Space between the Last Two Words of Each Paragraph

Markup Tips

  • Using Track Changes
  • Changing Text in a Comment
  • Using Multiple References to a Single Comment
  • Counting Changed Words
  • Counting Words in Comments
  • Default Font for Comments
  • Deleting All Comments

Building Block Tips

  • Printing a List of Building Blocks
  • QuickWords in Word

Character Formatting Tips

  • Understanding Monospace Fonts
  • Italic Typing Doesn't Stay Italic
  • Applying Bold Italics
  • Letters Bunched Up at the Left of the Page
  • Understanding Underlines
  • Special Symbols Display Incorrectly
  • Formatting Currency
  • Automatic Numbers with Leading Zeroes
  • Aligning Plus/Minus Symbols
  • Formatting Fractions
  • Changing Kerning
  • Protecting Hidden Text

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Decreasing a Paragraph's Indent
  • Adjusting Space Before
  • Forcing a Page Break Before a Paragraph
  • Breaking Lines in E-mail
  • Converting Lists to Text
  • Hanging Indent Shortcut
  • Flush Left and Flush Right On the Same Line
  • Continuing Your Numbering
  • Counting Lists
  • Reversing Type
  • Adding a Drop Shadow to a Text Box
  • Applying Consistent Shading to a Table
  • Creating Sideheads
  • Automatically Setting Right Leader Tabs

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Setting a Precise Custom Paper Size
  • Adding a Break to Your Document
  • Changing the Language Setting for All Document Text
  • Adding a Background to Your Document
  • Underlining Section References Automatically
  • Rotating a Page of Text
  • Changing the Starting Page Number

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Defining Styles
  • Unwanted Styles
  • Turning Off Automatic Hyphenation for Parts of a Document
  • Turning Off Smart Quotes for Specific Styles
  • Understanding a Style's Priority
  • Templates and Page Setup
  • Updating Many Template References
  • What Changes Did I Make In that Template?
  • No Ribbon on New Documents

Tables Tips

  • Resizing Your Table
  • Nudging a Table
  • Setting Consistent Column Widths in Multiple Tables
  • Index Number for the Active Table
  • Blank Page Printing after Table at End of Document
  • Noting Table Rows Containing a Character
  • Unwanted Numbering on Pasted Tables
  • Formatting an ASCII Table with Spaces
  • Finding Text at the End of a Table Cell
  • Pulling Tables Back Into View
  • How to Stop a Table Row from Splitting Over Two Pages
  • Shading Table Rows

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Word Adds Extra Space before Footnote Marker
  • Correctly Numbering Footnotes in a Chapter
  • Footnotes within Footnotes
  • Moving Text to a New Footnote
  • Converting Individual Endnotes and Footnotes
  • Creating Unnumbered Endnotes
  • Changing the Way Endnotes Are Numbered
  • Suppressing Endnotes

Header and Footer Tips

  • Showing a Dynamic Number Range in a Header
  • Quickly Formatting Footers in Documents with Many Sections

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Special Characters in Fields
  • Selecting a Field
  • Automatic Page Numbers across Multiple Documents
  • Auto-incrementing Form Fields
  • Counting Fields in a Document
  • Using Fields for Fractions
  • Entering a "Slashed Zero" in Your Document
  • Printing Index Field Codes
  • Standard Text before a Sequence Number
  • Differences between SEQ and LISTNUM Fields
  • Adding a Dynamic Total in Your Document
  • Inserting a Dynamic Word Count in Your Document
  • Updating a Field in a Text Box
  • Entering Calculations in a Form Field

Printing Tips

  • Working With Multiple Printers
  • Understanding Background Printing
  • Printing a Draft of a Document
  • Printing All Open Documents
  • Printing Documents in a Folder
  • Printing Non-Printing Characters
  • Printing Color Separations with VBA
  • Printing Document Properties
  • Turning Off Printing of Document Properties
  • Printing Custom Properties
  • Printing via Macro without Messages
  • Errors while Printing
  • Printing Close to the Edge
  • Printing in White
  • Printing Just the Changes and Comments
  • Always Printing Drawing Objects
  • Printing a Bookmark List with Contents
  • Beginning a Mail Merge
  • Controlling Page Numbers in Mail-Merged Documents
  • Controlling Date Formats in a Mail Merge
  • Vertically Centering Labels
  • Changing the Return Address Location
  • Default Envelope Margins
  • Printing Unwanted Blank Envelopes
  • Maintaining Delivery Address Information for Envelopes

Graphics Tips

  • Creating a Drawing Object
  • Moving Images Behind Text
  • Rotate a Graphic Using the Keyboard
  • Understanding Fill Effects
  • Filling A Drawing Object
  • Inserting a Text Box
  • Embedding an Excel Chart in a Word Document

Files Tips

  • Understanding Background Saving
  • Saving Documents Using the Same Filename
  • Opening Multiple Recent Files at the Same Time
  • Saving Documents as Read-Only by Default
  • Some Documents Open Slower than Others
  • Changing the Default Document Format
  • Getting Rid of Hidden Text in Many Files
  • Document Shows as 'In Use' by Another User
  • Read-Only Documents without a Password
  • Creating Multiple Blank Documents in One Step
  • Leading Spaces in Document File Names
  • Deleting the Open Document File
  • Copying Custom Properties
  • Controlling Names of Backup Files
  • Opening a Backup File
  • Importing a Text File and Inserting after a Bookmark
  • Determining If the End of a Text File Has Been Reached
  • Determining the Length of a Non-Document Text File
  • Appending to a Non-Document Text File

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Editing a Hyperlink
  • Checking for Valid Hyperlinks
  • Pulling All Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlinks Not Found
  • Searching with a Different Search Engine
  • Setting Web Fonts
  • Converting a PDF File to a Word Document
  • Inserting a Multi-Page PDF File in a Word Document

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Configuring Spell Check for Internet Addresses
  • Incorrect Suggested Correction
  • Fast Spelling Corrections
  • Permanently Removing Blue Squiggly Underlines
  • Changing Colors of Spelling and Grammar Underlines
  • Correctly Repeated Words
  • Expanding a Custom Dictionary
  • Enforcing a Do-Not-Use Word List

Tools Tips

  • Displaying Quick Document Statistics
  • Insert a TOC without Upsetting Pagination
  • Jumping Back to the TOC
  • Ensuring Proper Page Numbers for a Table of Authorities
  • Indexing Based on a Range of Letters
  • Automatically Capitalizing Day Names
  • Changing the Document Inspector's Comment Name
  • Changing Document Links
  • Turning Off Automatic Captioning
  • Changing Outline Structure
  • Moving Master and Subdocuments

Macros Tips

  • Recording a Macro
  • Writing a Macro from Scratch
  • Defining a Shortcut for a Macro
  • Declaring Variables
  • Understanding Subroutines
  • Understanding the For ... Next Structure
  • Understanding the While...Wend Structure
  • Inserting Text with a Macro
  • Getting User Input in a Dialog Box
  • Highlight Words from a Word List
  • Copying a Range of Pages in a Macro
  • Deriving an Absolute Value
  • Adding Automatic Time Stamps
  • Adding a Full-Width Line in a Macro
  • Changing Lots of Title Properties
  • Finding Long Sentences
  • Extracting INCLUDEPICTURE File Names
  • Automatically Inserting Brackets
  • Changing What Is Pasted in a Dialog Box
  • Adding Parentheses
  • Occurrences of a Text String within a Document
  • Aligning Paragraphs in a Macro
  • Moving the Insertion Point in a Macro
  • Getting the Names of Defined Bookmarks
  • Determining the Length of a String
  • Checking for a Text Selection Length
  • Swapping Two Strings
  • Determining the Current Directory
  • Determining an ANSI Value
  • Detecting an Open Dialog Box
  • Determining the Day of the Year
  • Resetting Character Formatting in a Macro
  • Counting Words the Old Fashioned Way
  • Running Macros Based on Keywords
  • Controlling the Italic Text Attribute

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