WordTips Ribbon 2014 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2014.

WordTips Ribbon 2014 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Ribbon 2014 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's In This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Understanding Views
  • Making Draft View the Default View
  • Hiding and Displaying Hidden Text
  • Shortcut for Show/Hide
  • Viewing More of the Left Margin Area
  • Viewing Your Entire Document Width
  • Arranging Document Windows
  • Missing Top and Bottom Margins
  • Canceling a Command
  • Quickly Displaying the Tabs Dialog Box
  • Clicking to Scroll Down Freezes
  • Setting User Information
  • Automatically Saving Changes to Defaults
  • Making Word Remember My Settings
  • Displaying Shortcut Keys in ScreenTips
  • Ribbon Acting Strangely
  • Adjusting the Size of Ribbon Icons
  • Adding Common Line Spacing Options
  • Controlling Document Properties
  • Quickly Customizing the Keyboard
  • Resetting Ribbons to Their Default
  • Unwanted Font in Draft View
  • Jumping to the End of Page after Enter
  • Setting Your Default Document Directory
  • Turning on Picture Placeholders
  • Changing Built-in Word Commands

Editing Tips

  • Using Extend Mode
  • Selecting a Text Block
  • Creating New Windows
  • Repeating Your Typing
  • Talking to Yourself
  • Moving Text without Affecting the Clipboard
  • Different Layout for a Portion of a Page
  • Jumping to a Relative Line Number
  • Jumping to a Relative Section
  • Jumping between Columns
  • Using Go To with a Percentage
  • Using Overtype Mode
  • Controlling Overtype Mode
  • Quickly Finding Synonyms
  • Capitalizing the First Letter after a Colon
  • Repeating Actions
  • Inserting Special Spaces
  • Inserting a Non-Breaking Space
  • Making Managerial Titles Lowercase
  • Single-Character Fractions
  • Extra Space after Quotation Mark when Pasting
  • Deleting Freezes Computer
  • Differences between Deleting, Clearing, and Cutting
  • Plain Text Pasting as the Default
  • Replacing Random Text with Your Own Text
  • Generating a List of Dates
  • Typing Pronunciations of Words
  • Changing Strikethrough Lines
  • Checking for Words and Phrases
  • Removing Entire Paragraphs from Your Document
  • Too Many Edits Prevent Pasting
  • Highlighting Duplicate Words
  • Changing Existing Highlighting
  • Adding Quotes
  • Using Correct Apostrophes
  • Replacing Quoted Text with Italics
  • Transposing Letters
  • Transposing Two Words
  • Transposing Two Paragraphs
  • Multiple Document Users
  • An Easy Way to Count Items
  • Entering a Page Break from the Keyboard

Searching Tips

  • Easily Spotting Found Text
  • Searching for Special Characters
  • Searching for Optional Hyphens
  • Searching for Special Hyphens
  • Searching for Breaks
  • Searching for Formatting
  • Searching for Text Not Using a Certain Style
  • Searching for Text that Doesn't End a Paragraph
  • Complex Searches for Documents
  • Replacing with Plain Text
  • Replacing a Colon in a Sequence
  • Replacing with a Subscript
  • Quicker Multiple Replace Operations
  • Adding Tags to Text
  • Count of Underlined or Struck-Through Words
  • Easily Finding Superscripts
  • Removing HTTP from URLs
  • Find and Replace in a Column or Row
  • Ordering Search and Replace
  • Mass Search and Replace

Markup Tips

  • Accepting All Formatting Changes
  • Rejecting Changes in a Document
  • Adding Comments to Your Document
  • Displaying Document Comments
  • Formatting Comments
  • Printing Comments
  • Comments Use Tiny Font when Printed
  • Comments in Headers and Footers
  • Changing Revision Bar Thickness

Building Block and AutoCorrect Tips

  • Extra Spaces after Inserting a Building Block
  • Changing Fonts for AutoText Entries
  • Providing Helpful Tips for Easy AutoText Entry
  • Moving Building Block Templates
  • Word Won't Capitalize Some Sentences
  • Can't Save Formatted AutoCorrect Entries
  • AutoCorrecting from the Context Menu

Bookmark Tips

  • Seeing Where Bookmarks Are
  • Removing All Bookmarks

Character Formatting Tips

  • Understanding Point Sizes
  • Understanding Picas
  • Understanding Font Styles
  • Changing the Height of a Font
  • Squeezing Everything In
  • Changing the Highlighting Color
  • Highlighting Information Using Shading
  • Stubborn Highlighting
  • Using a Macro to Change the Formatting of All Instances of a Word
  • Reversed Bolding
  • Adjusting Small Caps Text
  • Updating to Smart Quotes
  • Controlling URL Formatting
  • Changing Text Case Many Times

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Understanding Paragraph Alignment
  • Understanding Leading
  • Understanding At Least Line Spacing
  • Making All Lines in a Paragraph the Same Height
  • Indenting a Paragraph to the Next Tab Stop
  • Selecting Default Paragraph Formatting
  • Precisely Adjusting Tab Stops
  • Understanding Default Tab Stops
  • Borders Surround Lines Instead of Paragraphs
  • Copying Paragraph Formatting with the Mouse
  • Combining First and Second Numbered Levels on One Paragraph
  • Adding Horizontal Lines at the Sides of a Word
  • Centering a Paragraph with the Keyboard
  • Aligning Borders with the Page Margins
  • Adding Drop-Shadows to Paragraphs
  • Fixing Mismatched Bullets and Numbers
  • Underlining a Number in a Numbered List
  • Automatic Question Numbering
  • Adding Line Numbers
  • Setting the Starting Line Number
  • Numbering Only Certain Lines
  • Removing Line Numbering
  • Adding Paragraph Numbering

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Determining Page Layout
  • Selecting a Paper Size
  • Changing Page Margins
  • Getting Identical Margins
  • Moving Section Breaks
  • Removing Breaks
  • Avoiding a Section Break Booby Trap
  • Making a Customized Theme Available to Others
  • Understanding the Gutter Margin
  • Adjusting Bottoms of Pages
  • Making Sure a Document Always Has an Even Number of Pages
  • Double-Spacing Your Document
  • Letters and Numbers in Page Numbers
  • Changing the Number of Columns
  • Changing Column Width
  • Self-Adjusting Column Widths
  • Determining a Column Width
  • AutoFormatting a Document
  • Changing AutoFormatting Rules

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Quickly Copying Styles
  • Resetting Paragraph Formatting
  • Preserving Style Formatting when Combining Documents
  • Saving Styles in a Macro
  • Preventing Changes to Styles in Documents
  • Removing Styles from the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Turning Off a Dictionary for a Style
  • Automatically Update Document Styles Setting
  • Stepping Through Head Formats
  • Reformatting a Document with Messed-Up Styles
  • Putting Style Names Next to Paragraphs on a Printout
  • Printing a Style Sheet
  • Deleting a Large Number of Styles
  • Put Your Space Before or After?
  • Following a Number with Different Characters
  • Best Way to Create a Document Template
  • Managing Corporate Templates
  • Formatting Multiple Documents

Tables Tips

  • Entering Tabs in a Table
  • Merging Table Cells
  • Splitting Table Cells
  • Moving Rows and Columns With the Mouse
  • Copying Rows and Columns With the Mouse
  • Moving Table Rows Quickly
  • Finding and Deleting Rows
  • Applying Borders to Tables
  • Quickly Removing Table Borders
  • Keeping Tables on One Page
  • Unwanted Vertical Lines in a Table
  • Jumping to Tables
  • Space after a Table
  • Converting a Table Into Text
  • Setting a Default Table Border Width
  • Hiding Gridlines
  • Blank Lines Before Tables
  • Finding a Cell Reference
  • Table Header Rows after a Manual Page Break
  • Freezing a Table
  • Turning Off the Insert Column and Insert Row Tools
  • Jumping to the Ends of Table Rows
  • Filling Table Cells with a Macro
  • Putting Something in Every Cell of a Table
  • Transposing Table Contents
  • Changing Spacing Between Table Cells
  • Underlining Cells, Not Space Between Cells
  • Jumping to the Ends of Table Columns
  • Differing Column Widths when Pasting
  • Last-Row Border Formatting
  • Table Won't Flow to Second Page
  • Table Borders Won't Print
  • Picking a Contiguous Range of Table Cells
  • Quickly Accessing the Column Tab
  • Freezing Cell Size when Inserting Pictures
  • Tables within Tables
  • Converting Tables to Text
  • Copying All Tables to a New Document
  • Stopping Row Breaking for Many Tables

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Converting Footnotes to Endnotes
  • Copying and Moving Footnotes
  • Automatically Adding Tabs in Footnotes
  • Moving Footnote Text into the Document
  • Brackets around Footnote References
  • Footnotes in Two Columns
  • Reference to a Range of Endnotes
  • Footnotes Don't Automatically Renumber
  • Mixing Note Numbering
  • Jumping to a Footnote
  • Using Cross-References in Footnotes
  • Comments in Endnotes
  • Endnotes in a Separate Document

Header and Footer Tips

  • Creating Page Footers and Headers
  • Multiple Footers on a Page
  • Making Wider Footer Margins
  • Deleting a Header or Footer
  • Using a Portion of a Document's Filename in a Header

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Displaying Fields
  • Jumping Between Fields
  • Copying and Pasting Field Codes
  • Removing Specific Fields
  • Understanding the ADVANCE Field
  • Understanding the COMPARE Field
  • Understanding DATE Field Formatting
  • Limiting Directories in the FILENAME Field
  • Using the SYMBOL Field
  • Inserting the Author Name
  • Inserting a Document's Location
  • Inserting the Document Creation Date
  • Inserting a Cross-Reference to the Last Style on a Page
  • Creating an AutoText List
  • Age Calculation with Fields
  • Controlling the Format of Cross-References
  • Including Section Numbers in an Index
  • Inserting a Cross-Reference to an Item in a List
  • Numbering with Sequence Fields
  • Setting Up an Array with Fields
  • Fields Won't Update when Printing
  • Displaying Blanks when Summing to Zero
  • Forcing the Date to the Next Wednesday
  • Valid Numbers in Form Fields

Printing Tips

  • Selecting a Paper Source
  • Getting a Double-Spaced Printout
  • Duplex by Default
  • Sending Printer Commands
  • Printer Won't Print Envelope Font
  • Limiting Document Page Count
  • Printing a Document's Mirror Image
  • Making Banners in Word
  • Printing Copy Numbers
  • Printing without Headings
  • Controlling the Printing of Highlighting
  • Printing a Key Assignment List
  • Printing Show/Hide Characters
  • Printing Multiple Documents in a Sorted Order
  • Merging and Printing a Series of Documents
  • Grouping Records in a Mail Merge
  • Wrong Values Merged from Excel
  • Getting Rid of Spaces in Merged Data
  • Creating One-time Labels
  • Sequentially Numbered Labels
  • Changing Label Printing Order
  • Formatting Labels

Graphics Tips

  • Understanding the Drawing Canvas
  • Understanding Object Anchors
  • Changing the Size of a Graphic
  • Moving Drawing Objects
  • Drawing a Curve
  • Selecting a Graphic that is Behind Text
  • Selecting a Graphic Behind a Text Box
  • Dragging and Dropping Pictures in a Document
  • Inserting an Image On a Specific Page
  • Placing Many Graphics in a Document
  • Graphics and Line Height
  • Wrapping Text Around a Graphic
  • Keeping an Image Centered in a Table Cell
  • Moving Captions with Pictures
  • Permanent Watermarks in a Document
  • Searching and Replacing Graphics
  • Changing Orientation of a Text Box
  • Selecting Text in Linked Text Boxes
  • Boxes in Boxes
  • The Changing Relationship of WordArt and Text Boxes

Files Tips

  • Combining Word Documents
  • Recovered Document becomes Default
  • Determining if a Document is Corrupt
  • Can't Save Edited Document
  • Extra Document File Being Saved
  • Saving Documents Locally and on OneDrive
  • Using a Standard Format in a Suggested File Name
  • Converting to Word 6.0 Format
  • Making Common Information Accessible
  • Erroneous Out of Space Messages
  • Using Tags with Document Files
  • Formatting Text in Custom Document Properties

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Differences in Behavior of Links
  • Adding a ScreenTip
  • ScreenTips without Hyperlinks
  • Changing from Absolute to Relative Hyperlinks
  • Replacing Plain Text with a Hyperlink
  • Getting Rid of Many Hyperlinks
  • Incorrect Last Modified Date on E-mailed Documents
  • Specifying Your Target Monitor
  • Embedding an Excel Worksheet

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Spell Checking Your Document
  • Spellcheck for Two Languages
  • Spelling Errors Resulting from Erroneous Spaces
  • Setting Spell-Checking Options
  • Keeping Words in the Custom Dictionary
  • Merging Custom Dictionaries
  • Backing Up Your Custom Dictionaries
  • Adding Phrases to the Grammar Checker
  • Accepting Capitalization of a Proper Noun
  • Ignoring Words Containing Numbers
  • Marking Gender-Specific Grammar
  • Turning Off Error Checking for a Specific Word
  • Setting Grammar-Checking Options
  • Checking for Missing Quotation Marks
  • Forcing a Complete Spelling and Grammar Check

Tools Tips

  • Vertical Lines in Word
  • Customized Tables of Contents
  • Hyperlinks from Headings to the TOC
  • Two Types of Page Numbers in a TOC
  • Two-Line Headings in a TOC
  • Creating Categories for Your Table of Authorities
  • Creating a Single Index from Multiple Documents
  • Adding Quoted Words to an Index
  • Changing Sort Order
  • Sorting by Highlighting
  • Word Counts for a Group of Documents
  • When to Hyphenate Your Document
  • Hyphenating a Selection
  • Automatically Adding Captions
  • Formatting Captions
  • Adding Caption Labels
  • Deleting Caption Labels
  • Changing Existing Captions
  • Changing Caption Numbering Styles
  • Automatic Periods after a Caption
  • Using the Organizer to Manage Macros

Macros Tips

  • Understanding Variables
  • Understanding Precedence
  • Understanding Functions
  • Passing Parameters to Functions
  • Understanding the If ... End If Structure
  • Repeating In a Macro
  • Turning Off Screen Updating
  • Hiding Macros
  • Continuing Macro Lines
  • Using Message Boxes
  • Can't Edit Macros
  • Deleting a Macro
  • Clean Up Your Macro List
  • Printing a Macro List
  • Cleaning Up Text in a Macro
  • Dissecting a String
  • Comparing Strings
  • Trimming Spaces from Strings
  • Converting Text to Uppercase in a Macro
  • Jumping to the Top of a Page
  • Jumping to the Start or End of a Document
  • Moving to the Start or End of the Real Document
  • Repaginating in a Macro
  • Repaginating Your Document in a Macro
  • Determining the Current Page Number
  • Determining the Number of Pages in Your Document
  • Inserting a Paragraph from within a Macro
  • Aligning a Paragraph in a Macro
  • Setting the Left Indent of a Paragraph in a Macro
  • Displaying a Message in the Status Bar
  • Displaying the User Name in the Status Bar or Title Bar
  • Determining the Horizontal Position of the Insertion Point
  • Adding Hyphens to Phrases
  • Determining If a Number is Odd or Even
  • Displaying Properties Dialog Box in a Macro
  • Determining if Overtype Mode is Active
  • Clearing the Undo Stack in a Macro
  • Determining How Many Styles are Available
  • Moving Through a Table in a Macro
  • Determining the Size of a File
  • Locating the My Documents Folder
  • Changing the Default Drive
  • Determining if Num Lock is On
  • Selecting a Bookmark in a Macro
  • Calculating a Future Date
  • Determining the Week of the Year
  • Determining the Day of the Month
  • Using the Format Painter with Editing Restrictions in Place
  • Changing Pronoun Gender
  • Creating a Document Font List
  • Printing Summary Information from a Macro
  • Printing a List of AutoCorrect Entries
  • Printing Shortcut Key Assignments from a Macro
  • Printing Graphic Thumbnails
  • Passing a Data File Name via Command Line to a Macro

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