WordTips Ribbon 2019 Archive (Table of Contents)

Summary: WordTips is a weekly newsletter that provides tips on how to best use Microsoft's word processing software. At the beginning of every year we put together an archive of all the tips published the previous year. Here is the complete table of contents for the archive for the WordTips (ribbon) newsletter for the year 2019.

WordTips Ribbon 2019 Archive (Table of Contents)

WordTips Ribbon 2019 Archive includes hundreds of valuable tips. The following is the Table of Contents for the archive:


  • What's in This E-Book?
  • Need More Tips?
  • A Special Note of Thanks
  • Sharing this Document

General Tips

  • Displaying the Full Ribbon
  • Speeding Up Document Display
  • Speeding Up Cursor Movement
  • Nifty Zooming with the Mouse
  • Cascading Document Windows
  • Shortcut for Full Screen Reading View
  • Viewing Multiple Pages
  • Increasing the Size of the Draft Font
  • Formatting In Your Outline
  • Making Save As Display the Save As Dialog Box
  • Allowing Only Comments In a Document
  • Creating Custom Document Properties
  • Using Document Properties to Ensure Consistent References

Editing Tips

  • Jumping to the End of a Word
  • Selecting Just the Word
  • Inconsistent Availability of Drag and Drop Editing
  • Inserting Foreign Characters
  • Adding an Inverted A
  • Inserting a Bullet
  • Capitalizing after a Sentence Ending with a Number
  • Capitalizing the Word "I"
  • Forcing a Word to Lowercase
  • Using the Copy or Move Text Keys
  • Getting Rid of the Paste Options Box
  • Unknown Non-Printing Characters
  • Using Non-Printing Notes
  • Changing Measurement Units
  • Adding an Optional Break
  • Adding Tabs at the Beginning of a Line
  • Counting Document Lines
  • Dealing with Run-On Sentences
  • Breaking Into Sentences
  • Changing the Maximum Undo Levels

Searching Tips

  • Finding an Unknown Character
  • Quick and Dirty Paragraph Count
  • Searching for Tabs
  • Searching for Paragraph Marks and Line Breaks
  • Using Find and Replace to Change Text Case
  • Changing Formatting for a Portion of Found Text
  • Smart Quotes are Incorrectly Replaced
  • Applying a Character Style to Bracketed Text
  • Moving Footnote References Using Find and Replace
  • Changing European Dates to US Dates
  • Removing All Comments

Markup Tips

  • Changing How Changes are Noted in Word
  • Specifying How Changes are Marked
  • Turning Off Track Changes Change Bars
  • Permanently Turning Off the Tracking of Formatting Changes
  • Tracked Changes Won't Go Away
  • Disabling Track Changes Completely
  • Consolidating Changes under a Single User
  • Finding Changes Made by Two People
  • Using Different Colors with Tracked Changes
  • Getting a Warning for Markup
  • Viewing Comments
  • Inserting Initials and Date in a Comment

Building Block Tips

  • Understanding Building Blocks
  • Creating a Building Block
  • Reloading Building Blocks
  • Specifying a Default Building Block Location
  • Synchronizing Building Blocks for a Network
  • Backing Up Building Blocks

Character Formatting Tips

  • Accurate Font Sizes
  • Finding Word's Font Substitutes
  • Font Substitution Problems
  • Adjusting Text Pitch
  • Reducing the Size of Spaces in a Selection
  • Smushing Text Together
  • Making a List of Words Italic
  • Understanding Strikethrough Formatting
  • Changing One of Three Fonts
  • Changing All Text of a Particular Color
  • Controlling the Bold Text Attribute

Paragraph Formatting Tips

  • Indenting a Paragraph
  • Controlling Automatic Indenting
  • Creating a Hanging Indent
  • Quickly Adjusting Paragraph Spacing
  • Getting the Expected Space Before a Heading
  • Applying Formatting in Lists
  • Changing the Types of Numbers in a Numbered List
  • Turning Off Automatic Numbered Lists
  • Adding Borders to Paragraphs
  • Quickly Displaying Formatting Specs
  • Last Paragraph Line Strung Out Incorrectly
  • Squeezing Lines Together
  • Reducing Leading without Cutting Off Text
  • Characters in the Margin Next to Paragraphs
  • Turning Off Line Numbering
  • Tabbing Beyond the Right Margin
  • Deleting Tab Stops
  • Using Dot Leaders in a Paragraph
  • Strange Tab Settings in Bulleted Items

Section and Document Formatting Tips

  • Starting a New Section on an Odd Page Number
  • Automatic Blank Pages at the End of a Section
  • Incorrect Page Counts Shown in Status Bar
  • Making Bottoms of Pages Line Up
  • Same Number of Lines per Page
  • Lining Up Bottoms
  • Publishing Manuscripts
  • Non-printing Page Borders
  • Detailed Measurements
  • Adding Columns to Your Page Layout
  • Quickly Changing Columns
  • Adding Vertical Lines Between Columns
  • Making Columns the Same Length
  • Losing All Formatting in a Document
  • Absolutely Getting Rid of Formatting
  • Embedding TrueType Fonts
  • Embedding TrueType Fonts by Default

Styles and Templates Tips

  • Using the Style Area
  • Displaying the Styles You Want Displayed
  • Automatically Updating Styles
  • Reapplying Styles Seamlessly
  • Cleaning Up a Document that Mixes Styles with Direct Formatting
  • Getting Rid of Variant Styles
  • Using Hidden Styles
  • Making Custom Heading Styles Appear in the Navigation Pane
  • Ensuring that Spell Checking is Enabled in All Styles
  • Intelligently Starting a New Paragraph
  • Using Alternating Styles
  • Editing a Template
  • Adding Individual Styles to the Template
  • Tracking Changes to Templates
  • Saving a Preview with Your Template
  • Putting Template Macros in a Document
  • Examining Styles and Macros in a Template
  • Create a Template that Stops Styles from Being Added to a Document

Tables Tips

  • Creating a Table Using the Keyboard
  • Converting Text Into a Table
  • Adjusting Column Width Using the Ribbon
  • Resizing Table Columns with the Mouse
  • Squaring Table Cells
  • Clearing the Contents of a Table
  • Limiting Lines in a Table Cell
  • Formatting an ASCII Table with Tabs
  • Keeping Table Rows Together
  • Hiding Table Rows on a Printout
  • Inconsistent Repeating of a Table Header Row
  • Check for Multiple Tables
  • Check the Text Wrapping Setting
  • Don't Set All Rows to be Header Rows
  • Don't Work with Nested Tables
  • Cannot Set Heading Rows in a Table
  • Getting Rid of Background Color in All Tables
  • Hiding Table Gridlines, by Default
  • Expanding Width of All Tables
  • Resizing Very Large Tables
  • Preventing Overlapping Tables
  • Alphabetizing By Last Name
  • Controlling How Word Sorts Text

Footnotes and Endnotes Tips

  • Formatting Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Inserting Footnotes Using Custom Footnote Marks
  • Changing What Follows a Footnote Number
  • Sequentially Numbering Footnotes
  • Restarting Footnote Number after Page Breaks
  • Footnotes for Chapters
  • Formatting Endnote Reference Marks
  • Endnotes by Chapter
  • Putting Your Index after Your Endnotes

Header and Footer Tips

  • Changing Headers and Footers
  • Changing Body Text to a Heading
  • Moving Headings to the Next Page
  • Putting Document Names in Headers or Footers
  • Paragraph Numbers in Headers or Footers
  • Adding Page Numbers
  • Using Last-page Headers and Footers
  • Floating Footer

Fields and Forms Tips

  • Controlling Field Shading
  • Protecting Fields
  • Locking a Field
  • Locating Locked Fields
  • Inserting Custom Properties with Fields
  • Calculating Dates with Fields
  • Fields in Footnotes Won't Update Automatically
  • Starting Chapters on Odd-Numbered Pages
  • Using Continued Lines
  • Getting a Proper Total Page Count
  • Different Ways of Inserting Dates
  • Understanding Forms
  • Saving and Using a Form
  • Working with Form Fields
  • Using Mandatory Form Fields
  • Handling Returns in Form Data
  • Lines that Don't Change When You Type
  • Protecting Parts of a Document

Printing Tips

  • Understanding Page Sizes
  • Collating Copies
  • Saving Print Specifications with a Document
  • Defining Default Printers On a Document Level
  • Unwanted Cover Pages with Print Jobs
  • Leaving Even Pages Blank
  • Printing AutoCorrect Entries
  • Problem Printing Quotation Marks
  • Booklet Printing in Word
  • Forcing a Final Blank Page
  • Changing Label Sizes
  • Return Address Isn't Saved
  • Calculated Dates
  • Using Merge Fields
  • Using Mail Merge to Complete Documents
  • Creating Files with Mail Merge
  • Conditional Processing During a Mail Merge
  • Creating Labels

Graphics Tips

  • Resize Graphics Outside of Word
  • Using the Drawing Grid
  • Nudging a Graphic
  • Positioning Graphics Evenly
  • Absolutely Positioning a Graphic
  • Keeping Callouts Positioned
  • Writing On Top of Locked Graphics
  • Moving Object Anchors
  • Anchoring Objects by Default
  • Disappearing Graphics Groups
  • Securing Your Signature
  • Adding Lines to a Document
  • Missing Left Border
  • Gradient Prints as Stripes
  • Understanding WordArt
  • Unlinking an Excel Chart Automatically
  • Saving Embedded Images to Individual Files
  • Only Inline Figures Can be Seen and Printed
  • Turning Off Overlapping, by Default
  • Rounded Corners for a Text Box
  • Columns in a Text Box
  • Creating See-Through Text Boxes
  • Changing Defaults for Text Boxes and Callouts
  • Determining Picture Size in a Macro
  • Scaling Graphics in a Macro

Files Tips

  • Opening a Word Document when Starting the Computer
  • Opening Multiple Documents at Once
  • Limiting What is Shown in the Open Dialog Box
  • Default Sort Order in the Open Dialog Box
  • Cannot Open Multiple Word Documents
  • Understanding MRU Files
  • Creating Two Versions of the Same Document
  • Saving Personalized Copies of a Document
  • Mirroring Documents
  • Creating a Document Clone
  • Setting a Document Naming Convention
  • Inserting a File Name without an Extension
  • Removing All File Properties
  • Blocking the First Sentence from File Info
  • Getting a List of Folder Contents
  • Saving Information in a Non-Document Text File
  • Using Seek In a Macro

Online and Other Programs Tips

  • Making Live URLs Into Normal Text
  • Creating an E-mail Message from the Current Document
  • Turning E-mail Addresses into Hyperlinks
  • Embedding Linked Documents
  • Breaking a Document Link
  • Unexpected Error Exporting a PDF
  • Embedded MP4 Files in a PDF Document
  • Creating an Excel Workbook from within Word
  • Very Slow Document Opening with Excel Links

Spelling and Grammar Tips

  • Spell Checking when Closing Documents
  • Disappearing Readability Statistics
  • Creating a Spelling Exclusion List
  • Allowing Passive Voice in Writing

Tools Tips

  • Multiple Envelopes in One Document
  • Making Sure Word Doesn't Capitalize Anything Automatically
  • Make AutoCorrect Pay Attention to Character Case
  • Backing Up Your AutoCorrect Entries
  • Using Text Boundaries
  • Automatic Italics of Newspaper Names
  • Translating Text
  • Creating a List of Cross-References
  • Specifying a Table of Contents Entry
  • Using TC Fields for Notes
  • Creating a Table of Contents from TOC Fields
  • Creating an Index Entry
  • Creating an Index Entry for a Range of Pages
  • Creating Many Index Entries at Once
  • Using Subentries in an AutoMark File
  • Specifying an Index Entry Separator
  • Specifying an Index Page-Range Separator
  • Creating a Normal Index
  • Ignoring Hyphens in Word Counts
  • Calculating Expressions
  • Understanding and Using Bookmarks
  • Reusing a Bookmark
  • Protecting Bookmarks
  • Understanding Master and Subdocuments
  • Creating a Master Document Using Existing Subdocuments
  • Tools to Boost Motivation and Productivity

Macros Tips

  • Displaying the Developer Tab
  • Renaming a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro to a Shortcut Key
  • Removing a Macro from a Shortcut Key
  • Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Automating a Manual Process with a Macro
  • Understanding the Select Case Structure
  • Understanding Document Variables
  • Setting a VBA Variable From a Bookmark
  • Quickly Clearing Array Contents
  • Converting Strings to Numbers
  • Converting Numbers to Strings
  • Converting Numbers to Text
  • Protecting Macros in the Normal Template
  • Running Macros from Macros
  • Using Call to Run VBA Macros
  • Determining If a File Exists
  • Renaming a File
  • Removing a Directory
  • Determining a Random Value
  • Determining a Paragraph's Style in VBA
  • Determining the Number of Paragraphs in a Document
  • Determining an Integer Value
  • Determining the Hour of the Day
  • Selecting to the Next Punctuation Mark
  • Moving the Insertion Point to the Beginning of a Line
  • Controlling the Hidden Text Attribute
  • Highlighting Every Thousandth Character
  • Changing Roman Numerals to Arabic
  • Updating an Entire TOC from a Macro
  • Examining Tracked Changes in a Macro
  • Inserting a Break with a Macro
  • Displaying a Column Number
  • Managing the AutoCorrect List

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